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 June 13 – My Reading Journeys – CHARACTER GUEST POST

Character Guest Post

Tillie Skyler

There’s so much to do over the next two weeks to get ready for Thanksgiving, which I’m hosting at my house this year. Fortunately, at eighty-plus years, I really don’t have to lift a finger with the cooking or cleaning. It’s helpful to have so many talented cooks in the family. Foremost, there’s my professional chef grandson, Brian. He owns Oceana, a wonderful Laguna Beach restaurant which has garnered quite the accolades. Then there is Emory, Brian’s girlfriend. She’s a cupcake caterer and comes up with the best flavors. My favorite is, of course, her gimlet cupcakes. Between you and me, I hope to see an engagement ring on Emory’s finger soon, but I can’t pressure them too much since my grandson scolds me for meddling. Then there’s Emory’s twin sister, Carrie, who is a professional caterer, and their half sister, Vannie, who lives with me and is a terrific home cook. 

As matriarch of the family, my job is to provide direction on how I’d like the meal to be planned and I have plenty of ideas. Which is another reason I decided that on top of our Thanksgiving dinner, we should host a drop-in brunch for family and friends. There are so many people coming in from out-of-town for my honorary grandson, Brad’s wedding. Why he and Gabe scheduled their wedding only two days after Thanksgiving is anyone’s guess, but I suppose it’s not my place to question or criticize. 

Of course, nothing ever goes as planned, and now I’m not sure about our Thanksgiving feast and I’m not sure the wedding is even going to take place. You see, Emory and Brad stumbled across a body at the site of the planned nuptials. Unfortunately, it appears that both Brad and his intended, Detective Gabe O’Neill, had the motivation to kill the victim. Instead of focusing on Thanksgiving and wedding planning, we need to launch an investigation to clear the grooms of any wrongdoing. You might think that an eighty-something year old shouldn’t get in the middle of a murder investigation. But, ever since Emory came to be a part of my life, I’ve found a knack for helping track down clues and getting people to open up to us. Who wouldn’t want to chitchat with a little old lady such as myself?

Forgive me for cutting my musings short, but I need to freshen up and head out to a local wine bar to question the handsome owner about the victim. It seems she met up with someone shortly before her demise. At least that’s our hypothesis, given the glasses of wine she paid for. Just don’t tell the investigating detective that we have access to a hacker to find out these kinds of details to aid in our investigation. Hopefully, we’ll figure out a way to pass on the clues without implicating ourselves. And if you don’t hear from me anytime soon, I wish you and yours a wonderful feast!

Thanks so much for joining me today and I appreciate the opportunity to share a bit about my new release with you, as viewed through the eyes of octogenarian, 

Tillie Skyler! 

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  1. Thanks so much for hosting me today! I appreciate the opportunity to share my favorite character with you and hope you enjoy Tillie as much as I do!

  2. Replies
    1. She's definitely become my favorite character and I have a blast writing her scenes! Good luck in the contest!