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Southern Sass and a Battered Bride by Kate Young Great Escapes Tour Review Giveaway


April 30 – My Reading Journeys – REVIEW 

About the book

At a murder mystery–themed wedding reception on Georgia’s picturesque Peach Cove Island, the bride is doing an awfully good job playing dead . . .


Marygene Brown always figured she’d marry her childhood sweetheart, Alex Myers, not cater his wedding. But the Peach Diner could use the exposure. Most of the island is showing up—although more for the role-playing murder game at the reception than for the widely loathed bridezilla, Lucy Carmichael. Marygene may have to smile through the festivities, but Mama doesn’t have to hold her peace—especially since only Marygene can hear her mother’s ghost. Mama says she sees an aura of darkness around the wedding.


So when Marygene finds Lucy lying beside the wedding cake, buried in batter, with no pulse, it looks like Mama called it. This is no game. And when the bride’s body simply vanishes, it’s up to Marygene and her best friend Betsy (cousin to the groom and no fan of the bride) to solve a real-life mystery—with a little help from Mama’s sassy spirit . . .


Includes Seven Recipes from Marygene’s Kitchen!

And I thought 

Twists and turns.  Kind of makes your head spin.  

Old boyfriend. Bridezilla (victim) Beastie cousin to groom Ex.  

And a main character with a Ghost for a MaMa.

All makes for a page turning read.  

I loved it centering around the wedding catering and all the food.  

I love it when an Author includes recipes!

This one was a super fun read.  I enjoyed every crazy minute. 

I received a complimentary copy.

My review will appear on retail sites and Good Reads. 

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Blood of the Dragonfly by Hawk MacKinney


Book Details

Book Title:  Blood of the Dragonfly ( The Moccasin Hollow Mystery Series - Book V)
Author:  Hawk MacKinney
Category:  Adult Fiction (18+), 227 pages
Genre:  Mystery/Suspense
Publisher:  Sage Words Publishing
Release date:  Feb 2021
Formats Available for review: print (USA and Canada), ebook (Gifted Kindle, PDF)
Tour dates:  Apr 12 to Apr 30, 2021
Content Rating:  PG. There are graphic death scenes.
Book Description

While dangling a fishing hook from his flat bottom skiff before dawn, former SEAL-turned-PI Craige Ingram spots grey-black smoke coiling above the treetops across the river in the direction of the Georgia bayous and Corpsewood Manor. Bayou or bogs, fire in the uncut cypress and pines bodes a sense that the river is no barrier to the fire that threatens his ancestral home, Moccasin Hollow. Neither are the bodies later found in the burned mansion of Corpsewood Manor. Craige wastes no time in helping his ex-SEAL buddy Lt. Graysen MacGerald who is now Head of Buckingham Homicide Investigations by unofficially investigating the bodies and an exquisite dragonfly brooch found in the mansion with a reputation for evil, hauntings, and mystery.
And I thought 
When I was offered to join this tour I jumped at the chance.  I have read several of the books in this series and have really enjoyed them. 
Author Hawk MacKinney gives the readers characters and plots that grab  your interest and keep you turning the pages.
Although Blood of the Dragonfly is a part of the series it is easy to step in and not miss anything but reader beware you will love this book and the series! 
I loved the cover.  And when I received my copy I couldn't help but wonder what clues might be hidden in the cover art. 
 If you love a good mystery check this one out and the series.  
I received a complimentary copy. 
My review will appear on retail sites and Good Reads
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Monkey Bread Business by Jodi Rath Great Escapes Tour Review


About the book

Nature breeds new life with the sign of Spring in the air in Leavensport, Ohio, and Jolie and Ava find their new families’ lives turned upside down! With properties in Leavensport beginning to sell, Nina Sanchez opened a bakery after purchasing the lot next to M&M’s Italian restaurant. She is new to town and swears to Ava and Jolie she has no connection to the Dominican Republic Sanchez mafia family. Yet, Ava is skeptical, and this sends Jolie and Ava off on yet another investigation looking at how organized crime connects to their little village and the politics that surround it.

Meanwhile, Nina Sanchez is not thrilled to feel obliged to cross-sell and become a full-fledged member of Leavensport, especially not with Jolie and Ava investigating her history. She has no choice when her son discovers a murdered homeless woman on the street on his way to deliver bread to the local shelter—it looks a lot like a mob hit and the reveal of who the homeless woman is will send all of Leavensport on alert making Jolie question the future of her town.

