Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Murder In The Bayou Boneyard by Ellen Byron-Great Escapes Tour-Review/Giveaway

About the book 
  USA Today bestselling and Agatha Award-winning author Ellen Byron’s howlingly funny sixth Cajun Country mystery.


Maggie Crozat, proprietor of a historic Cajun Country B&B, prefers to let the good times roll. But hard times rock her hostelry when a new cell phone app makes it easy for locals to rent their spare rooms to tourists. With October–and Halloween–approaching, she conjures up a witch-crafty marketing scheme to draw visitors to Pelican, Louisiana.


Five local plantation B&Bs host “Pelican’s Spooky Past” packages, featuring regional crafts, unique menus, and a pet costume parade. Topping it off, the derelict Dupois cemetery is the suitably sepulchral setting for the spine-chilling play Resurrection of a Spirit. But all the witchcraft has inevitably conjured something: her B&B guests are being terrified out of town by sightings of the legendary rougarou, a cross between a werewolf and vampire.


When, in the Dupois cemetery, someone costumed as a rougarou stumbles onstage during the play–and promptly gives up the ghost, the rougarou mask having been poisoned with strychnine, Maggie is on the case. But as more murders stack up, Maggie fears that Pelican’s spooky past has nothing on its bloodcurdling present.

And I thought . . . I've enjoyed this series from the beginning.  I am always 'taken' with the covers.  I love the illustration with the family dog taking center stage.  

The main characters the Crozart family are fun and endearing.  Maggie the main character is always ready to step in and figure out 'what's up' and who the villain is.  Even if she gets in a little trouble of her own.  

In Murder In The Bayou Boneyard not only does Maggie have to figure out who 'dun it' but she along with the family have to figure out how to keep all their land in the family when a distant relative decides to waltz in with an ages old deed for part of the Cozart property.  Which BTW makes the Cozart clan probably suspects when the cousin meets her demise.  

Ellen Byron gives the reader a page turning mystery with a few twists and turns that keep you turning the pages. 

I always look forward to a new book in this series.  Each one has been a great read.  

 I received a complimentary copy.  My review will appear on retail sites and Good Reads.  Murder In The Bayou Boneyard and the Great Escapes Tour will be promoted on Social Media.

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