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Suddenly Engaged Book Spotlight and Giveaway


About the book (provided by Tasty Tours)
Single mother Kyra Kokinos spends her days waiting tables, her nights working on her real estate license, and every spare moment with her precocious six-year-old daughter, Ruby—especially when Ruby won’t stop pestering their grumpy next-door neighbor. At first glance, Dax Bishop seems like the kind of gruff, solitary guy who’d be unlikely to offer a cup of sugar, let alone a marriage proposal. But that’s exactly what happens when Ruby needs life-saving surgery.
Dax showed up in East Beach a year ago, fresh from a painful divorce and looking for a place where he could make furniture and avoid people. Suddenly his life is invaded by an inquisitive munchkin in sparkly cowboy boots—and her frazzled, too-tempting mother. So he presents a practical plan: his insurance will help Ruby, and then they can divorce—zero strings attached.
But soon Kyra and Dax find their engagement of convenience is simple in name only. As their attraction deepens, a figure from the past reappears, offering a way out. Can Kyra and Dax let go so easily—or has love become a preexisting condition?
334 Pgs. |Heat: 3 | Series Info
Montlake Romance| Rel: July 25, 2017
Read an excerpt
Seven years later
Leave it to a female to think the rules did not apply to her.
The little heathen from next door was crawling under the split-rail fence that separated the cottages again. Dax, who already had been feeling pretty damn grumpy going on a year now, wondered why she didn’t just go over the fence. She was big enough. It was almost as if she wanted the mud on her dress and her knees, to drag the ends of her dark red ponytails through the muck.
She crawled under, stood up, and knocked the caked mud off her knees. She stomped her pink, sparkly cowboy boots—never had he seen a more impractical shoe—to make them light up, as she liked to do, hopping around her porch several times a day.
Then she started for cottage Number Two, arms swinging, stride long.
Dax watched her from inside his kitchen, annoyed. It had started a week ago, when she’d climbed on the bottom railing of the fence, leaned over it, and shouted, “I like your dog!”
He’d ignored her.
Two days ago he’d asked her, fairly politely, not to give any more cheese to his dog, Otto. That little stunt of hers had resulted in a very long and malodorous night between man and beast.
Yesterday he’d commanded her to stay on her side of the fence.
But here the little monster came, apparently neither impressed with him nor intimidated by his warnings.
Well, Dax had had enough with that family, or whatever the situation was next door. And the enormous pickup truck that showed up at seven a.m. and idled in the drive just outside his bedroom window. Those people were exactly what was wrong with America—people doing whatever they wanted without regard for anyone else, letting their kids run wild, coming and going at all hours of the day.

He walked to the back screen door and opened it. He’d installed a dog door, but Otto refused to use it. No, Otto was a precious buttercup of a dog that liked to have his doors opened for him, and he assumed that anytime his master neared the door, Dax was opening it for him. He assumed so now, stepping in front of Dax—pausing to stretch after his snoring nap—before sauntering out and down the back porch steps to sniff something at the bottom.

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Book Review & Giveaway- Killer Party by Lynn Cahoon

About the book
After a few months of living with her boyfriend Greg, Jill is still getting used to sharing such close quarters, but she’s got no hesitation about joining him for a weekend at South Cove’s most luxurious resort. While Greg and his college pals celebrate their buddy’s upcoming wedding, Jill intends to pamper herself in style. But when the groom is found floating facedown in the pool, Jill must find the killer fast, or she might not have a boyfriend to come home to any more . . .
And I thought
A good cozy mystery.  Although Killer Party is book 9 of the Tourist Trap Mystery series the reader can enjoy this installment without having read any of the other offerings in the series.  
I didn't feel lost because the plot stood on it's own.  But I think I could have enjoy it more had a I had a relationship with the characters. 
I enjoyed Greg and Jill but they had left over baggage that affected the present that made me feel 'left out'.  I couldn't quite figure them out. 
When Greg's friend is killed there is no lacking of suspects.  
Jill even begins to wonder what is going on with Greg when he begins acting suspiciously. 
Overall.  This was a fun read that just might keep you with 
questions to the very end. 