Welcome to Leavensport, Ohio, where DEATH takes a DELICIOUS turn!

And others are saying 

Monkey Bread Business by Jodi Rath is another book that I couldn’t put down. I loved reading every minute of it . . .
~Baroness’ Book Trove

The current case seems to tie into some stuff they have been researching though it does take a couple surprising turns along the way making for an entertaining mystery as these two try to figure things out. This fun adventure makes for a pleasant read as it all progresses that is sure to delight cozy fans.
~Books a Plenty Book Reviews

I loved that I was able to sit down and read this story in one sitting. Now that the crime has been solved, I wouldn’t mind moving to this little town.
~Literary Gold

And I thought 

 I love a Cozy Mystery set in a quaint town filled with fun charming and quirky Characters.

 I loved that the author included not only a town map but a cast of characters.  

The diner setting is fun and all the talk about makes me want to cook all the dishes.  

It is easy to say some books are hard to put down what with fun quirky characters, some yummy food and lots of crime to solve.  A few twists and turns make for a fun and entertaining read. 

I received a complimentary e-copy for the purpose promoting the book for the Great Escapes Tour. 

My review will appear on retail sites and Good Reads.


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Release Day Book ReviewBlack Sheep Lucy Mc Connel


About the book  


He needs a wife...

But he doesn't want one.

Find out what happens when he places an ad for a wife and finds a woman he can't live without.

Cash's grandfather left him the family home but he can't take possession of it unless he has a family of his own. He places an ad in the local classifieds and is shocked when Maggie shows up at his door.

She was the one that got away.

But not this time.

He'll do everything he can to win her trust back and be the man she deserves. But will it be enough to make up for shattering her heart? Or will the two of them say goodbye just as fast as they said I do?

Find out in this sweet romance, today. 

And I thought 

The last book I read and reviewed I flagged it best of the year.  So far.  

Sorry it's in the #2 spot.  

Cash and Maggie's super sweet love story is filled with lots to love.  

There are some twists and turns and struggles for Cash and Maggie. 

Which was part of what I liked so much.  The struggles weren't your achieve Exe's come in and cause trouble.   Or other people trying to keep the couple a part.  

It was different. And refreshing.  No spoilers here! 

I loved Maggie's spirit and her desire to be an encouragement through her cooking.  

Maggie is strong, stubborn and head strong.  And willing to stand up and do what needs to be done. 

Cash on the other hand just to start is a 'Dream Boat'.  Is that even a term any more?  I think what got me is he is just a darn good guy.  

He is a super boss and has a caring spirit toward his workers.  Helping them and teaching as they work together. 

This book is definitely a Sweet Clean Christian Romance.  But it is not over pusy or filled with scripture references that might turn some readers off. 

It's just a good read 

The only thing I didn't like and I have to add this is ...

The super long title.   I really think that is a huge negative.  The long title makes it super hard to look up. 

 The cover is a little hard to read especially the author's name.  Again making it hard to search.  

As always I am including all the authors social media links. 

Cash and Maggie's story is part of a series and I can't wait to read the next one Featuring Jennifer.  

I received a complimentary copy when I signed up for the author's newsletter. 

My review will appear on Amazon and Good Reads. 

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The series ... 

Author Chat feat. Author B.K. Stubblefield


Hello.  I am so glad your here today.  It's been a fun week so far Featuring your books!

Thanks for inviting me to your chat room. It’s so great to be here.

Before we get into book let's chat a bit. A few fun questions always break the ice a bit! 

1. Do you have any little snacks or treats that keep you focused when writing?

Oh, give me a bowl of buttery popcorn, or pretzels and I’m a happy writing gal. My current obsession is with Snyder’s jalapeno pretzel bites. As if the snack gods are telling me something, I’m finding every flavor in the stores, but jalapeno. My mouth puckers just thinking about them.

2. Do you have a furry companion or office assistant?

I’m thrilled you asked. While I’m still juggling and keep all the balls in the air—at least most of the time—it would be wonderful to have an office addition. Maybe at some point in the future I will look into getting help. 

Luckily, I don’t have to wish for a furry office companion, because I can’t even imagine a day without my buddy, Harper. 

