Monday, September 14, 2020

Dough Or Die by Winnie Archer-Great Escapes Book Tour-Review/Gveaway

About the book 
Known for its mouthwatering traditional breads, the Yeast of Eden bakery has gained fame across Northern California’s coast. Now the shop is bound for Reality TV—but a murder may kill its reputation . . .

People come to the beach town of Santa Sofia as much for the healing properties of Yeast of Eden’s breads as for a vacation getaway. And now a cable food channel has selected the bakery as a featured culinary delight for a new show. Baking apprentice Ivy Culpepper is excted as the crew arrives, ready to capture all the ins and outs of the renowned bread shop. But instead they capture something much harder to stomach: the attempted murdered of the show’s cameraman just outside Yeast of Eden . . .

With no motive and no clues, and the town craving answers, it will be up to Ivy to sift through the evidence to find the truth. But she’ll have to move quickly before someone else is targeted or the wrong person gets the heat—and the business collapses like a deflated souffl√©, right before her eyes.

And others are saying
This is a well told mystery that has plenty of clues, suspects, and red herrings to keep you guessing. What I really loved about it though were the people in the story.
~The Book’s the Thing
Winnie Archer has written another book that pulls you into the story until you can feel yourself right there in the midst of the action!
~A Wytch’s Book Review Blog
It may be a murder mystery, but DOUGH OR DIE is a feel good novel that intelligently looks at today’s society. It’s also a complex mystery that I thoroughly enjoyed, even though it left me craving a loaf of Olaya’s rosemary bread.
~Cozy Up with Kathy
Dough or Die is a bread lover’s delight, and you’ll find yourself drooling over the delicious recipes that are whipped up at Yeast of Eden & by Ivy’s chef boyfriend.
~Reading is My SuperPower
And I thought 
I've enjoyed this series and I think I can safely say this one was my favorite.
There is a bit of a large cast of characters including the baking group the main character Ivy, the bakery owner and workers, Ivy's boyfriend and then all the crew from the reality show filming.  Then there are witnesses and suspects and well there are just a bunch of people involved in this one.  
But Winnie Archer does a great job of developing characters and describing them.  Even the lesser characters that are only in a few scenes are well developed. 
There are lot of clues and a few suspects but even mystery to keep you involved and turning the pages. 
I especially like how the author introduced the method of Key Hole gardening when Ivy volunteered at the women's shelter to investigate a lead.  I had never heard of Key Hole gardening and it was interesting.  
I like the relationship of Ivy and her boyfriend he jumped right in and helped her even though he couldn't actually go in the shelter he was the delivery boy.  What a guy!
And the bread.  My mouth was watering.  There were alot of ethnic breads baked and mentioned.
If you like a good Cozy with a great story and some great characters check out the series. 

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