Saturday, September 29, 2018

Have A Good Day-This/That

.  Good Morning, Enjoy your Saturday, God Bless You
I hope you have a Blessed Day
This is my first Saturday home in over 6 weeks.  I just finished moving the computer so I wanted to leave a quick post.  

I am super busy today playing catch-up and moving things around. .
But I am going to relax today too.  I planned to get my HHMin Texas post up probably this evening. 

I brought mothers sewing machine and cabinet home so I am putting it in the spot where my computer table was.  That is next on the agenda after I move the crafting table to a new place in my bedroom where I plan to do my paper crafting, Bible Journal 
all paint paper related activities.  
All in all I think this will be a much better set up.  

So now I am off to move stuff.  Have a Happy Day.  I'll be back!
Today is a good day today  very happy about last night. Just looking forward to Tuesday now for a brew with a very close friend who I love so much.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

A Reason To Stay by Linda Charles-Goddess Fish Promo Blitz-Giveaway


About the book 
Rachael, a successful lawyer in Sydney, returns to her foster family and the only place that ever felt like home: Mindalby, to help with the failing family business, the town’s bakery. With the cotton gin’s closure, all businesses are struggling, and it looks like the only option is to close up the bakery and hope to sell. But when Rachael returns, she realises that her skills give her other options: refreshing and revitalising the bakery and a chance to rekindle her love of baking.

Irishman, Mike O’Malley is a staying kind of man, looking to settle down in Mindalby with a woman who loves the wild country and wants to get involved in the community. Rachael is not that girl, but the attraction is hard to deny. Determined to show Rachael that Mindalby can be a home, he draws her out into the community and deeper into his life. But when it comes time to make a decision, can he trust Rachael to risk her heart?

Read an excerpt 
Mike shook his head, his soft curls brushing against his neck. ‘Don’t they feed you some clap-trap? Life embracing? You must be prostrating before your boss every morning saying “how high, how wide, how deep do you want me to go today?” ’

She winced. His endearing accent softened the harshness of his words. She’d never let him know that part of her agreed with his sentiment. She was a litigator and proud of it. 

‘My team is like a family to me. I spend more waking hours with them than anybody else on this earth.’

Mike nodded. He took a step closer to her, all six foot plus of him. He was impressive, and he clearly wasn’t letting her off the hook.
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Par for Cinderella by Petie McCarty-Goddess Fish Promo Tour

About the book 
Billionaire Aidan Cross longs to escape his life of celebrity and become a regular guy, if only for a brief time. His chance comes when his yacht breaks down near quaint Cypress Key, Florida—the site of his planned five-star golf resort. The golf resort no one in town wants.

Casey Stuart has given up her dream of escaping to the big city. She refuses to desert her uncle, even when he hires the new stranger in town to replace her at their golf course. Casey vows to steer clear of the stranger called Aidan and the danger their inescapable chemistry provokes. Aidan’s stay is temporary, and falling for him promises only heartbreak.

When Casey discovers Cypress Key’s mayor is making underhanded business deals, she ends up on the wrong side of the powerful autocrat. Aidan steps in to rescue her, but secrets from his past threaten to bogey their new-found relationship. 

And I thought 
A fun and sometimes funny read.  I was drawn in from page 1 but I was captured when Aidan and Casey accidentally meet.  
Accidentally in that Casey is knocked overboard from her tour boat and hits her head.  Aidan seeing the whole thing jumps in and drags Casey out of the water.  
And so begins the romance.  

Even though Casey has been hurt in the past she can't deny her attraction to Aidan when her uncle decides Aidan needs to move in with them after bailing him out of jail for decking the guy that sent Casey overboard in the first place.

Along with just a fun romance there is some thrill and intrigue going on too.  It's not suspenseful necessarily but the town mayor isn't all he is suppose to be and in fact he is basically a criminal.  