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Cat About Town by Cate Conte-Book Review with Giveaway

About the book (provided by Great Escapes Tours)
The first novel in a frisky new mystery series set in a small New England town, where an unlikely citizen is called in to solve the purrfect crime. . .
Maddie James has arrived in Daybreak Island, just off the coast of Massachusetts, eager to settle down and start her own business—and maybe even fall in love. When a stray orange tabby pounces into her life, she’s inspired to open a cat cafĂ©. But little does Maddie know that she’s in for something a lot more catastrophic when her new furry companion finds the dead body of the town bully. Now all eyes are on Maddie: Who is this crazy cat-whisperer lady who’s come to town? If pet-hair-maintenance and crime-fighting weren’t keeping her busy enough, Maddie now has not one but two eligible bachelors who think she’s the cat’s pajamas . . . and will do anything to win her heart. But how can she even think about happily-ever-after while a killer remains on the loose—and on her path?
And I thought 
A delight from the cover!  The cover just drew this reader in.
A great first book for a new series worth curling up with!
Cat About Town the book/story line was as charming as the 
quaint little island town where it takes place. 
The characters were charming.  
Maddie is a likeable character even though she ends up being a suspect.  It's tough being new in town when dead bodies appear 
and all eyes are turned to you!
It's even tougher when your juggling two potential boyfriends and a cat that has adopted you!  
I enjoyed Cat About Town.  If your a fan of cozy mysteries 
with some hum and romance thrown in you'll become a fan of the
Cat Cafe series.  
Doesn't that cover just get you?

I can't wait for book 2!

I received a complimentary copy from Great Escapes Tours.
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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

The Detecting Duchess-Book Review and Giveaway

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About the book (provided by Great Escapes Tours)
The only thing standing between Georgia and her fairy-tale wedding is a murder. Or two.
When a young woman pleads for help from Georgia Fenchurch in locating a missing Crown investigator, Georgia resists. Her wedding is only a week away. Before she can say no, she’s knocked to the ground by an assailant attempting to kill the young woman.
Georgia now feels she must help. She soon finds herself up to her wedding veil in stolen treasure and coded letters. With the Dukis  of Blackford’s help, Georgia follows a trail of missing men and dead bodies. Every victim had one thing in common – a desire to possess a fortune in gold.
In between the society balls and social calls of late Victorian London, Georgia works on her last case before the big day. Will she stop a ruthless killer in time? Or will Georgia find getting to the altar on time is going to be murder?
And I thought 
I was delighted to be offered The Detecting Duchess to read for this review. 
Books that take place in the Victorian era or Historical books are not normally ones that I read.  
I like to have the chance to read something different.
I liked the name of the series A Victorian Book Shop series was intriguing to me.  
Although The Detecting Duchess is book 5 I didn't feel lost not having read the previous books.  I would like to see more following.  
The story is captivating and filled with twist and turns keeping the reading struggling to figure out the mystery. 
I am looking forward to reading more in the series.  

I received a complimentary copy from the author and 
Great Escapes Tours.

