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Killer Hooks by Betty Hechtman My Review Great Escapes Book Tour


About the book 

When a baby girl is dropped off on Molly Pink’s doorstep, her life is thrown into disarray as she is putting together a troublesome author event at the bookstore where she works.

The author is a demanding former Hollywood columnist whose book is filled with upbeat stories, but who wants to promote a true crime podcast she is about to launch based on the dark side of what she left out of her columns.

At the same time, Molly’s son has asked her to investigate a potential investor in his production company. The baby, who happens to be Molly’s estranged granddaughter offers her an opening into an elite mommy group, a member of which is the wife of the person Molly is to investigate.

When the columnist dies suddenly, Molly finds herself in the crosshairs of an unfamiliar detective who considers her the prime suspect. Molly recruits the help of the Tarzana Hookers to help with all.

And I thought 

First how did I miss book 1-14? 

Iove a good Cozy Mystery. 

I love one with a dog or two running the show. 

I love to crochet. 

And that cover!  It just beckons.

 It did it's job of luring me in.  I sure would pick this one up and add to my cart! 

So how did I miss the previous books? Who knows. 

I am just glad author Betty Hecthmann chose to tour with Great Escapes. 

Second I didn't really read the blub till I received my copy. 

And wow I had to read it slow cuz my head was spinning! 

 The main character Molly has her hands full.  

And she handles it all with ease.  

When she needs a little help once things get more out of control  she gets her crochet buddies to help. 

I loved the plot. 

I really enjoyed the characters. 

And the house full of dogs. 

The cats played thier roles. 

I liked the dogs better. 

I don't love I missed 1-14.  

But now I have plenty to read.  I'll be talkin' to Santa! 

I received a complimentary copy. 

I willpost a review on Amazon and Good Reads. 

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Upcoming Release The Dowagger'S Button by Lauara Domino


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About the book  

Friendzoned for life, Drew must help Sofia see how right they are for each other.

Drew, a billionaire’s son, comes home to reconnect. When his best friend’s apartment is more welcoming than his mom’s house, he reconnects with the family he practically grew up with. The only problem is, after five years away, he seems to be falling for his best friend’s sister.

Sofia, a seamstress at the local bridal shop, keeps Drew’s career change secret from her brother at Drew’s request. As she encourages him in his career and in his relationship with his mom, she feels the spark of love. However, she must protect her heart since she knows he’s only in town for a little while.

How can she trust him when their worlds are so different? How will Drew show Sofia how important she is to him?

Buy now to find out if Sofia has the courage to explore the opportunity for true love? 

The  series 

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Rudolph Day -Christmas Books New & Old


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Cozy New Releases


A Furry Little Christmas

 by Laurien Berenson 

Just in time for the holidays—and the perfect stocking stuffer for the mystery lover in your life—two Melanie Travis mysteries, Wagging Through The Snow and Here Comes Santa Paws, are collected in one trade paperback volume! 

Available on Amazon 

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Bake, Batter, and Roll

 by Catherine Bruns 

Senior Moments, the popular reality TV dating show featuring the aged sixty-five and older, has come to Colwestern, New York, giving the mature community a chance to find their soulmate. In an attempt to keep peace with the cranky and cantankerous Nicoletta Gavelli, Sal’s Grandma Rosa agrees to become a contestant along with Mrs. Gavelli on the TV show. But things take an even weirder turn when the show’s host, Smiley Jones, is found dead in Sal’s bakery, beaten to death with her rolling pin.   

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Having a Fudgy Christmas Time

 by Nancy Coco 

Carol is looking forward to finishing plans for the Mackinac Island Senior Center Christmas Ball. But when she arrives at the center, she finds the door jimmied open and a dead man inside. The victim is a local senior who seems to have been sleeping in the center at night—but why? Although she promises Officer Rex Manning not to involve her book club in solving the mystery, Carol finds a way to fudge around that. 

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Death by Peppermint Cappucino 

by Alex Erickson 

Christmas has come to Pine Hills, and Krissy’s blooming relationship with Officer Paul Dalton has her in an especially festive mood. The café’s new seasonal signature drink is a hit too. But not everyone shares the same holiday spirit. There are some loud complaints about businesses profiting off the season and losing focus on what Christmas is really about. And as if on cue, a shop owner who’d been price-gouging his customers is found dead after receiving a mysterious gift 

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Murder In An Italian Village

 by Michael Falco 

On the surface, Bria’s Mediterranean life radiates beauty—the kind her late husband, Carlo, dreamed about when he concocted the romantic idea to start a bed and breakfast on the breathtaking Amalfi Coast. With the grand opening of Bella Bella approaching six months after Carlo’s tragic death, Bria and her eight-year-old son Marco brace for a bittersweet new beginning by the sea .  