Although Par for Cinderella is a standalone it is part of the series.
A few of the characters from the previous titles make an appearance and help Aidan out as they investigate the illegal dealings that are going on in town.  

I really enjoyed this one.  Aidan did turn out to be Caseys very own Prince Charming and everything ends happily ever after. 

If you like a good sweet and clean romance check this one out and the rest of the series too!

The series

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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Night And Day-Silver Dagger Book Tour & Giveaway

This is a promotional post. 
I have not read this book 

One Night in South Beach #5
by Andie J. Christopher

Genre: Contemporary RomancePub Date: 9/18/2018

About the book 
Letty Gonzalez is a true romantic. She’s spent her life waiting for flowers, poetry, the grand gesture that will finally sweep her off her feet—without any luck. After her latest dating fiasco, she’s ready to give up on the idea of Prince Charming—but not on down and dirty fantasies about her new boss—gorgeous, out-of-her-league Max Delgado.
Maxis more pragmatic than romantic—and with his looks and charisma, beautiful women usually fall at his feet. Bubbly, generously curvy Letty just isn’t for him, and maybe if he finally lets his grandmother set him up with someone new, Letty will finally believe it.
But the senior citizen’s matchmaking is trickier than anyone anticipated. And when Letty and Max find themselves stuck in Key West together for a seductively sexy weekend, one kiss is enough to light a fire neither of them wants to put out . . .
**easily read as a standalone!**

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Monday, September 24, 2018

The Gold Pawn-Great Escapes Tour-Spotlight-Guest Post

Guest Post
Post from Fiorello La Guardia in THE GOLD PAWN
By L.A. Chandlar

I am very busy, but I promised Laurie that I’d give a quick interview. She knows I’ve got work to do! But she believes this blog is of the utmost importance, so I do too. I am New York City’s Ninety-ninth mayor, Fiorello La Guardia. Of course, as the “Fio” in L.A. Chandlar’s Art Deco Mystery Series, I’m not exactly The Fiorello. It gets a bit confusing for Laurie, sometimes. Because she has me, as Fio, do a LOT of what the real mayor did. In fact –I love this—most of my more over-the-top action scenes or funny office scenes are what the real mayor did in fact do! You’d best be advised to always read Laurie’s author notes, because there is where she reveals what is real and what is fiction.
She once had a reviewer criticize her for having me show up at a crime scene so fast. But oh I so do LOVE to show up as a first responder at a crime scene, traffic accident, or fire. I beat the cops most times. Y’see, I have a police radio in my office, in my car, and at home. It drives my wife Marie up a wall.
I enjoy being in this series. I love my New Yorkers. So I hope that the good citizens read these books to enjoy my antics. I am a busy man. The press can’t keep up with me. But I do show them an interesting time, they are never at a loss for a good byline from me.
Lane and I have a special relationship. She of all people can almost keep up with me. I’m pretty brazen, she keeps me in check. Sometimes. (I hope you can “see” me grinning as I say that.) I like how she can see behind the eyes of someone, or a situation. I’m pretty sure she caught me sawing off an inch of the front legs of my office chairs, to keep people uncomfortable so they don’t make meetings last too long. But we just keep that little secret to ourselves.
I do have a beef with Laurie, though, as our author. I think she should have me be the savior of more action scenes. I do have to say, though, that scene where my crew has to come rescue me is a hoot! I never would have expected that. My friends really have style, don’t they? Competent and they’ve got some panache. Laurie is very creative. But really, Laurie, if you’re reading this, I want more scenes where I race in and save the day. I know I know, Lane can save herself…blah blah blah. I want a good action scene where I can blow my trumpet again like I did with the Artichoke King in real life and the end scene in THE SILVER GUN. That was really fun.
And you wonderful readers out there, one of the best things about my life and about this series, is that it paints a big, beautiful picture of the gritty wit, the art, the strength of women and minorities, and the sheer brilliant will of the Thirties. My deepest wish is that it would bring you some joy and inspiration. I’ve always believed that art brings forth fruit and healing. But it does even more than that, it brings life.

