Saturday, February 5, 2022

Love Is In The Air featuring Author Laurel Blount Valentine’s Day Interview

 Welcome Today I have a fun feature.  Here's  an interview  with  Author Laurel Blount she shares a little about Real Life Romance and her new book  Strength  in the Storm.



Do you like boxed Valentine’s candy?

  I like candy, period! I do like boxed candy—although I am not a big fan of coconut-filled ones. Whenever I receive candy, I always call my kids over to share—that makes it disappear faster and keeps me out of trouble—mostly!

Are you a nuts in your chocolate girl or just plain Ole chocolate?

  I love nuts!

So you’re having a romantic dinner at home. What’s on the menu, where are you dining? What kind of flowers does he bring?

It would definitely be grilled steak with salad and a baked potato! My husband is a genius at his grill. We’re not fancy, so we’d be eating in our big farm-style kitchen—and he’d bring me a mixed bouquet of simple flowers like daisies. I think roses are lovely, but I prefer simple flowers that last a bit longer.

If you could go anywhere in the world for a romantic vacation where would you go? 

 I’d love to visit Italy some day! Particularly Tuscany.

Favorite Romantic movie couple and movie. 

While You Were Sleeping is my all time favorite romantic movie, and I love Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman (Lucy and Jack)! They have the best chemistry and the funniest banter.

Of all the books, which was the easiest to write? 

  Hmm! That’s a great question. I don’t think any of my books was too easy to write, but I think Shelter in the Storm—the first Johns Mill Amish book—was probably the smoothest one. That story just flowed, and I loved the slow-blooming romance between Naomi and Joseph.

Which couple from your books would you like to visit you? 

Another great question! The short answer would be—all of them! I love all my characters—by the time I finish their stories, they feel like old friends. I’d love to visit with Emma and Sam from Strength in the Storm—Johns Mill Amish book #2. Sam is one of my all time favorite heroes!

Where would I take them for dinner? 

Honestly, I’d probably cook for them! I think cozy suppers at home are the best for spending time with friends—everybody is comfortable and you have lots of time to chat and really get to know each other.

Which couple would be more at home coming to dinner at your home? 

I had to think about this one! Of all the couples I’ve written about, I think the ones that would feel most at home with us would probably be Hoyt and Anna from my Love Inspired romance Hometown Hope. Hoyt is a man’s man, much like my husband—they’d get along great! And Anna loves books just like I do—we’d have plenty to talk about!

Thanks Laurel for spending the day with us! 

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