Book available at
Amazon  B&N

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Monday, July 24, 2017

A Game Of Deceit by K. A. Davis-Book Review

About the book
A father’s disappearance never solved, a mother’s secret taken to the grave, a daughter deceived…
Kathryn Landry thinks her life is just about perfect. She is the owner of a successful interior designer business in Newport Beach, California, and she has an attentive, supportive husband. But her world comes crashing down when her husband, Neil Landry, vanishes without a trace… in a situation almost identical to the disappearance of her father twenty years before.
With her father’s disappearance still a mystery, Kathryn is skeptical that the detective assigned to her case will be able to find her husband. Determined to uncover the truth, Kathryn is plunged into a world of politics, high-priced call girls and wealth. As she begins to search for her husband, a decades-old secret her mother took to the grave threatens to destroy all she holds dear. Caught up in a web of betrayals and deceit, and not knowing who to trust, Kathryn must find a way to survive as she discovers the past has a way of repeating itself.
Does the book contain: only mild language and no graphic sex
And I thought
Honestly I was more than pleasantly surprised.  I really enjoyed this book.  I don't give 5 stars often.  A Game of Deceit deserves my 5 stars. 
I really don't know what I was expecting.  I guess I kind of didn't think it would fall into the Cozy category.   The cover took me closer to a suspense/thriller. 
I learned you can't judge a book by it's cover.
This was a great read.  From the beginning I was drawn in and captivated by the characters and the story.  
I caught myself rooting for a new love interest for Kathryn.  Should she end up with the cop or the client?

No giveaways here.  You have to read it!

This book is described as a standalone.  And nothing about a series is mentioned.  

Leads me to question if there is a 2nd book in the works.  The epilogue leads me to suspect that Kathryn, the detective, her client and new partner will appear in another book as there was a bit of a cliff hanger in the epilogue. 

The story did end with all the mystery solved along with a twist that I didn't expect!  

This was a good clean book.  Very mild language.  There was a bedroom scene in the very beginning. 

The author included recipes at the end. 

I enjoyed A Game of Deceit and I hope to see more.

The author has pledged to dedicate 10% of sales to 
Retts Syndrome.  Click here for info.

I received a complimentary copy from The Review Crew.

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About the author
The author has pledged to dedicate 10% of sales to 
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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Book Review-Dark Deception by Nancy Mehl

Image result for dark deception nancy mehl

About the book 
A serial killer attacks Kate O’Brien and her twin sister. Kate survived and was able to draw a clear picture of the attacker which convicted the suspect. She has been in witness protection for her own safety, until she is subpoenaed to testify in a new trial and requests Deputy U.S. Marshal Tony DeLuca escort her. A new development in the case puts Kate at risk again.  Tony must keep her away from the trial before anyone else gets attacked. 

And I thought 
This is the kind of book I really enjoy.  Give me a good clean thriller with just a touch of romance and I happily intrigued for a few hours.  I tend to read this kind of book without putting it down.  
Dark Deception is book 2 in the Defenders of Justice series. 
Book 1 is a totally different book.  Each is stand alone.  I did 
not read book 1 but the synopsis doesn't read like the characters cross over.  
Dark Deception was indeed a keep you on the edge of your set 
twisty turvey story.  It had a very complex storyline that I didn't expect.  It's not a story with lots of suspects to wade through 
to discover the real villain.  It is a story filled with multiple villains.  Frankly I was a bit confused.  
The main characters Tony and Kate were likeable. 
There is a death toll.  A few of the villains are 'taken out'.  Kate's 
coworker meets her end as well.  
There are no graphic violent scenes, no language and romantic scenes.  
If your a lover of Christian thrillers this is one for you. 
For the person just wanting a good clean book you'll enjoy it too.
It is not overly proselytizing.  
It's just a good clean thrilling ride. 

I received a complimentary copy from the publisher. 
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The Book is available

Book Review-Across Borders by Lee Ducote

In this story of protecting others on the border and the heartache of relationships you will find yourself in the lives of those who have sworn to uImage result for lolas blog toursphole law, no matter the cost.

Across Borders

About the book (provided by Lola's Book Tours)
In Across Borders, Lawson Caine, a seasoned Border Patrol agent, is stationed in Presidio Texas with legendary lawman Capt. James Garrett. Lawson, who is from a long linage of lawmen, has gained the respect and reverence from his team, Dale Chanson, Terry Bennet, and the crazy member, Alex Sweeny.
Lawson never expected anything to come between his dedication with the Border Patrol and his brotherhood with Sweeny until he meets local pharmacy owner, Lia Gonzales. Against her father’s wishes Lia continues to see Lawson not realizing the inevitable consequences.
In this story of protecting others on the border and the heartache of relationships you will find yourself in the lives of those who have sworn to uphold the law, no matter the cost.
And I thought
I was only a few pages in and two things crossed my mind
  1. I am gonna love this
  2. Someone is gonna die and I won't like it