When my husband and I adopted him, we couldn’t know we’d adopted a puppy on steroids. Gosh, during this stage I wanted to pull my hair out. But since going bald was not an option, I turned to writing. I turned out story into a non-fiction book but quickly branched out into fiction writing. And of course, you will find an adorable goofball in all of my stories.

3. If you could take your next character(s) anywhere in the world where would you choose to set your next book.

Gosh, that’s tough. A beach setting in a warm climate comes to mind, or a mountain setting in winter. I grew up in Germany where forts and castles are abound. I attended my niece’s wedding in a 12th century castle which I thought would be a great setting for a modern day fairy tale. For now, some quirky residents in Oak Creek keep me busy. I am working on the next installment in the Oak Creek series, featuring regular folks with ordinary jobs—a landscaper, a B&B owner, and a female construction manager—with king sized problems.  

4. If you could spend an afternoon hanging out with one of your (current)Characters where would you go? Who would you take? What would you do?

Hmmm… only one character? That’s tough. I would head to Africa where Ryan is assisting his friend with a documentary. I’d go there to slap some sense into him. He needs to get back to Oak Creek and make up with Emily before it’s too late. I might have to bring an enforcer 😊

5. I love covers. I am a bit if a junkie. What made you decide to do a Re-launch?

I loved the original cover, and still do. When I set out to write Secrets in Oak Creek, it was meant to be a stand-alone read. But things change, right? The title turned into the first in series, and by book 3 I knew I needed to re-brand. Luckily I found this amazing cover designer who brought my vision for the new cover alive.

6. What was the easiest part of planning, developing and initiating the Re-launch?

To be truthful, nothing about the process was easy. If I had to point out just one thing, I’d say the decision to relaunch was the easiest and most difficult at the same time. Once I’ve jumped that hurdled, I put my current project on the back burner and concentrated on making this the best story it could be. I couldn’t have done this without my amazing developmental and line editors, cover designer, and interior designer.

7. I was glad to see your books are now available on B&N. What other retailers can we purchase?

I am thrilled my books are now available at the reader’s preferred retailers such as KOBO, Google Play Store, Apple, and others. Click on the link for all retailers.

8.You have just written 'The End" what do you do to celebrate?

Funny, but ‘The End’ is always bitter-sweet. On one hand I’m relieved that the story is told, on the other there is this empty feeling. Hubby usually takes me out to celebrate with dinner at my favorite place and a glass of something, something… lol

10. Other than Secrets in Oak Creek can share with our readers about other books in the series? 

Oak Creek is a loosely connected series.. Although it would be best to read in sequence, each book can be read as a stand-alone. Scars of the Past is a tribute to all veterans—past, present and future. A year ago, Reid McCabe lost his leg in an explosion, now, he’s hell-bent on crossing the country on foot for PTSD with his friend, and former Platoon Sergeant. As he prepares for this monumental task, a romance is the last thing on his mind. Meet Reid and his adorable sidekick, Yard.

Thanks so much for chatting. Well I've loved chatting but I have to get some grocery shopping done so I can try out your recipe for Chicken Schnitzel! (readers click Here to read the recipe)

My pleasure! Thanks again for the invitation.  I can't wait to hear how you like it!  

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Shrimply Deadly by Maggie Toussaint Great Escapes Tour Review


About the book ...

When veterinarian and amateur naturalist Jasmine Garr is shot in her yard, residents of Shell Island press caterer River Holloway into investigating the homicide. River dons her amateur sleuth cap and sets out to discover who killed her former catering customer.

Between Jasmine’s estranged cousin, a rival veterinarian, a wild animal trapper, the chicken lady, and a real estate broker, River has plenty of suspects to consider. As she peels back the layers of Jasmine’s life, dangerous secrets come to light

Jasmine’s orphaned kitty, Iris, along with River’s cat Major, and her husband Pete help River sift through the evidence. At the same time, River recently expanded her catering business. She must service her regular catering clients, plus provide fresh baked goods for Pete’s ice cream shop.

The killer follows River’s every move relishing the thought of another victim. Time is running out. Will River solve the murder before she becomes a cold dish?

An others are saying ...

