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Book Review-Fashions Fade, Haunted Is Eternal by Rose Pressey-Great Escapes Tour

Cozy Mystery
7th in Series
Kensington (December 18, 2018)
Mass Market Paperback: 304 pages
ISBN-10: 1496714660
ISBN-13: 978-1496714664
Digital ASIN: B07BV3RM9S
About the book 
A photo shoot in a graveyard ends in a grave shooting . . .
Cookie Chanel—owner of the chic clothing store It’s Vintage Y’All in Sugar Creek, Georgia—has been hired to dress models for a fashion shoot. The spread will be featured in Fashion and Style magazine’s October issue—so the models are posing in a cemetery. As someone who can see and talk to ghosts, Cookie’s not spooked by the location. But she is surprised when a new ghost appears, decked out in 1920s couture. And she’s shocked when she hears a gunshot. Then a model runs toward her, saying the grumpy photographer has been edited out of the picture – for good. With help from her ghostly pals, Cookie must zoom in on the truth before she’s the next to strike a final pose . . .
Don’t Miss Cookie Chanel’s Shopping Tips!
And others are saying 
Rose Pressey never disappoints, with her mix of humour, mystery, and sass in her cozies.
~Carla Loves to Read
I love a Rose Pressey series. She makes the books so much fun to read.
~Laura’s Interests
Fashions Fade, Haunted is Eternal is an entertaining and lighthearted cozy mystery.
~The Avid Reader

Each new book in this fantastic cozy mystery series is better than the last one which is a skill I must say.
~Books a Plenty Book Reviews

 And I thought 
Surprisingly fun.  But actually I wasn't surprised.  This one was  fun and entertaining story. 

And even though I stepped in at book 7 I was completely engaged turning the pages all the way to the end!

Cookie Chanel oh I love her name is fun character.  Almost as fun as the ghosts that begin coming out of well where ever they come from.

There are some interesting and humorous characters that caused this reader to chuckle a time or two especially when Cookie is talking to the ghosts when others are around. 

Cookie's cat Windsong is a very interesting character(s).

Check this one out!  I'll be checking out the other 6!

I received a complimentary copy.
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Her Billionaire To Remember by Sophia Summers-Book Review

book cover of Her Billionaire to Remember
About the book 
Casandra Hilton, a New York debutant and East Coast heiress is found floating on a bed of seaweed and wood wreckage off the coast of South America. But when asked for her name or any kind of identification, she responds with a blank stare. Even though she has survived, she has no memory of her former life and any attempt she makes to remember fills her with fear. The kind Uruguayan family that took her in soon becomes dependent on her innate abilities with horses, particularly one troublesome stallion. 

Shane Stapley, a Texas billionaire, has traveled to Argentina to purchase a champion stallion from the Cortez ranch. Early one morning he finds Casandra dealing with a stallion who refuses to leave the stables where they keep the mares. Everything about her draws him closer until he learns she cannot guarantee her heart is free to fall in love. 

The attraction is obvious, but the risk is great. Will their patience pay off in a match between them or end in sorrow when they learn they must part?

And I thought
I was delighted to be offered the chance to read and review the 
newest book in this series by Sophia Summers. 

First off the cover spoke to me.   Give me a book about horses and Cowboys and I am smitten. 
This one did not disappoint. 
It was a bit different than I expected but non the less it was a great
read that I could recommend for any reader.  Any age. 

This is just a good story.  There of course is romance.  A bit of mystery and suspense that will keep the reader turning the pages to the Happy Ending. 

I recommend this clean/sweet romance for any reader.  

I received a complimentary copy. 
My review will appear on retail sites and Good Reads.

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Love Auction by Lindsey Hart-Book Review/Release Day

About  the book
OMG! Did I just bid and win a date with Shane Rempel for over one thousand dollars?!

What the hell was I thinking? Was I not the one who just said I would never spend that kind of money for a date with a stranger?!

Apparently, all sane thoughts just flew right out the moment HE walked up on that stage at the auction.

I was hooked line, sinker and all.

And let me tell you, if you spend that much money for a date, you definitely go on that date. So, I went.

And guess what? It kind of ended with me starting a war with the guy on the said date. And I even did a walkout.

