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Silicon Valley Mysteries by Marc Jadel-Silver Dagger Tour

About the book 
Mysterious attacks. Mischievous nieces. Can a clueless uncle catch a tech-savvy killer … and be home before bedtime?

When a freak accident hospitalizes Marty Golden’s sister and condemns him to babysitter duty, he thinks it’s just another case of hardwired bad luck in Silicon Valley. Until a suspicious murder suggests the mishap was no mere coincidence. Something must be done.
Too bad this quirky, fashion-backward uncle isn’t exactly hero material.
Convinced his sister is in mortal danger, this amateur sleuth follows clues to an oddball array of suspects. Armed with nothing but an eye for detail and powers of self-delusion, Marty tangles with gangsters, a cantankerous school secretary, and a perplexing woman he can’t help but fall for. Glitches in his investigation seem like a piece of cake compared to dinner-prep and bedtime stories with his two precocious, pre-teen nieces.
Can Marty catch the culprit, save his sister, and get his life back in order before he gets unplugged?
Uncle and Ants is the first novel in a refreshingly modern mystery series set in Silicon Valley. If you like clever humor, sassy side characters, and average Joes facing extraordinary circumstances, then you’ll love this twisty mystery.
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About the book 
Dead friend. Free fall. Girl Scouts. Can Uncle Marty untangle the mystery before things really get out of control?
Juggling a budding relationship, demanding job, and mischievous nieces, Marty Golden struggled to keep his head above water — even before his friend’s death. Trying his best to be a good boyfriend and fun uncle, Marty had his own ideas for the weekend until his cunning sister tricked him again.
Convinced his friend’s death was no accident, Marty tries to summon superhero powers but merely manages to bumble along as an amateur sleuth. When Marty’s cousin shows up, she wreaks havoc with his plans and pulls him into yet another mystery.
As threats blossom, Marty doubles down now that his family’s involved. Besides, it’s poor manners to let your friend’s death go unsolved.
Can Marty figure out what happened before a killer, or his imagination, gets to him?
Chutes and Ladder is the second novel in a refreshingly modern mystery series set in Silicon Valley. If you like clever humor and wacky side characters, you’ll love this twisty mystery.

Read and excerpt
Chutes and Ladder: A Silicon Valley Mystery by Marc Jedel

Marty Golden, protagonist in the Silicon Valley Mystery series, is known for his outstanding attention to detail, but sometimes his powers of self-delusion overwhelm even him. Get the first chapter free for any of my novels by signing up for my mailing list at

Chutes and Ladder is a fun, light story about a good guy, who wants a nice, quiet life and to spend more time with his new girlfriend. When he stumbles across his friend’s dead body, his life begins to spin out of control as a misbehaving pup, a kooky cousin, and a maniacal ninja put his survival skills to the test.

          After a few minutes, I felt someone staring at me but noticed no one nearby looking at me. I’ve never understood how you could feel a stare. Was that some remnant of powers from long-ago human evolution that had faded? What other superpowers had we lost? Were we ever able to fly? I got excited about this possibility and almost mentioned it to Meghan until I felt the stare again.
          Wary, I glanced to the side. A person painted all in gold was staring at me while he stood like a statue outside a store named Southern Treasures. I stared back, careful not to blink. Performers like him entertain the crowds by freezing long enough for a new fool to walk by before scaring them with a sudden movement. I was not going to be that fool. Not today, at least.
          I couldn’t hold it any longer. I blinked. This guy was good. He hadn’t moved or blinked in over a minute, unless he timed his blink for right when I did.
          “Why are you staring at that mannequin?” Meghan leaned over me to get a better look.
          Startled, I double-checked that she was looking at the same thing. “Are you sure that’s a mannequin? It looks like a real person painted in gold.”

          Meghan scoffed. “It’s missing ears.”

