Sunday, September 13, 2020

Little Bookshop of Murder by Maggie Blackburn-Great Escapes Tour-Review/Giveaway

About the book 
A Shakespearean scholar inherits a beachside bookshop–and a murder mystery–in this delightful new cozy series for fans of Kate Carlisle and Ellery Adams.

Summer Merriweather’s career as a Shakespeare professor hangs by a bookbinder’s thread. Academic life at her Virginia university is a viper’s pit, so Summer spends her summer in England, researching a scholarly paper that, with any luck, will finally get her published, impress the Dean, and save her job. But her English idyll ends when her mother, Hildy, shuffles off her mortal coil from an apparent heart attack.
Returning to Brigid’s Island, NC, for the funeral, Summer is impatient to settle the estate, sell her mom’s embarrassingly romance-themed bookstore, Beach Reads, and go home. But as she drops by Beach Reads, Summer finds threatening notes addressed to Hildy: “Sell the bookstore or die.”

Clearly, something is rotten on Brigid’s Island. What method is behind the madness? Was Hildy murdered? The police insist there’s not enough evidence to launch a murder investigation. Instead, Summer and her Aunt Agatha screw their courage to the sticking place and start sleuthing, with the help of Hildy’s beloved book club. But there are more suspects on Brigid’s Island than are dreamt of in the Bard’s darkest philosophizing. And if Summer can’t find the villain, the town will be littered with a Shakespearean tragedy’s worth of corpses–including her own.

And I thought 
I enjoyed this new cozy read there are few quirky characters to get to know the main character summer it was an interesting person determined to find out what was going on and what happened to her mother I couldn't help but wonder if the author intended for the reader to figure out who did it cuz it was just it was so easy for me to figure out but what I couldn't figure out was why the police chief what's stonewalling on investigating why which is a bit of a little little mystery in itself making this reader wonder whether in future installments we might learn a little more about the chief I did enjoy all of the main characters summer and her aunt her cousin and her niece or just a fun group a family that sticks together I do wish that the author would have been cleared at those cinnamon rolls that they talked about throughout the book in the recipes at the end of the book I enjoyed the ending and how everything came together I felt that the author could have left a bit of a cliffhanger but it was refreshing to see that everything  came together in the end and I look forward to reading more in this series

I received a complimentary copy. 
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  1. This sounds like my kind of book. Thanks for the review.