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Killer Hooks

 by Betty Hechtman

There’s never a dull moment for amateur sleuth Molly Pink. Without warning, her infant granddaughter has been dumped in her lap for babysitting duties, her son has reluctantly enlisted her help investigating a potential investor in his business, and now she has to manage a high-profile bookstore event for a former Hollywood columnist who’s dishing the dirt in a juicy tell-all. And when the author collapses and dies in the store just as she’s about to reveal an incriminating tidbit, the police suspect foul play and zero in on Molly as the likely culprit. 

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Christmas Mittens Murder 

by Lee Hollis, 

Lynn Cahoon, 

Maddie Day

Lee Hollis headlines a new Christmas collection alongside New York Times bestselling author Lynn Cahoon and Agatha Award-winning author Maddie Day, with three cozy mysteries featuring handknit mittens made for murder. Death Of A Christmas Mitten Knitter by Lee Hollis, Two Christmas Mittens by Lynn Cahoon, Murderous Mittens by Maddie Day. 

Available on Amazon 

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Death by Egg Nog 

by Lee Hollis 

Food and cocktails columnist Hayley Powell has never cared much for Bar Harbor’s grouchy town librarian, Agatha Farnsworth. But that doesn’t mean she wishes this Christmas would be her last! Previously published in Eggnog Murder.  

Available on Amazon 


Hanging By A Thread 

by Dorothy Howell 

Some of the independent shops in this sleepy town are barely hanging on financially—and that includes Sarah’s Sweets, Abbey’s aunt’s bakery. The shop’s advantage—aside from the deliciousness of its products—is the fact that it’s the only bakery in the area. But it looks like that’s about to change. The second wife of a wealthy businessman wants her own bakery—and money is no object. 

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Mrs. Claus And The Trouble With Turkeys

 by Liz Ireland 

At Castle Kringle, the elves are excitedly arranging their first ever Thanksgiving day feast. April’s husband, Nick—the real Santa—has some misgivings, since it’s tough to get ready for Christmas when everyone is obsessed with helium balloons and pie recipes. Chaos erupts when Gobbles, the live turkey imported for the castle feast, is bird-napped. That crime is quickly overshadowed at a pre-Thanksgiving potluck when Nick’s cousin, Elspeth, face-plants into her mashed potatoes—

Available on Amazon 

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Nightmare on Elf Street

 by Laura Levine 

Aside from the mortifying costume, how bad can a gig as a mall Santa’s elf be? Jaine Austen finds out when she’s teamed up with the Santa from Hell. But things go from bad to worse when he’s found murdered on the job—and Jaine is a suspect. Now all she wants for Christmas is to find the real killer . . . Previously published in Secret Santa. 

Available on Amazon 


The Dangers of Candy Canes 

by Laura Levine 

When a wealthy suburbanite takes a lethal tumble off his roof while installing a giant candy cane, the roofing contractor being held responsible for murder asks freelance writer Jaine Austen to investigate. But solving this untimely holiday death means delving into the cutthroat Christmas decorating wars among scheming neighbors with dirty secrets in their stockings. It takes a fruitcake hiding a weapon and a stunning confrontation to expose the mastermind of this holiday murder.  

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Candy Canes of Christmas Past

 by Leslie Meier 

Twenty-some years ago, Lucy Stone arrived in Tinker Cove, Maine, and discovered her knack for solving mysteries. It happened when she met Miss Tilly, the town librarian, whose mother took a fatal fall down the basement stairs one Christmas Eve. The “accident” left a cloud of suspicion on Miss Tilly’s father—and a slew of other suspects . . . 

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Case of the Bleus

 by Korina Moss 

Cheesemongers from across the Northwest have come to the Sonoma Valley for the Northwest Cheese Invitational. As owner of the local cheese shop, Curds & Whey, Willa Bauer loves it. The event showcases custom cheese creations, and it’s the perfect time to gather with old colleagues to honor her former boss, the late and grate cheese legend, Max Dumas. He was famous for journeying into the wild bleu yonder to where he aged his award-winning custom Church Bleu. Only Max knew the recipe and location to his beloved cheese, and many are eager to have these revealed at his will reading. 