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The Fallen Cowboy by Mina Beckett-Promotional Book Tour Blitz-Review/Giveaway

About the book ove  
Out of commission saddle bronc rider Jess Coldiron is putting his horse skills to work by serving as the Executive Director of the Promise Point Horse Rescue Ranch. Jess’s gift for taming wild broncos and pretty women has taught him that both can take a man from zero to ninety in seconds, shake him senseless, and damn near kill him if he landed the wrong way. And Jess had. So bumping anything but heads with the beautiful Mallory Montgomery ? his sister-in-law’s estranged sister ? is out of the question. Mallory came to Santa Camino, Texas, to fulfill her mother’s dying wish of reuniting with her sister, not to fall for a cowboy with a Texas-sized chip on his shoulder about the limp in his swagger and the woman in his past. But the ruggedly handsome, once famous bronc rider has a sexy smile and a fiery touch that ignites a spark in her every time they’re together. Mallory knows there’s only one way to get Jess back in the saddle, but she wants more than he’s willing to give. And seducing the fallen cowboy may cost Mallory her heart.

And I thought . . . 
Unexpected . . . fast forward to the End...It was a sweet romance that had me grabbing the tissue box. 
Jess and Mallory are just a sweet couple.  It takes them awhile all the way to the end to be the couple.  But the journey is worth it. 

Initially the first few pages I was . . . I hate to say 'apprehensive'.  The first couple of pages there is a lot  of Jockey 'ing' among Cowboy friends about getting laid etc.  

I was not sure just how much sizzle there was going to be in this one.  

There were a few bedroom scenes way close to the end.  But if you give this one a chance you will be drawn in and you won't want to put it down.  

The Fallen Cowboy was truly good read.  The story plot was much more than expected.  

I really enjoyed the ranching experience and the story line about rescuing horses.  This is a topic near and dear to me.  

I loved The Fallen Cowboy.  There are sub-characters in the story that grab your heart and make you hope that they will share their own story with you.  

I look forward to more in this series.
I received a complimentary copy. 
My review will appear on Amazon and Good Reads.
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social media. 
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About Mina

As a teenager, Mina spent her summers in Texas consuming Diana Palmer romance novels. She’s been addicted to cowboys ever since. She and her husband live on a small farm in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains with their two sons, six rescue dogs, and three miniature horses. She's an artist, photographer, and an avid reader. Life in her corner of the world consists of long winter nights curled up by the fire, cheering on her favorite football teams in the fall, enduring March Madness in the spring and walking barefoot through her garden with a cold jar of tea in the summer ? fireflies at sunset accompanied by a serenade of crickets and frogs, and lazy nights in the porch swing.
Pick up the prequel novella The Cowboy’s Goodnight Kiss for FREE on Mina’s website!
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Delicious Disasters by Isabella Louise Anderson-Lola's Book Tour

Just got my copy for review!
Delicious Disasters

Delicious Disasters
By Isabella Louise Anderson
Genre: Contemporary Romance/ Romantic Comedy
Age category: Adult
Release Date: 7 August, 2019

About the book 
When Tessa Markham’s bookstore gets bought out, she is forced to face an uncertain future. After her best friend challenges her to start baking, she accepts—even if the last time she baked wasn’t what she would call a delicious success.
After a small kitchen fire, Tessa’s life begins to change. She finds encouragement from a sexy fireman, agrees to a questionable ruse to help another business owner with a complicated situation, and needs to be there for her best friend now more than ever.
Can a delicious disaster lead to a new future and a successful baking career?

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Office Mate by Noelle Adams- Release Blitz

Office Mate (Milford College #2) by Noelle Adams is available NOW!

Book Info:

Title: Office Mate
Series: Milford College #2
Author: Noelle Adams
Genre: Contemporary Romance


The last thing I want is to share my beautiful office with an uptight, unfriendly new English professor. I don't care if he's incredibly hot. He's still the worst office mate in the world.
We're stuck together for a year, and that might be too long for me to resist discovering what's hiding beneath his buttoned-up appearance.
Office Mate is the second book in the Milford College series, novellas about the faculty and staff of a small liberal arts college