Yeps and after that disastrous first meeting, you definitely do not expect the guy to turn up at your workplace asking for another date!

But he did. And guess what I did...

Read an excerpt
A Naughty Sneaky Peak from LOVE AUCTION
Rayvn’s hands came up, roved across his chest and twined around his neck. She pressed every single glorious curve of her body against his. He could feel the peaks of her damn nipples right through her clothes. He imagined that wasn’t all she felt. As he thrust a knee between her legs, her dress rode up and the heat of her burned through her thin black panties, right through his jean and straight into his skin below.
    She pulled away with a sharp little gasp.
    “Sorry…” he muttered. “That was too fast. I know. I’m sorry. You said a kiss and the first thing I did was yank up your dress and-”
    “No,” Rayvn corrected breathlessly. “I said I wanted everything. But you could start with a kiss.”
    “Do you want me to leave?”
    She rolled her eyes and stared at him, exasperated that he could be so dense. “No. I don’t want you to leave. I want you to kiss me again.”
And  I am thinking
Still turning the pages but it's release day so I wanted to share a few thoughts. Finished it.  Loved It!

What a fun story.  What fun characters. 
There is heart and emotion in both Rayvn and Shane.

He really is just a 'nice' guy.  But in the beginning Rayvn thinks 'jerk'.

Nice guy Shane isn't usually too interested in serious dating.
A date or two is usually enough and then he' s on to the next beautiful woman crossing his path.  

Marriage and kids are just not on his radar.

Then he meets Rayvn and it all changes. 

And then there's Rayvn that is recently divorced and still reeling from the loss of a child.  Meeting another man is not on her radar either. 

This was just a good love story.  There are a few bedroom scenes and MaMa might want to toss it.  But Jazzy Grandma would tell her grab a fan and keep reading!

I really enjoyed Love Auction and meeting Lindsey Hart.  I will be reading more!

Check it out it's on sale today.  

I received a complimentary copy. 
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Handmade Hearts by Jane McCray Jacobs-Just Read Tour/Giveaway

Handmade Hearts
Author: June McCrary Jacobs
Publisher: JMJ Story Stitcher Books
Release Date: December 18, 2018
Genre: Historical Romance

About the book
‘Handmade Hearts’ is an historical romance short story set in New Orleans during World War II and was inspired by a true story.
Toward the end of his life, the author asked her Uncle ‘Allen’ how he met his wife. He shared about how he met ‘Irene’ at a church social in their neighborhood in New Orleans in the early 1940s. He had been seriously wounded in Guadalcanal in the South Pacific as a young Marine and was using crutches to get around as best he could.
He had many inner wounds which needed time to heal, too. He had no way of knowing when they first met that Irene had suffered her own wartime tragedy. She bravely sought to keep her grief locked away deep inside because thinking about her loss caused her even more sorrow. She needed to be strong because she was the breadwinner for her small family.
Times were tough, but these two unique individuals made it through each day with inner fortitude, determination, and the sincere hope of something greater just over the horizon.
This inspirational short story follows the growth of Allen and Irene’s relationship beginning with their chance meeting and leading forward to a lifetime spent together. ‘Handmade Hearts’ was created to honor this unique couple’s love for and devotion to each other in a relationship which spanned seven decades.
Read an excerpt
At Irene’s prompting, Allen shared about his older brothers, Edwin and Jack, and their current military assignments at the Pentagon and in Europe.
“My oldest brother, Edwin, was drafted by the U.S. Army right after Pearl Harbor. When the Army tested his aptitude, they learned he is highly intelligent. I guess the Army was surprised a farm boy from Mississippi with only a high school education was so smart. He was always a whiz at math in school. Didn’t even need paper and pencil to do equations.” Allen smiled to himself. “Now he works in Communications at the Pentagon. Top-secret, high-security clearance, you know the drill.”
“His job sounds intriguing.” Irene said.
“He can’t tell us much about his work, but besides being homesick, he enjoys it. My middle brother, Jack, is in the Army serving under General Patton. We haven’t heard much from him because of the restrictions on communications for his unit, but we do know he is serving under Patton somewhere in Europe. We hear bits and pieces about Patton’s goings-on from the radio reports, and sometimes in the newspaper. My mother is most worried about Jack now, since I made it home alive and Edwin probably won’t ever see combat.”
Allen’s eyes shone with pride as he discussed his brothers’ accomplishments and promotions. He brushed over his service in the Marines, noticeably omitting details of his injury and his current medical condition. Instead he talked about his hobbies—cars and fishing.
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Academic Curveball by James J Cudney-Book Spotlight/Giveaway

