Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Rudolph Day post 3


About the book 

Joy has a secret, one she promised never to reveal, but when her best friend passes away, she finds herself back home at Christmas Tree Ranch facing her greatest challenge yet: Her best friend’s brother, the love of her life and the one who broke her heart.

Tanner is devastated when he hears about his estranged twin sister’s death and when that brings the woman who holds his heart captive home, he’s ready to make the commitment and keep her home for good. Except she returns with three year old Caden who looks exactly like him.

Joy knows Tanner no longer wants her, he had made that very clear four years before, but as they spend time together helping Caden heal, she finds herself hoping their love might be reunited.

Caden instantly works his way into Tanner’s heart, as does Joy, but her lies that Caden isn’t his keeps him from making the commitment he longs to make.

Their love rekindles but they will have to remain steadfast in order to withstand the onslaught of the past. Will the truth push them apart forever or will it set them free and lead to happily-ever-after? 

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