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Murder Under the Mistletoe

 by Erica Ruth Neubauer 

Northern England, 1926: Surprised by her eager acceptance of Redvers’ proposal, Jane is ready to spend the festive season deciphering the mysterious man she agreed to marry, while surviving scrutiny from the icy Dibble clan at their snow-dusted manor. But all attention shifts to the announcement of upcoming nuptials between the humorless Evelyn Hesse and the man who will become Jane’s father-in-law. 

Available on Amazon 

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Murder At The Merton Library

 by Andrea Penrose 

Responding to an urgent plea from a troubled family friend, the Earl of Wrexford journeys to Oxford only to find the reclusive university librarian has been murdered and a rare manuscript has gone missing. The only clue is that someone overheard an argument in which Wrexford’s name was mentioned. 

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Now You See it 

by Carol J. Perry 

Just married, Lee and her husband, Detective Sergeant Pete Mondello, are settling into their new home when Lee is dubbed WICH-TV’s new “Historical Documentary Chief Executive.” Her first subject is the brand-new Salem International Museum, slated to be a location for traveling blockbuster exhibits, starting with “Seafaring New England.” From research to collecting artifacts of Salem’s long-ago days as a shipping capital, the project is a challenge—but when the driver of a truckload of antiquities turns up dead under a pile of fall leaves, it’s not quite the kind of challenge Lee expected . .   

Available on Amazon 

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Genie and the Ghost 

by Carmen Radtke 

New York jewelry designer Genie Darling has returned to her childhood home in quaint Cobblewood Cove for one reason only: to sort through generations of old family heirlooms and hand anything of historical interest over to the local museum. But after a failed mugging attempt, and the appearance of a beautiful but ghostly young stranger in a vintage evening dress, Genie realizes there’s something suspicious – and spooky

Available on Amazon 

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Reading Writing and Murder Great Escapes Tour Rebiew & Giveaway

September 19 – My Reading Journeys – REVIEW


About the book 
At the writers’ conference, murder tops the program.

Aspiring mystery author Emma Banefield and travel writer Nicole Earp are excited to attend a writers’ conference during their latest sisters’ getaway. Nic’s birthday should be all about relaxation, writing, and a chocolate martini to toast another trip around the sun, but the climate at the gathering rumbles like a sudden desert thunderstorm.

When sparks fly between the keynote speaker and her timid assistant over a handsome mystery author, the subtitle on this anticipated tranquil weekend spells drama. If a heated love triangle, bruised egos, and betrayal aren’t enough to upset the atmosphere, the conference banquet erupts into a drunken brawl and sends the place spinning. After a body is discovered, Nic and Em do what they do best—snoop—and become embroiled in a mystery that jumps off the pages of a true-crime bestseller.

With more than enough suspects and little time, the amateur sleuths have their hands full finding the killer. But can the competitive Chocolate Martini Sisters solve the crime before the prickly chief detective does, or will a murderer outwit them all?

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And I thought 
I was intrigued.   I loved the setting. Mainly because I would love to go a writers retreat or conference and meet and hob nob with some my  favorite people.  

I am glad that the authors chose to tour with Lori and Great Escapes Book Tours.  

I also like getting into a series early.  

It is easy to catch on to the main characters and get to know them.  

I could  see my sister and I as Nic and Em. 

I enjoyed this book.   

I was interested in book 1.  And I noticed that the plot revolved around Em's birthday. 

So I am curious how the authors will see up a future mystery. 

I hope to be have time to read book 1. 

I received a complimentary copy. 
My review will be appear on Amazon and Good Reads. 

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Matterhorn. The Saint Bernard Chracter Guest Post Have Yourself A Deadly Little Christmas by Vicki Delaney Great Escapes Book Tour

 September 18 – My Reading Journeys – CHARACTER GUEST POST

Matterhorn, the Saint Bernard

By Vicki Delany

It’s happened again. I can’t believe it.

Once again, someone is being murdered in Mrs. Claus’s Treasures, the décor and gift shop I own along with Merry Wilkinson.

And, once again, there’s nothing I can do about it as I’m trapped in this office in the back of the store. Unfortunately, I don’t have opposable thumbs, so I can’t get the door open even though I can hear what’s going on.

Merry, she of the limited intelligence and even more limited hearing and sense of smell, is happily filling my water bowl and tiding up the office. While someone is being murdered a few feet away!

Humans. I mean, really, what use are they? Except to use those opposable thumbs to open doors, fill water bowls, and open cans of dog food.