Enjoy a fragment

“Hey,” I say as I come in, dropping my keys onto my desk and turning to face him.
He looks up from his computer. His expression is unsmiling but not angry. “Hi.”
“I’m sorry about before. I’m not sure what got into me. I’m not usually so… irritable. I’m really sorry.”
His mouth turns up just a little. His eyes soften palpably. “Evidently I’m an irritating kind of person, so that probably explains it.”
“No, you’re not!” I lower my tone as I continue. “You’re really not that irritating. I should never have implied that about you. It’s just that I’m usually really good at getting to know people, and I’ve been frustrated that I can’t seem to get to know you.”
He frowns. “You don’t know me?”
“Of course not.” My eyes are wide in surprise. “You think I’ve gotten to know you?”
“I thought we were making progress.” He seems bothered by that piece of information, and he looks down at his desk as if he’s thinking. “I’m afraid I’m never going to be the life of the party, if that’s what you’re hoping for.”
“I know that. I mean, I don’t care about that. I like all kinds of people. I just feel like you’ve got so many walls up I can’t seem to get around them.”
“Maybe if you wouldn’t run away every time things start to get better between us.”
Shit. He has no idea. I have to run away occasionally, but it’s not because I don’t want to get to know him.
It’s because I want to tear his clothes off.
No way I can admit that to him.
I clear my throat and think fast. “I haven’t run away that much. You just confuse me.”
“What can I do to be less confusing?” Leave it to Evan to go about getting to know someone with the same sober determination he uses to tackle everything else.
“I don’t know. Don’t you ever just hang out and relax?”
“You want to hang out with me?”
Yes. Of course I do. In particular, I want to hang out in bed with him. “I just meant to get to know each other a little more. So we can get along better and be more comfortable sharing the office.” There. That didn’t sound too bad. That didn’t give away my irrational lust for him.
He nods. “I like to bike, but that’s obviously not your thing. I can go with you when you walk, if you’d like. Or…”
“Or what?”
“I was thinking about watching the Lord of the Rings movies since you like them so much.”
My heart clenches. Ridiculously. “You were?”
“Maybe you can watch them with me. I would enjoy that.”
“You would?”
“Yes. Would… would you?”
“Of course I would.” His eyes never leave my face.
“What if you don’t like them?”
“I’m sure if you like them, then they can’t be that bad.”
We smile at each other, and I let out a long breath.
I still have way too many papers to grade today, but things are definitely looking up.

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Book Review-The Great Jewel Robbery by Elzabeth McKenna-I Read Book Tour

The Great Jewel Robbery by Elizabeth McKenna

Book Title:  The Great Jewel Robbery: A Front Page Mystery Book 1 by
Elizabeth McKenna
CategoryAdult Fiction, 204 pages
Genre:  Cozy mystery

Publisher:  Elizabeth McKenna
Release date:   May 28, 2019
Tour dates: August  19-30, 2019
Content Rating: PG-13 (There is no profanity. There is drinking, desire, and a kiss.)

About the book  
Mystery with a splash of romance…Chicago Tribune reporters Emma and Grace have been best friends since college despite coming from different worlds. When Grace is assigned to cover an annual charity ball and auction being held at a lakeside mansion and her boyfriend bails on her, she brings Emma as her plus one. The night is going smoothly until Emma finds the host’s brother unconscious in the study. Though at first it is thought he was tipsy and stumbled, it soon becomes clear more is afoot, as the wall safe is empty and a three-million-dollar diamond necklace is missing. With visions of becoming ace investigative journalists, Emma and Grace set out to solve the mystery, much to the chagrin of the handsome local detective.

And I thought 
A page turner.  I had a hard time putting this one down.  In the right setting I would have read it in a few hours.  It was that good. 

I really enjoyed this book.  It is always fun to get into a new series. I am looking forward to reading more. 

Elizabeth McKenna had me on page 1 as the main characters run into a very interesting romance novel type guy.  And then on page 
two when Emma the main character takes a quick dislike for the handsome stranger when he buys 'Her'  Do Nut  (the one she had her own eye on). . . at this point I wanted to turn to the end and see how it turns out but I refrained. 

The characters were fun and engaging.  Emma and Grace are good friends that are funny and sometimes quirky.

The good looking dude from the gas stations turns out to be the police detective investigating the crime(s).  

One the Jewels disappear Grace coerces Emma into 'investigating'.  Much to the detectives chagrin.  

Grace and Emma stumble onto a few suspects as they begin chatting it up with the staff and guests.  And eventually they stumble onto the culprit and help in discovering the truth and getting the real criminals off to the slammer.

How does the book end?  You'll have to check it out.  My lips are sealed.  

I loved this one and can't wait to read the next one. 