From rampaging alligators to kidnapped chickens to a treasure hunt for an extinct Georgia tree, the reader is taken on a ride. As River begins unearthing clues to find out who killed the veterinarian, she finds the victim had her own secrets.

~Cinnamon, Sugar, and a Little Bit of Murder

There are surprises for River and the reader as clues and misdirections are scattered throughout. The pace is good, and the chickens, alligators, and cats add a whole new dimension. Shrimply Dead is an enjoyable cozy mystery.

~Christa Reads and Writes

Shrimply Dead was an interesting read. . . . I particularly enjoyed the way the various characters were portrayed . . .

~Literary Gold

And I thought 

I just love this series.  

River is a super fun Character who is filled with determination when it comes to sleuthing and discovering answers when it comes to crime and murder.  And helping people in need of she can.  Even if it ends getting her into some tight situations! 

I enjoy the cooking scenes and the  new collaboration  between River and Pete and his Ice Cream Shop.  

I enjoyed the the twists and turns in the plot and riding along with River as she followed leads and searched for clues.

Shrimply Deadly was a great read and I am anxiously awaiting for the next book in the series. 

I received a complimentary copy.

My review will appear on retail sites and Good Reads.  

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Book Buzz A Link Party

 Thanks for join us!  Leave a link or visit the links to find some new great reads!  

Authors you leave a link on the Add link button and in the comments! 

Let's Chat! 

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Secrets In Oak Creek by B. K. Stubblefield Book Spotlight Tour


About the book  

A small town with a dark secret. A new arrival in grave danger. Can she solve the mystery before she ends up the next victim?

The best part of Emily's childhood may have been the time she spent with her quirky aunt. So when her favorite relative passes away, she drops everything to attend the funeral in the small town of Oak Creek. But she never expected to inherit her aunt's entire estate, including her massive black dog Bentley. Just as she starts to get the hang of small-town life, an unknown driver runs her off the road and sends her to the hospital.

As doctors tend to her and she makes a connection with a charming Oak Creek resident named Ryan, Emily racks her brain to figure out who would want her dead. When sparks start to fly between her and the good Samaritan that sat by her bedside, they team up to solve the mystery. Digging into the crime starts to reveal a dark side to Oak Creek and long-held secrets nobody wants to be revealed. With Bentley's help, Emily and Ryan must uncover the truth before her assailant comes back to finish the job.

Secrets in Oak Creek is an action-packed standalone romantic mystery. If you like thrilling suspense, courageous characters, and a large portion of heart, then you’ll love B.K. Stubblefield’s sensational story.

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12 Days of Christmas feat. (Not so) Alone for Christmas


About the book 

Problem number one: Maddy’s family is NOT at home. A surprise Christmas visit to Charleston only works if the family you’re surprising hasn’t decided to spend the holidays in Hawaii.

Problem number two: Maddy is stranded. There is snow on the ground in Charleston, a city that doesn’t even own a snow plow. Flights are grounded, and the power is out. Maddy isn’t going anywhere.

Problem number three: Bo Bradshaw, Maddy’s old high school crush, is stranded with her, and he is hotter than ever.

(Not So) Alone for Christmas is a standalone, clean contemporary romance novella that will leave you craving Christmas cookies and a cozy fire.

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Solid Ground by Danny and Wanda Pelfry Book Review


About the book

Seven years between them, Kirby and Riley Gordan, nurtured by their pastor father and loving mother, experienced almost ideal childhoods growing up in the Boston area. Then a season of misfortune culminated in the worse of all possible tragedies - the death of their beloved parents.

Four years have passed. Kirby, having failed at marriage and pro-baseball, is now a Florida police detective. He finds himself in little Adairsville, Georgia along with Riley, his law school bound sister. They are there to settle their uncle's massive estate. It is soon apparent that Uncle James's death was no accident. But the worst of it is their names at the top of the suspect list. The siblings are embraced by spunky caretakers, Amos and Carol, whose love, wit, faith, and plain ole horse-sense bolster efforts to solve the murder and put Kirby's life back on track.

