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Guest Post Wilder than Wildlife

 November 28 – My Reading Journeys – CHARACTER GUEST POST


Wilder than Wildlife

            Hi. I’m happy to be at My Reading Journeys. I’m often on journeys, mostly observing, pointing out, and helping wildlife.

            Me? I’m Stacie Calder, a naturalist who moved to Alaska a couple of years ago, and I talk to tourists about the wildlife we see near a tour boat in the waters near Juneau during the summer. My wonderful husky Sasha hangs out with me, even on the boat.

            Most recently, it’s been winter, and I work at Juneau Wildlife World then, helping to care for the wildlife at that wonderful sanctuary.

            I certainly never thought I’d wind up trying to figure out who murdered people around me, but that’s what started happening, last summer to begin with, while I was giving those tours. One of those who took some tours was killed, a rather nasty guy, and for various reasons I had to be the person who investigated and figured out who did it. And why. That was all described in the first book about me, BEAR WITNESS.

            I didn’t anticipate that, and I anticipated even less that something similar would happen a second time. Well, not really similar, but I still had to figure out who murdered someone where I was working for the winter.

            Where was that? Juneau Wildlife World, a wildlife sanctuary where I help out full-time when the weather is too Alaska-like to go out on tour boats. And yes, Sasha came with me there, too—which turned out to be an issue, since one of the managers, Oliver Brownling, kept giving me trouble about having my dog there. And when Oliver was murdered… well, some people thought I might have done it. Worse in some ways, the wolves at the sanctuary were even more major suspects, considering how Oliver was killed, mauled in the neck in a way that could have been done by wolves.

            Or by someone wanting to frame the wolves.

            So, okay, I had to figure it out as I had done previously. That story is now being told in the latest book about me, CRY WOLF.


K-9 National Park Defenders My Review


About the book 

Peril at Christmas awaits… in these gripping Pacific Northwest K-9 Unit novellas

A Christmas skiing retreat turns treacherous when Pacific Northwest K-9 Unit officer Veronica Eastwood’s sister is kidnapped—and only rival officer Parker Walsh can help her in Katy Lee’s 
Yuletide Ransom. And in Sharee Stover’s explosive Holiday Rescue Countdown, K-9 officers Dylan Jeong and Brandie Weller must race against the clock when they face a Christmas parade bomb threat…and a killer from Dylan’s past.

From Love Inspired Suspense: Courage. Danger. Faith. 

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Author Interview fest. Ruth J. Hartman New Release Butterfly Betrayal Greay Escsoes Book Tour

 November 21 – My Reading Journeys – AUTHOR INTERVIEW

Hello Ruth it is a pleasure to finally meet you. 

I have read or spotlighted several of your books on previous Great Escaped Tours. 

What is your favorite part about tours? 

The new series is really different from your others can you tell how the concept came along? 

How did you choose the location? 

The cover is really pretty.  It speaks Fall to me.  When does the story take place. 

Can you tell us about some of the characters maybe which ones will have a recurring role as the series progresses.   

Is Seneca going to be one of those main characters that is always stumbling onto dead bodies?  

Can you tell us about your favorite seen in the book? 

I am sure book tours even virtual ones are a lot of hard work. 

When the tour is over do have plans for celebration?  

Thanks so much for visiting and chatting! 

Best Wishes!

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Disco's And So is Mo-Mo Book Spotlight Great Escapes Book Tour

 November 13 – My Reading Journeys – SPOTLIGHT

About the book

The mystery surrounding the disappearance of mobster Mo-Mo Martine in Canada during the days of disco and polyester is finally solved when his body is found in a drum off the sapphire waters of Oahu.

An associate (local limb-breaker Harry the Hoarse) asks the pretty private investigators from the Triple Threat Investigation Agency – JJ, Rey, and Linda – to prove it wasn’t his brother-in-law, Johnny B. He’d been accused back then but never arrested, and it certainly appears that he’s the perp now. The trio finds itself embroiled in the most challenging, if not deadly, case yet!

Countless people – family, friends, foes – hated Mo-Mo. Anyone could have murdered him. Or was it a professional hit by the notorious, never-miss Death Angel? Is it possible!? The faceless, nameless assassin-for-hire is still plying his trade after all these years?

As bodies drop, the P.I.s begin to believe answers won’t come from anyone they interview; they’ll be found in mysterious photos dating back to Mo-Mo’s disco days. They merely have to decipher what the people and backdrops in those photos are telling them—a tricky task indeed. Will they figure it out before more murders occur… perhaps theirs?

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