I was right on both thoughts.  
This was a super fast pace thrilling road across the dusty roads of Texas and Mexico. 
I immediately feel in love with all the characters.  Back to those first thoughts.  I knew one of them wasn't gonna make it to the end.  A very small part of me didn't want to find out who.  But another 
part the bigger part didn't want the story to end.  
Even at the very end I wished that there was more.  

The subject/plot of the book is about Texas Border Agents fight against immigrants and the despicable Coyote's that prey on the poor people that are trying, praying and willing to do anything  for a better.
About 3/4's in the is a part that describes a ritual that the Coyote's
perform.  It is graphic in nature.  But the subject is unsettling because it is true and really happens.

There is way more to this plot/story than the fight to control the borders. 

There is a reverence and respect to God that I was not expecting.
Although the main character Lawson and a few his buddies played basketball on Sunday instead of going to church. (until a couple of girls 'lured"them into the services) And didn't really have much of a practising faith their Captain 'Cap' who considered the 5 men on his 'team' encouraged them.  

This underlying theme made the book even that much more appealing to me.     I love suspense.  I love thrillers.  And I love romance.  Across Borders was much more than I expected it was a story filled with suspense and romance and was just a great book to read.  
The best party?  The good guys win.

The publisher places Across Borders in the  categories of Fiction/Thriller/Crime. The book is available at online retailers.

I would like to see the book available also at CBC and at christian book retailers as well. 

I received a complimentary copy from Lola's Blog Tours.
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This review will appear on My Journey Back-The Journey Back

Not convinced...the publisher provided and excerpt here.
B&N provided and excerpt here.

Across Borders Amazon Books   Across Borders Barnes and Noble Books    Across Borders Book Depository

Image result for lolas blog tours

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Calamity at the Continental Club-Review-Author Interview-Giveaway

About the book (provided by Great Escapes Tours)
The Mayflower Society is about to hold its annual meeting at Washington D.C.’s swanky gathering place for the elite, the Continental Club. That means Kit Marshall’s upper-crust future in-laws, Buffy and Winston Hollingsworth, are coming for a visit. Annoyed that Kit has not set a date to marry Doug, Buffy wants her to commit to a high society wedding at the club. Kit, though chief of staff for a congresswoman, feels uncomfortable with Buffy and Winston’s crowd.
Kit receives an unexpected reprieve in the form of murder. En route to her morning jog, she encounters the corpse of the leader of the Mayflower Society, conservative multimedia tycoon Grayson Bancroft. On the security cameras, no one was seen entering or leaving the club, which means the culprit had to be an overnight guest. Little love was lost on Bancroft, but the police have their prime suspect: Doug’s father.
Buffy and Winston, formerly disdainful of Kit’s sleuthing, urge her to investigate. With her future in-laws’ freedom and reputations at stake, Kit sets out once again to solve a murder mystery, this time aided by her fiancĂ© Doug in addition to her friends Meg and Trevor and her dog Clarence. Her search for clues will take her from the club to the Smithsonian Museum, the National Archives, and Mount Vernon.
Book 3 of the Washington Whodunit series, which began with Stabbing in the Senate and continued with Homicide in the House.
Available . . .   Amazon  B&N
And I thought. . . I wasn't quite sure what to expect about this book.  The cover just didn't 'get me'.  The title and the synopsis was intriguing.  I was surprised.  The story 'got me'.
I totally enjoyed Calamity at the Continental Club it was a well written 'who dun it'.  As with most cozy mysteries this story took place in just a matter of days.   
The author takes the reader on a fast ride through the streets of D.C. and visiting some of our nations most historical treasures.
Kit and her friends got right to it to solve the murder.  That ended up being 2 murders!  Just when they thought they had the culprit everything went awry and they were back to digging/sleuthing again!  
Kit solicited Meg her bestie and co-worker (who was dog sitting and holding down the fort at work for Kit while she was weekending it up at the swanky Continental Club).
Kit was also quick to solicit Trevor an x-coworker turned writer to follow along with her on club excursions to 'interview' the suspects.  
In the beginning I suspected that the soon to be in laws especially Buffy the MIL would cause problems between Kit and Doug.  But I was surprised to see that instead of being obnoxious they helped in the investigation.  
I have not read previous titles in the series.  But I suspect that all the characters are part of the series and will become more important as time goes on.  (The new reader to the series need not worry about jumping in at book 3.  This is a stand alone story.) 
One last important player was Kit and Doug's slightly spoiled and mischievous dog Clarence.  He reminded me of another K-9 that helps his people solve crimes.  Without realizing it Clarence played a huge part in helping Kit figure out 'Who Dun It'.                                                                            
And all's well that ends well when the culprit is discovered. 
If your a fan of good, clean cozy mysteries you'll enjoy this series.   
This reader is patiently waiting and looking forward to the next installment in  The Washington WhoDunIt series.
I received a complimentary copy provided to me by    Great Escapes Tours. 
This review will appear on all retail sites where available and on Good Reads.  
As part of the Great Escapes Tour I had the opportunity to interview the author. Sometimes a character jumps off the page and just begs to have a chat. Today I am welcoming Kit and Clarence along with Colleen . . .
Coffee With A Character/Author
Hello and welcome to the blog!  Thank you for bringing Clarence along.  I know he is tired from helping you and making those Trailers.  