And I thought 

I always enjoy getting into a new series at book 1. I was pleased to be offered a chance to be one of the first to read Solid Ground. The authros Danny and Wanda Pelfrey a husband and wife team (and that in itself is intriguing and impressive to me) spin a tale of emotion, tragedy, romance and suspense that actually takes place in their home town. I can only imagine what the 'real' townspeople talk about at the local diner and coffee shop. I always enjoy a book that takes place in a small town. Adairsville as described by the authors appears to be a peaceful quaint town like Mayberry. But peaceful and quiet isn't always the way it is. And like Mayberry fictional Adairsville has a combo Andy and Barney Sheriff that was introduced in the first series the Davis Morgan Mystery Series.Davis another resident of fictional Adairsveille the book store owner makes his way into Solid Ground. I enjoy it characters crossover into new series giving the reader a chance to visit the older characters again in a new adventure.

Solid Ground is well written and is filled with great characters that will worm thier way into your heart leaving you waiting expectantly for the next mystery.

I received a complimentary copy.

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On The Road With Authors Danny and Wanda Pelfry

 Thanks for joining us today On The The Road

Let"s meet the Authors

Danny and Wanda Pelfrey are graduates of Point University. Danny earned a masters from Kentucky Christian University. He spent 45 years in the pastorate. Wanda served as a primary Montessori teacher for twenty-four years. They have two daughters: Kellie, a teacher, and Sandra, an attorney. They are blessed with five amazing grandchildren.
Wanda’s career as a writer took off shortly after college, when she started writing curriculum and educational aids for a variety of publishers. Her book, MAKING THE MOST OF YOUR CHILD’S TEACHABLE MOMENTS, published by Moody Press and later distributed by Focus on the Family brought her a lot of attention and respect as a writer. However, she put her writing career on hold shortly thereafter to become a teacher.

Danny’s interest in writing was fostered by his wife’s love of the craft. He wrote articles for national publications, a newspaper column, and eventually traditional publisher Accent Books released his first book, ONE-WAY CHOICES IN A WRONG-WAY WORLD. Later he wrote and self-published a book of local history, LIFE IN ADAIRSVILLE. Recently his book published by CrossLink, WHATEVER HAPPENED TO EVANGELISM? has been well received. CrossLink also released Danny & Wanda’s four volume inspirational suspense/mystery series, “The Davis Morgan Series” as well as SOLID GROUND, the first in the “Adairsville Heritage Mystery Series”.

Danny and Wanda live in their little Cape Cod cottage in their small north Georgia hometown of Adairsville, Georgia which serves as the setting for their mysteries with a message. They enjoy a life that is often centered around their five grandchildren and their love for putting words on paper.

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New Releases That Caught My Eye


Release Day 

The last thing gluten-free baker Poppy McAllister needs in her life is more drama - or more murder....

Poppy thought her toughest challenge this winter would be sticking to her Paleo diet and filling all her orders for her gluten-free goodies, but now she has to choose between two suitors. She's not the only one with boyfriend drama. Aunt Ginny's long-ago high-school beau, Royce Hanson, a retired Broadway actor, has returned to Cape May, New Jersey, to star in a Senior Center staging of Mamma Mia. Leaving Aunt Ginny to wonder: What's his motivation?

Slated to open February 13th, the problem-plagued production seems to be cursed - with stolen props, sabotage, and even a death threat. But when a cast member plunges to his death from a catwalk, it soon becomes clear a murderer is waiting in the wings. Now Polly, Aunt Ginny, and a supporting cast must take center stage to catch the killer - before it's curtains for someone else....


A mystery author is charged with murder--and the plot thickens faster than anyone can turn the pages--in USA Today bestselling author Callie Hutton's new series debut, perfect for fans of Rhys Bowen and Ellery Adams.

Bath, England, 1890. Mystery author Lady Amy Lovell receives an anonymous letter containing shocking news: her fiancé, Mr. Ronald St. Vincent, has been dabbling in something illegal, which causes her to promptly break their engagement.

Two evenings later, as Lady Amy awaits a visit from Lord William Wethington, fellow member of the Bath Mystery Book Club, her former fiancé makes an unexpected and most unwelcome appearance at her house. She promptly sends him to the library to cool his heels but later discovers the room seemingly empty--until she stumbles upon a dead Mr. St. Vincent with a knife in his chest.

Lord Wethington arrives to find Lady Amy screaming and sends for the police, but the Bobbies immediately assume that she is the killer. Desperate to clear her name, Lady Amy and Lord Wethington launch their own investigation--and stir up a hornet's nest of suspects, from the gardener who served time in prison for murder to a vengeful woman who was spurned by St. Vincent before he proposed to Lady Amy.