About the book
When Kellan Ayrwick returns home for his father’s retirement, he finds a dead body in Diamond Hall’s stairwell.
Unfortunately, Kellan has a connection to the victim, and so do several members of his family. Soon after, the college’s athletic program receives mysterious donations, a nasty blog denounces his father and someone attempts to change students’ grades.
Someone is playing games on campus, but none of the facts add up.
With the help of his eccentric and trouble-making nana, Kellan tries to stay out of the sheriff’s way. But who is behind the murder?
And others are saying
. . . a nice, significant mutation in the main character stereotype and succeed to give us a very, very nice and original piece of cozy mystery.
~Mythical Books
BLOG TOUR – Academic Curveball – REVIEW today at Valerie’s Musings!
The main characters are a lot of fun. They’re well-rounded, well-thought-out, complex, and full of personality. I just love Nana D!
~Valerie’s Musings
The mystery is plausible, with twists and turns galore. The multiple red herrings kept me guessing, and I was surprised by whodunit.
~Jane Reads
This book had a little bit of everything. There was humor, tension, suspense, sarcasm, and family drama all rolled into a great book.
~MJB Reviewers
I enjoyed the college setting of Academic Curveball, and it was a nice change of pace to read a cozy featuring a male sleuth.
~The Book’s the Thing
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Release Day-Murder at Blackburn Hall by Sara Rosett

About the book

Murder at Blackburn Hall (Book Two)

A missing author and a sleepy English village rife with secrets . . .

September, 1923. Despite closing her first case, high society lady detective Olive Belgrave hasn’t found a new client. She’s taken a job as a hat model to pay for her poky boarding house room. But then a job offer comes her way—make discreet inquiries about a famous author who’s disappeared. 
Olive travels to the English countryside to hunt for the missing mystery author. But soon after she arrives in the sleepy village, a body is discovered. Then a second murder focuses the police’s attention on Olive, and she must clear her name before the murderer pens a plot that frames her. 
Murder at Blackburn Hall is the second book in the High Society Lady Detective series, a lighthearted cozy historical mystery series set in 1920s England. If you love novels that take you back to the Golden Age of detective fiction with interesting plots, posh settings, and twisty mysteries, you’ll love the High Society Lady Detective Series from USA Today bestseller Sara Rosett. 
And I thought
This series is quickly becoming a favorite!  That says alot
because I don't normally really enjoy period stories or 
Historical fiction.

But Sara Rosett found a believer out of me!

Perhaps it is the vivid descriptions of the period that takes you there.  I felt I was journeying right along with
Olive as she leaves London High Society and travels to the countryside.  I do love the practise of the day of days/week long events.  The practise of dressing for dinner and the elegant dinners that are served are intriguing to me and brought to life through this series.

In Murder at Blackburn Hall the reader tags along with
Olive as she investigates a missing author.  Having been
hired by the publisher she is sent to an event hosted by potential author giving Olive the perfect 'cover' to snoop.

And snoop she does!  It doesn't take her long to find out where the reclusive author lives when she happens to meet his(?) typist it's a small world.

But instead of finding the writer hard at work on his next great book it is discovered there won't be any books as he who turns out to be a she and is found dead.

Olives hands are full when 1 murder leads to 2 and all kinds or drama!   Help arrives in the form of her
'friend' Jasper arrives to help and keep an 'eye' on Olive.

Together Olive am Jasper tool around town an discovery
the secrets and Who Dun It.  And as things are wrapped
Jasper is off into the wind leaving this reader saying
'Hmm."  and anticipating for book 3

If you enjoy a great Cozy Mystery check this one out.

I received a complimentary copy.
My review will appear on retail sites and Good Reads.

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