Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Jokers Wild by Barbara Barrett-Great Escapes Tour-Review


About the book
“The show must go on.” That applies even to playwright Marianne Putnam, when the director of her one-act play, “Jokers Wild,” fails to show for curtains up on opening night at the community theater in Serendipity Springs, Florida. When the director’s wife begs Marianne to accompany her to their home to check on him, they find the man floating in his pool. Dead.
Though not known for his pleasant disposition—her relationship with him had been tense since nearly ramming into his car in a parking lot, but after all, he was the director—who would have wanted to murder him? Surely no one in the production crew, cast or the staff of the community center where the play was to be staged. Maybe it was the wife, who Marianne had overheard arguing with him. Or perhaps someone from his theater connections back in the Big Apple.
Since she was there when the body was discovered, Marianne is considered a suspect. That doesn’t mean she can’t help her three Mah Jongg friends—Syd, Micki and Kat—assist the sheriff with the investigation. But who’s there to help her when her path crosses the murderer’s.

And I thought 
Another great read in a fun Cozy series.  I have read several in this series and have enjoyed the antics of Syd and her friends. 
I felt in Jokers Wild that the author seemed to develop each of the main characters more.  At least that is what struck me. 
Each book seems to develop the relationships and the characters more and more.  
In Jokers Wild the husbands/boyfriends began to do more real sleuthing on their own.  In the previous book they had taken to getting into the sleuthing to protect the woman and keep an 'eye' on them.   But in this one they were more into helping prove that Marianne had nothing to do with the murder. 
If isn't hard to discover a list of suspects from disgruntled co-workers/associates, to ex-lovers that the wives turned a blind eye to or did she?  
This group of amateur sleuths is a lively group of retiree's that let no stone go un-turned to solve the mystery and keep each other out of trouble. 
I liked that the relationships have developed with the Sheriff with the sleuths and with Kat (Katrina). 
This one ended with an excerpt of the next book which is on my 
TBR list.   
If you like a good cozy with some fun and sometimes kooky sleuths you'll love this series. 

I received a complimentary copy. 
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  1. Thanks so much for the great review. You get my characters! That is so thrilling for a writer to read. I'm glad the next book in the series, "The Charleston Challenge," is on your TBR list. I'm already working on the next, which will have a holiday theme. Cross your fingers I make it in time.