Thursday, January 12, 2023

Author Book Spotlight Excerpt Her Surprise Cowboy Groom by Cathy McDavid


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“So, you’re both three?” Laurel smiled at the pair of little girls, completely smitten.

They nodded vigorously, their crooked ponytails bouncing.

“And you’re twins?”

More nodding. The one in purple plopped down in front of Jelly Belly and hugged the dog’s neck. Jelly Belly’s attempts to crawl into her lap produced an eruption of giggles.

The office door again flew open. Laurel fully expected a typical, casually attired, millennial couple to emerge, parents of these girls and Jelly Belly’s owner. Or, perhaps, a harried mother who’d stopped in for a quick meeting to go over some detail on her new house design.

Laurel was wrong on both counts. A tall, broad-shouldered cowboy filled the doorway. With his dusty boots, weathered hat, worn work shirt and jeans that had traveled thousands of miles in the saddle, he couldn’t possibly be these adorable girls’ father.

“Daddy, Daddy!” They rushed over, pulling on his hand and belt loops in a bid for attention.

Jelly Belly yipped and stood on her hind legs, pawing the air.

Okay. Wrong again.

He stepped onto the boardwalk and placed a hand atop each girl’s head. “I’m sorry if these two are bothering you.”

“Not at all. They were telling me about Jelly Belly.”

He flashed a smile that lit up his entire face, especially his eyes. Were they green or golden brown? Green, she determined on closer inspection. Definitely. And very compelling.

Suddenly aware of her own appearance, Laurel tugged on the brim of her bonnet. Why had she chosen this wretched old thing? And when had she last applied lip gloss?

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