Friday, June 9, 2023

New Release Lost And Clowned by Dana Mentink


About the book 

Pi Steely’s life is a circus. Literally.

As business manager for a mostly animal-free traveling show, she’s used to the unexpected. She lives year round with acrobats, trapeze artists, a performing dog, and her uncle the ringmaster. Their latest stop is a town on the California coast which should be a quick in and out, but when Pi’s soul mate turns up unexpectedly married and a body is discovered near the big top, the Steely Circus is plunged into chaos.

Who among her dear traveling companions is a murderer? What’s the dark secret from the past that’s casting a murderous shadow over the present? And how can a part time clown and her disobedient show dog uncover the truth?

Solving the mystery will be her most brilliant performance…or her final encore.

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