Can they close the book on the case before the real killer gets away with murder?


Buried by the Sea by Kathleen Bridge (Cozy)

A team of archaeologists is staying at Indialantic by the Sea to study the days of the Spanish explorers, and they’ve stumbled upon a stunning and valuable find at the dig site, but before they can unearth it one of the archeologists finds himself buried in the sand and pierced with diving spear tipped with poison. 


Murder in the Family by Lesley A. Diehl (Cozy)

The past comes back seeking vengeance. To save her family and friends, Novice PI Eve Appel, pregnant with her second child, must outwit the bad guys in a final act of desperation, risking her life and that of the man she’s asked to help her, her mob boss friend, Nappi.


A Dead Man’s Eyes by Lori Duffy Foster (Traditional) *new series*

She is a reporter at a well-respected newspaper and her teenage daughter is both an athlete and honors student. Though their relationship is rocky these days, Lisa has accomplished what she set out to do. She has given her daughter the kind of life she never had. 


Death By Shock by Abigail Keam (Cozy)

Josiah is joined by Shaneika, and her sweet, innocent cousin, Heather, on an archaeological dig at Fort Boonesborough where Daniel Boone led pioneers to the wild frontier of “Caintuck.” At Boonesborough Josiah and Shaneika meet the Dane twins, rich society women, who just rub them the wrong way. However, Heather is entranced by the sisters, having read about them in the society columns and financial pages. That is until Heather catches one of them plotting to murder her identical twin.  


Shrimply Dead by Maggie Toussaint (Cozy)

When veterinarian and amateur naturalist Jasmine Garr is shot in her yard, residents of Shell Island press caterer River Holloway into investigating the homicide. River dons her amateur sleuth cap and sets out to discover who killed her former catering customer. Between Jasmine’s estranged cousin, a rival veterinarian, a wild animal trapper, the chicken lady, and a real estate broker, River has plenty of suspects to consider. .  


On tour at Great Escapes 

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Monkey Bread Business by Jodi Rath (Cozy)

Nature breeds new life with the sign of Spring in the air in Leavensport, Ohio, and Jolie and Ava find their new families’ lives turned upside down! With properties in Leavensport beginning to sell, Nina Sanchez opened a bakery after purchasing the lot next to M&M’s Italian restaurant. She is new to town and swears to Ava and Jolie she has no connection to the Dominican Republic Sanchez mafia family. 


On tour at Great Escapes

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On The Road Featuring Solid Ground by Danny and Wanda Pelfry

 Welcome to Book Spotlight Day a part of the On The Road Featuring

About the book

Seven years between them, Kirby and Riley Gordan, nurtured by their pastor father and loving mother, experienced almost ideal childhoods growing up in the Boston area. Then a season of misfortune culminated in the worse of all possible tragedies - the death of their beloved parents.

Four years have passed. Kirby, having failed at marriage and pro-baseball, is now a Florida police detective. He finds himself in little Adairsville, Georgia along with Riley, his law school bound sister. They are there to settle their uncle's massive estate. It is soon apparent that Uncle James's death was no accident. But the worst of it is their names at the top of the suspect list. The siblings are embraced by spunky caretakers, Amos and Carol, whose love, wit, faith, and plain ole horse-sense bolster efforts to solve the murder and put Kirby's life back on track.

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Book Buzz Link Party


Check Out these great Cozy Mysteries, Romantic Suspense and Clean Romance! 

Authors leave your links

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Sunday, April 11, 2021

Meet The Characters Monday feat. Solid Ground By Danny and Wanda Pelfry

Hello.  Welcome back to 

On The Road 

 This week I am Featuring Authors Danny and Wanda Pelfry and  thier  book 
Solid Ground

Cast of Characters

Riley Gordan - law student and co-heir of the Gordan fortunep

Kirby Gordan - older (by 7 years) brother of Riley and co-heir, former baseball player turned police detective

Amos Edwards - trusted employee of the deceased Uncle James Gordan.

Carol Edwards – wife of Amos. They live in one of the three apartments in the converted old church building.

Max – the large, yellow cat which belongs to the Edwards. (Sorry, no dogs.)

