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Love Is In The Air Interview & Giveaway with Author Amber Royer


I have a super special treat today.  Author Amber Royer is with us chatting about Love, Romance and Galveston Island 

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Everyone loves a little Romance even if they write about ...well hum Murder. 

Is there maybe a little smidgen of the big R going on in your series? 

Absolutely! Felicity has two potential love interests in the series – the puddle jump pilot with the mysterious past, and the one-that-got-away ex-boyfriend who is now the cop heading up the murder investigation in the first book. Writing a triangle is always a balancing act, because you want to feel that the protagonist could wind up with either guy and have it be a good thing for her future, but you have to keep it from feeling like she’s being careless with anyone’s heart. I’ve done my best to make Logan and Arlo vulnerable enough to show Felicity their real feelings.

I love that your series takes place in Galveston! Can you tell the readers how you and why chose Galveston for your location?  

I grew up in Southeast Texas, close enough to Galveston that we would occasionally take the ferry across just to go to dinner. I’ve always been fascinated by the island’s history. (One of my first very-much unpublished manuscripts was set during the 1900 hurricane.) With a cozy series, you’re going to be spending a lot of time in the setting, so you need to choose a place you enjoy daydreaming about going back to. For me, Galveston is one of those places.

In the Real (but pretend money is no object) world ... if you and your hunny came to the island for a romantic weekend where would you stay? 

We have two favorite spots. When Jake and I got married (25 years ago), we took our honeymoon in Galveston, and we stayed at the Tremont House. I love the history of the place, and the location right off the Strand. The original Tremont House was built in 1839. There was a fire, and then the 1900 hurricane, but the hotel was re-made each time. The current building was once a dry goods concern – that became a luxury hotel. There’s even a cool rooftop bar.

Closer to the beach, and the restaurants along the Seawall, there’s also the Hotel Galvez. It has an on-site spa, which has complimentary fitness classes. We’ve stayed there before – but if price were no object, I’d upgrade to one of their premium suites.

Where would you dine? 

We’d have to get the Greek Nachos at Kritikos Grill, which has such a nice ambiance. And at some point we’d have to go to Gaidos, a favorite of ours for special occasion dinners out. We’d also have to get gumbo at Willie G’s, and stop in for breakfast at Miller’s Seawall Grill. And we’d have to get a banh mi from Viet Cajun. There are just so many good places to eat in Galveston!  


He brings your favorite flowers. What are they?  

Lavender roses and peonies.

After dinner you take a Romantic stroll. On the Strand or the Seawall?

Definitely the seawall. I love the ocean, and the seawall offers some nice views. (You can even stop in at Murdoch’s and get something to drink, then go sit for a bit in the rocking chairs overlooking the water.) If the weather is cold enough to keep night-time mosquitos at bay, you can go from the Seawall down onto the beach and look for tidal pools. As you look out on the jetties, you can take in history, realizing that the entire island was raised by 7 feet when the Seawall was installed, showing absolute resilience and perseverance. If it’s sunset, you have to take a selfie with Pleasure Pier in the background, then walk out onto one of the jetties to get pics surrounded by water. (Do wear appropriate shoes for this.)

It's a beautiful warm sunny morning do you go for a bike ride on the Seawall, rent scooters and cruise town or play in the water?

We’d grab boggie boards and head for the water. After stopping at Red Light Coffee Roasters to kick-start the day.  

Where would you have a Romantic Brunch?  

For me, a place doesn’t have to be fancy to be romantic, as long as the food and company are good. It’s a hole-in-the wall kind of place, but Mi Abuelita’s serves home-style Mexican breakfast all day. Their migas plate is amazing.

You’re having a Romantic picnic. Where do you go? 

First, we would have to get supplies. If you haven’t been to La King’s Confectionary, you should check it out. It’s in a historic space in the Strand district, and you can watch demos of them making and wrapping taffy. They also have a wide selection of chocolate treats. Then we’d grab a muffuletta to go from Maceo Spice and Import Company. (You only need a half of one for two people.) Or maybe we’d get a couple of boudin-stuffed kolaches from Home Cut Doughnuts. (Trust me – these are the thing you never knew you needed in your life.) 

When we visit Galveston, we always like going to the area near the Rosenberg Library. There are a number of historic homes you can tour, and behind Ashton Villa, there is a garden open to the public, with a really cool pergola at the center. (Sometimes it is used as an event space for outdoor weddings and the like.) There are benches along one side of the pergola. I’ve never brought snacks before, but that would be a great spot for a picnic!

You've had a lovely Romantic weekend. But it was too short. And you picked up a lottery ticket. Guess what! You can afford to go anywhere in the world on a Cruise ship where would you go?  

There are cruises that go from Vancouver to Hawaii, and then sail around the different Hawaiian islands. I’ve always wanted to do that 

Bon Voyage

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