Friday, February 4, 2022

Love Is In The Air -How I Met Author Angela Ruth Strong

 Love Is In The Air 

How I met Angela Ruth Strong

Actually LOL I am not entirely sure exactly how I met Angela.  

 Although  she has been doing newsletter  sign ups for this book. 

 I think she offered this book somewhere in another promotion that I stumbled onto. 

Either way I am glad to have found Angela Ruth Strong  

I loved The Princess And The P.I.  

The cover 'got me'.  Maybe because secretly I wanted to be 'The Princess' meetin' that P.I. 

Wouldn't you?  

Fast forward several years.  I became reacquainted when Angela toured her new Rom.Com.   

Available on Amazon
Click Here

Another Win Win.   

I have met several great Authors when they have done promotions for thier  New Releases.   

I enjoyed Angela's writing and her books so much that last year I featured  Angela on a Mailbox Monday post . . . 

I hope you'll visit the website.  And Sign up and get that P.I. 

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