The Cleaning Crew: Bill and Judy (2 children)  The men actually make up The Cleaning Crew

 Jessie and Alice  

 Juan and Louise (1 child)

Al Jensen – local banker

Rayford Barnes – book collector

Connie Reece – research assistant

Beth Reece – mother of Connie

Freddy Seals – claimed to be son of Uncle James

Earl Lance- man with mysterious past

Jed – Adairsville Police Department officer

Mike – Adairsville Police Department officer

Tony – teenage boy

Eddie – teenage boy

Judson Rittman – prominent Adairsville citizen

Shelia Rittman – daughter of Judson Rittman

Chuck Jensen – pastor of church attended by Uncle James and Edwards

Holders from first series (After all it is a small town)

Davis and Deidra Morgan – former minister turned bookseller

Charley and Tanya Nelson – young police chief and his wife

Dean Nelson – Charley’s brother

Janie – clerk from 1902 Stock Ex

I hope you will stop in tomorrow for the next feature.  There's lots more Solid Ground coming. 


Friday, April 9, 2021

Her Stand In Cowboy by Crystal Walton


About the book  

When a wary farm girl takes on a big city chiropractor as her stand-in boyfriend, convincing her family they’re in love might be easier than convincing themselves they’re not.

There are certain things a single country mom learns to accept. Like the fact that she now shares a sacred bond of empathy with her dairy cow, that spit-up can reach places it never should be able to, and that a pretend relationship is far less complicated than one her southern mama insists on setting her up in. At least, it is when you have anyone’s luck besides Ainsley Jamison’s.

Only in Ainsley’s life would her imaginary decoy turn out to be a real-life city boy who is as hilariously wrong for her as he is persistent. With less than four weeks before her entire family shows up for Thanksgiving, they don’t have a cotton-picking prayer of turning Connor into a believable cowboy in time, let alone fix up her place while they’re at it.

Heaven knows Ainsley’s already maxed out her faith hoping she made the right choice raising her son there. But while praying she didn’t make a mistake taking on her daddy’s farm is one thing, praying she didn’t make one taking on Connor Allen is another entirely. One that’s about to turn everything in her life upside down.

And I thought  

And this is why I read, Review and Promote Clean, Sweet and Christian titles. 

I don't know where I have been and I wonder why I have never read one of Crystal Walton's titles before.  And I am not sure how I stumbled onto this one but I am glad I did! 

Her Stand In Cowboy was the kind of read I love.  

A sweet love story with fun, loveable and charming Characters. 

Even the non humans! 

There is a barn full of fun and comical Characters that have fitting names. 

All given to them by Ainsley the main character that has a heart for all creatures even earth worms! 

The plot/storyline focused on Ainsley's drama that her Southern MaMa is coming to town and probably in all likely hood is toutin' 'Would Be Suitors'. 

But Ainsley is one step ahead of MaMa as she has a pretend boyfriend at the ready. 

As any good Romance with a Happily Ever After ending of course Ainsley and Connor the pretend boyfriend fall for each other. 

But not before a bit if drama and soul searching.  

Her Stand In Cowboy is without a doubt the best book that I have read by a new to me Author in a long time! 

I look forward to reading many more and working with Crystal Walton to share her books to other new readers. 

I received a complimentary copy.

My review will appear on Amazon and Good Reads. 

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Thursday, April 8, 2021

Read An Excerpt Blind Date with a Reality Star Billionaire by Evangeline Kelly

Read an excerpt...

To my right, a film crew looked as if they were conferring with each other about technical stuff. I hadn’t seen a picture of Drake, but I figured I would know who he was the second I saw him, as there weren’t that many people in the room. 

I glanced around, searching for a guy who fit the profile of a bachelor type, and the second my gaze landed on him, I nearly lost my breath. For a second, I just stood there, completely stunned. 

He sat in a chair on the other side of the room, his brownish hair streaked with gold as if he’d been out in the sun lately. A makeup artist powdered his face while I took a moment to observe him, taking in his measure. He wore navy blue sports pants, expensive-looking sneakers, and a white t-shirt that showed off lightly tanned muscled arms. He appeared to be in his early thirties if I had to guess. His five o’clock shadow and the black-framed glasses sitting on his nose gave him a rugged preppy look, but what was most surprising was his weary, frustrated expression as if he didn’t want to be there. 