My name is Matterhorn, although most people call me Mattie. I’m a proud Saint Bernard. No, I am not a pony, and no your spoiled brats can not ride me.

I am a dog. Once upon a time my ancestors proudly protected the snowy passes of the Alps, helping save travelers lost in sudden mountain storms on impassable trails. We carried life-saving brandy and used our own great bulk to keep people warm and alive. Now, I understand, they carry phones and reply on GPS to find their way. Ha. As if a phone will keep them warm or pour fiery liquid down their throat.

But, I digress. I’m not complaining. Much. Generally, I enjoy my life with Merry. Like most of my kind, I don’t need a lot of activity and stimulation. I take life as I find it. Although I have to admit I hate those hot, humid Upstate New York summers. Give me winter and the colder the better.

Living in America’s Christmas Town (as they hope to be known) suits me. I get lots of nap time in the office of Mrs. Claus’s Treasures, pleasant walks to and from work and along the lakeside path with Merry every day. The occasional play time with Ranger, Alan’s Jack Russell. (Believe me, when it comes to a Jack Russell, occasional is more than enough, thank you).

I even help Merry bring down a criminal now and again. When I can get out the door.

Yes, life is good.

Find out if Merry discovers someone dead in her own shop in HAVE YOURSELF A DEADLY LITTLE CHRISTMAS, the sixth Year-Round Christmas mystery by Vicki Delany, from Crooked Lane Books 

ABOUT THE BOOK: It’s the beginning of December in Rudolph, New York, America's Christmas Town, and business is brisk at Mrs. Claus’s Treasures, a gift and décor shop owned by Merry Wilkinson. The local amateur dramatic society is intensely preparing a special musical production of A Christmas Carol. But it’s not a happy set, as rivalries between cast and crew threaten the production.

Tensions come to a head when a member of the group is found dead shortly after a shopping excursion to Mrs. Claus's Treasures. Was someone looking to cut out the competition? Everyone in the cast and crew is a potential suspect, including Aline, Merry’s mother, and Merry's shop assistant Jackie O'Reilly, who was desperate for a starring role.

It could be curtains for Christmas—and for Merry—unless the killer can be ferreted out of the wings.  

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Sunday, September 17, 2023

BOOK Spotlight Have Yourself A Deadly Little Christmas by Vicki Delany-Character Guest Post-Great Escapes Book Tour

 September 18 – My Reading Journeys 

It’s the beginning of December in Rudolph, New York, America's Christmas Town, and business is brisk at Mrs. Claus’s Treasures, a gift and décor shop owned by Merry Wilkinson. The local amateur dramatic society is intensely preparing a special musical production of A Christmas Carol. But it’s not a happy set, as rivalries between cast and crew threaten the production.

Tensions come to a head when a member of the group is found dead shortly after a shopping excursion to Mrs. Claus's Treasures. Was someone looking to cut out the competition? Everyone in the cast and crew is a potential suspect, including Aline, Merry’s mother, and Merry's shop assistant Jackie O'Reilly, who was desperate for a starring role.

It could be curtains for Christmas—and for Merry—unless the killer can be ferreted out of the wings.  

Reviews from the book tour 
I highly recommend Have Yourself a Deadly Little Christmas because it’s got a variety of well-written characters, a cozy Christmas town, and a puzzling mystery!
~Christy’s Cozy Corners

Have Yourself A Deadly Little Christmas is a delightful story filled with engaging characters, a Christmas miracle moment or two, and a merry little mystery. It will be so nice to visit America’s Christmas Town again next year. A great tradition.
~Escape With Dollycas Into A Good Book

In Have Yourself a Deadly Little Christmas, Vicki Delany takes readers back to the charming town of Rudolph with a plot fraught with drama – and not just at the theater! I look forward to my next visit on the pages of another Year-Round Christmas Mystery!
~Reading is my Superpower

I recommend this book (and series!) for fans of cozy mysteries, and especially anyone who enjoys a small town or holiday setting.
~View from the Birdhouse

Four stars! Have Yourself a Deadly Little Christmas by Vicki Delany is a wonderfully written mystery that kept me guessing. I highly recommend this book and the series to all. It is a fantastic mystery set in the time before Christmas.
~Baroness’ Book Trove

I really liked this Christmas cozy that can be enjoyed year-round, all the laughs and being in a Christmas town. I give this book a four out of five stars.

A Christmas murder with theatrical flair, HAVE YOURSELF A DEADLY LITTLE CHRISTMAS is a holiday treat good year-round.
~Cozy Up With Kathy

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