 I do hope you have one in the works for Calamity.  Is that why he is so tired today?

Clarence is tired from chasing rabbits and squirrels during the summertime. He's a busy puppy during these months.

Before we get too in to Calamity can you tell us what time period the story takes place?
"Calamity" takes place in the present day. However, the Continental Club mansion, the setting for much of the mystery, is quite old. Hence the appearance on the cover of the book. 

You are one busy girl.  It seems everywhere you turn there is murder a foot!  
It’s a good thing you have a good dog to keep you safe and help you sleuth.  

Yes, I'm lucky to have Clarence and my good friends. I needed all of them to help me solve the murders at the Continental Club.

 I am wondering Kit what it’s like with Colleen to tell your stories?
It's really convenient to have someone with a similar background as me to tell my stories, so I appreciate it.

We’d love to hear a little about the Calamity.  
After getting engaged to my boyfriend Doug, I thought my biggest challenge was navigating my in-laws and their keen interest in our upcoming wedding. Unfortunately, I discovered a dead body at the Continental Club, an upscale social club in Washington, DC. My father-in-law is the prime suspect for the murder, so I came to rescue to find the real killer and clear his name.

Wow what a way to get to know the in-laws!      

This one for Colleen I love Buffy’s name fits her perfectly but I am wondering did you preview any other names?
No, I like the name Buffy. I'm a big fan of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and I waited for the right character to use the name.

 You take the reader on quite the tour of D.C. while searching out clues. 
 Can you tell the reader that’s never visited your favorite tourist stop?
The Library of Congress, of course!

Maybe best restaurant?  
Oceanaire or Fiola Mare

 Do you ever get out of Washington?  If you could go anywhere in the world to relax after a long investigation where would you go and who would you take?
Italy is a favorite. Clarence has never been there but I know he'd love the food!

I have to ask and I know that the readers have the same questions….
 Did you get to the alter?
Not in the traditional sense. You need to read to the end of the book to find out!

Do you think maybe we could sneak into the Continental Club for a little 
tour?  Maybe a little lunch. . .Do you think we can sneak Clarence in?

I highly recommend the brunch. Those airy biscuits are to die for! Well, not literally.

 I’m so glad you came by!  Best wishes on the book tour.  Let’s go have lunch!

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