I received a complimentary copy.
My review will appear on Amazon, Good Reads and my blog 
My Journey Back-The Journey Back. 
The Great Jewel Robbery and the I Read tour will be featured on social media.

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Book Spotlight-Two Bites Too Many by Debra H. Goldstein-Great Escapes Tour

About the book 
Far from a domestic goddess, Sarah Blair would rather catch bad guys than slave over a hot stove. But when a dangerous murder boils over in Wheaton, Alabama, catching the killer means leaving her comfort zone . . .
Things are finally looking up for Sarah Blair following her unsavory divorce. Settled into a cozy carriage house with her sassy Siamese cat, RahRah, she has somehow managed to hang on to her modest law firm receptionist job and—if befriending flea-bitten strays at the local animal shelter counts—lead a thriving social life. For once, Sarah almost has it together more than her enterprising twin, Emily, a professional chef whose efforts to open a gourmet restaurant have hit a real dead end.
When the president of the town bank and city council is murdered after icing Emily’s business plans, all eyes are on the one person who left the scene with blood on her hands—the twins sharp-tongued mother, Maybelle. Determined to get her mom off the hook ASAP, Sarah must collect the ingredients of a deadly crime to bring the true culprit to justice. But as neighbors turn against her family, can she pare down the suspects before another victim lands on the chopping block?
Includes quick and easy recipes!
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Spotlight-the Perfect Lap by Sedona Hutton- Goddess Fish Promo. Tour

This is a promotional Spotlight Post for Goddess Fish Promo.
I have not read this book 
About the book 
His job is to drive fast. Hers is to put the brakes on him. When sparks fly, will love cross the finish line?

AJ Ryan is a publicity nightmare. After a questionable photo surfaces and his biggest sponsor threatens to pull out, the NASCAR champion admits it might be time to hit the brakes. Thankfully, his new no-nonsense image consultant knows just where to start… too bad she revs his engine so loudly he can barely think straight. 

Ella Fisher’s career is a welcome distraction from her poor taste in men. Fresh off another easily avoidable heartbreak, rehabbing AJ’s career is just the diversion she needs. But when the pulse-pounding client actually listens to her advice, Ella wonders if there’s more to the man behind the hot mess. 

When Ella is granted guardianship of three boisterous children under the misconception that she and AJ are a couple, AJ surprises her by going along with the charade. Before long they find themselves in a make-shift family o that feels more real than pretend. 

As their professional relationship takes a hard turn for the perso
nal, a single overheard conversation could make it all go up in flames. Will Ella and AJ’s romance hit the wall, or will love take the checkered flag? 

The Perfect Lap is the second standalone novel in the Racing Hearts of Serenity romance series. If you like bad boys with a heart of gold, strong women, and love stories with a new age twist, then you’ll adore Sedona Hutton’s fun, sexy tale.

Visit the tour
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Desolate Shores by Daryl Wood Gerber- Release Day-Review

Desolate Shores
About the book 
A chilling murder, an elusive killer, and a family mystery that hits too close to home . . .
After finding the body of her best friend on the icy shores of Lake Tahoe, Aspen Adams refuses to stand by and watch as the local sheriff’s department begins their search for the killer. Launching her own investigation, she’s soon confronted with a growing array of secrets—both about the friend she thought she knew and about many of the people in her own life. As fragmentary clues and escalating dangers threaten to derail her, she must also cope with the disturbing behavior of her deadbeat sister and troubled teenage niece.
Determined to overcome her personal demons over past failures, Aspen is driven to unravel the conflicting evidence and a shifting range of suspects to bring the killer to justice, even as a family trauma unfolds that threatens to upend her life. And as her investigation inexorably leads her to a shocking discovery and taunts her with a solution that is just out of reach, Aspen realizes that the killer wants nothing more than to see her and her niece dead . . .
Read an excerpt
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And I thought
Difficult . . . to put down.  Desolate Shores is a page turner!  
From the 1st line I was drawn in and had a hard time putting this one down!  
Congratulations to author Daryl Woods Gerber for writing such a page turning/great 1st Suspense. 
I knew would it be good.  But it wasn't it was Great.

The characters grab you and pull you into the plot.

I loved Aspen.  

Aspen is a strong and determined character.  She is honest, trust worthy and hard working.  And she ends up being a great Aunt/Mom to her niece.  She steps up to the plate when her sister literally dumps her niece into her lap. 