The man was so gorgeous all I could do was blink and gape at him. And blink and gape some more. 

So, this was Drake Arnold. 

Abby had said he was handsome, but I had only processed that information in an intellectual sense. 

The producers had chosen him for a dating show, so it was reasonable to assume the man would be attractive, and I had assumed that, but I hadn’t given it more thought. Back when I was in college, I’d had a huge crush on my English professor, and this guy kind of reminded me of him because of the glasses. Drake was ten times better looking than Dr. Harris, though. 

That was all before my parents died. After they passed away, I’d kept my feelings so tightly controlled, there was no chance of falling for anyone new.

And the strange thing was…I hadn’t thought that I would personally fall for the guy since I hardly ever looked at men anymore. I had decided a long time ago that a relationship wasn’t possible at this time, so why torture myself?

He must have sensed my gaze because he glanced up and our eyes connected. My stomach dipped and twisted, all the angst of that moment tying me up in knots. I couldn’t get a read on his reaction to me. 

He just stared and then turned away as if…nothing. As if he were thinking about absolutely nothing that concerned me.  

One of the men from the film crew glanced at me and cleared his throat. “Good morning. I’m Brad, the director of this project, and you’re here for a five-minute audition for ‘Who wants to date a billionaire?’” He said it so fast it sounded like a memorized line he spouted to each woman who walked through the room. “We’re ready, so please take a seat.”

I swallowed and forced myself to move forward, but I couldn’t look at Drake for fear that I would start freaking out the closer I got. I took a steadying breath and reminded myself that it didn’t matter how good-looking he was. A man’s character was more important, and I refused to be that shallow person who only cared about someone’s appearance. He was way out of my league, so it was doubtful the producers would choose me, anyway. Abby and I had seen hordes of beautiful women while we’d waited in line, and most were probably used to being on camera. I figured it was safe to assume my audition wouldn’t go anywhere. 

I finally made it to the chair and sat down, and the moment I did, my heart began to pound so hard it felt like I was having a fight-or-flight response. We were sitting very close to each other. Way too close for my comfort. Most likely because the crew needed to film us on the same screen. Or manufacture a more intimate conversation. 

Whatever the reason, none of that mattered. It was making it hard to breathe, and I felt like I was about to suffocate from not getting enough air. 

Drake glanced away as if bored, discretely checking his watch, and I suddenly realized his response was the opposite of mine. My presence completely underwhelmed him. 

Nothing about me brought about the tiniest spark in his gaze. 

I sensed his indifference. 

He wanted to be somewhere else, and he was mentally checking out.

It made me a little sad.

But then it gave me courage. 

If he didn’t care, then neither should I. 

I could get through this audition without worrying that I had to impress him because clearly, he wasn’t impressed. At all.

I’d never been one to back down from a challenge or let any man intimidate me, much less some guy on a cheesy dating show. I sat up straighter, squared my shoulders, and lifted my chin a little higher. Let’s do this.

Brad cleared his throat again. “Please state your name.”

“Karlie Spencer.”

He nodded and checked something off on a clipboard. “Karlie, this is Drake Arnold.” 

Drake shook my hand and mumbled, “Nice to meet you,” but he wasn’t truly looking at me. He was looking past me or around me, but I wouldn’t say he saw me. I understood that he had a lot of sessions to get through, and it was probably tiring, but he could have tried to be friendlier. At least show respect for someone who had been waiting for hours to talk with him.

Brad walked over and held out a bucket with tiny strips of paper in it. “Please take two questions.” When I hesitated, he seemed slightly impatient. “Quickly. Don’t look. Just pull them out.”

I did as he requested, and then he handed the bucket to Drake so he could take out two pieces as well. 

“Karlie, I’m going to count backward, and when I say, ‘You’re on,’ you’ll introduce yourself, and then Drake will ask the first question. Got it?”

I nodded. “Yes.”

“Five, four, three, two, one. You’re on.” 

What happened next nearly floored me. Bored, tired, Mr. Arnold lit up and turned to me with a smile on his face as if he actually cared. 

Surprised by the change in demeanor, which was only because he was on camera, I hesitated for a long moment. And then I let out a breath. “Hello, I’m Karlie.”

He brightened even more as if truly interested, but I knew better. “It’s an honor to meet you, Karlie. Shall we get started?”

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