All the while Aspen begins to investigate her friends murder. 

I have to admit I was just a tad bit suspicious of one of the detectives.  Not the hunky good looking one! 

The plot takes some twists and turns while Aspen is looking for clues and answers.  Before it's over she's shot at while hiking, the brakes on her car are tampered with and that hunky detective makes his 'play'.

A lot of suspense and a bit of Romance.  Just what this reader loves!  

I am looking forward to the next one in this series!

I received a complimentary copy from Net Galley.
My review will appear on Net Galley, retail sites and Good Reads.
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Kill Shot by Amber Malloy-Goddess Fish Promo Tour-Review/Giveaway

About the book 
Invited to speak for the United Nations, International Attorney Ashe Marcille is on the fast track. However, everything changes when she finds her law partner dead. Left with no option but to abandon her hard-earned career, she goes on the run. 

Walker Knight, owner of a high-tech security firm, left the spy games years ago. A former agent for J8, he had no intention of returning to that life until the agency calls in one last favor. It should have been an easy job—pick up then drop off a lawyer with no questions asked. But, best laid plans… 

Attracted to the attorney from the minute he laid eyes on her, Walker sets out to solve her case. Until he can figure out who wants her dead, he’ll have to keep her close…very close. 

And I thought 
An interesting plot.  I enjoyed Kill Shot.  It was a fast paced thrilling adventure that makes you want to turn the pages.  

And it's a sizzling Romance that would make Jazzy Grand Ma grab her fan!  Now MaMa on the other hand would be tossing it.  Just so 'ya know.  There are few bedroom scenes that sizzle. And a little bedroom talk. 

The characters are likeable, interesting and mysterious.  The plot surrounds current events that are controlled by the past.  

This reader immediately like Walker and Ashe.  Their attraction was instant causing Walker the protector to cross the line and he did. He is determined to keep Ashe safe and out of harms way.  

The story is a bit of roller coaster ride and fast paced all the way to the end.  

My complimentary copy ended with an excerpt from book 1.  
Although Kill Shot is meant to be a stand a lone reading book 1 might bring all the characters together and make for a more enjoyable read.  Book 1 Spies R Us is on my TBR pile. 

Read an excerpt
O’Brien’s, the Midtown Manhattan pub, aired the NBA playoffs on every television in the bar. Walker Knight ordered another round of Jameson for his boys. His crew—younger than him by at least ten years—congratulated each other on a job well done.

“To the best security team this side of the Pacific.” He lifted his drink for a toast.

“Come on, boss. We thought you were going to say ‘in the world’,” a newbie joked.

“That’s a tall order. It’ll take more than one job together for that.” Walker wanted to celebrate, just not to the level of wasted. His crew had no problem staying up all night, but he needed to catch some zzzs. “Next round’s on me.”

They’d spent eighteen hours on a plane to the Middle East. In three short days the team had taken down a faction of a religious sect named Glory’s Soldiers. Pleased with their quick extermination of the zealots, WLK Security’s oil clients had provided them with a major bonus.

As he was signaling for the bartender to settle their tab, a newbie squeezed in beside him.

“What’s next?” the rookie asked.

With a total of three partners—two from his school days and one silent—they ran a private security firm. Walker led their missions and could always tell the adrenaline junkies from the dedicated worker bees.

“Give it a couple of days,” he lied. Walker honestly didn’t think he would see the guy again. The kid’s jumpy nature grated on his nerves.

The bar cheered at the Knicks’ three-point basket at the buzzer. After signing the credit receipt, he chucked deuces to his crew. Dead on his feet, Walker headed for the exit. He couldn’t wait for his head to hit the pillow.

As his phone vibrated in his pants, he fought the urge to ignore it, but habit forced him to fish it out of his pocket.

“Walker,” he answered.

“Well, if it isn’t my Knight in shining armor,” the woman cooed.

Walker stopped in his tracks. That voice was straight out of his past. A form of Neverland—not all bad, but not one he wanted to deal with.

A shoulder check from a drunk blonde got him back into gear. She winked on her way past, and he smiled in return but offered nothing more. “Thought I would never hear from you again. How did you crawl your way back from the dead, Eden Morgan?” he said.

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