Thank you for having me. I’ve truly enjoyed being here, but I’ve got to go now. I’ve got work to do! 

About the book 
November 1936. Mayor La Guardia’s political future buckles under a missing persons case in New York City. Simultaneously, Lane unravels devastating secrets in the outskirts of Detroit. As two crimes converge, judging friends from enemies can be a dangerous game . . .
Finally summoning the courage to face the past, Lane Sanders breaks away from her busy job at City Hall to confront childhood nightmares in Rochester, Michigan. An unknown assailant left Lane with scattered memories after viciously murdering her parents. However, one memory of a dazzling solid gold pawn piece remains—and with it lies a startling connection between the midwestern tragedy and a current mystery haunting the Big Apple . . .
Meanwhile, fears climb in Manhattan after the disappearance of a respected banker and family friend threatens the crippled financial industry and the pristine reputation of Lane’s virtuous boss, Mayor Fiorello “Fio” La Guardia. Fio’s fight to restore order leads him into more trouble as he meets a familiar foe intent on ending his mayoral term—and his life . . .
Guided by overseas telegrams from the man she loves and painful memories, only Lane can silence old ghosts and derail present-day schemes. But when the investigation awakens a darker side of her own nature, will she and New York City’s most prominent movers and shakers still forge ahead into a prosperous new age . . . or is history doomed to repeat itself?
And others are saying
This was an enjoyable read that held my interest throughout. I thoroughly enjoyed the chance to dive into such a colorful time in history.
~Mysteries with Character
. . . Chandlar again captures the time and brings delightful characters to the pages.
~Christa Reads and Writes
This was an absolutely wonderful read!
~A Chick Who Reads
5 out of 5 stars.
Wow! It amazing when you come across a second book in a series that’s just as good as the first book, but that’s what we have here with The Gold Pawn!
~Valerie’s Musings
This action-packed sequel to The Silver Gun delivers another imaginative plot, well-developed characters, and fascinating historical detail about 1930s New York City.
~Book Club Librarian
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into the Darkest Night by Cassandra Giovanni-Lola Bookstagram Blitz

Into The Darkest Night by Cassandra Giovanni: #BookBlitz with Excerpt & Giveaway
I have not read the book yet.  I'll be reading and posting a review soon
Into the Darkest Night
(Chaos Theory Duet #1)
By Cassandra Giovanni
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Age Category: Adult
Release Date: September 18, 2018

About the book 
I was born a child of the Elite; destined to live a life of privilege in Sun City.
With one decision I gave it all up.
Ana Jacobs knows the Elite and their depravity all too well. She was one of them once. Her father was a member of the Inner Circle and head of the Trinity funding the corruption of Sun City. When he learned she knew the names of those he’d hidden so well, he turned his back on her; had her kidnapped and tortured to protect his secrets.
When she escapes the island and learns of her father’s death at the hands of a knife-wielding vigilante called the Nightwatchman, she returns to Sun City, vowing to use her knowledge to protect the city. As a city cop, she blends into the background, and no one suspects her real motives.
Levi Bennett knows where Ana’s been. He’s also an Elite, but where Ana was sent to the island, he ended up there by accident. While Ana buries herself in her work and stopping the flow of illegal drugs and weapons into the poverty-stricken Blue District, Levi covers his pain by partying and spending his trust fund on buying bars and restaurants.
Thrown together by Levi’s constant pressing of the limits, the two can’t deny the connection they share through their dark pasts.
Their demons are one in the same, but some demons can’t be tamed.

A little teaser
Into the Darkest Night

Read an excerpt 
“So, you and Lily?” I ask, pointing between the two of them as the familiar burn settles into my throat. Alcohol isn’t something I’ve missed, and I watch Levi from the corner of my eyes as he shakes his head when the bartender offers more. It’s in direct violation of everything in his files. My fingers tingle, and I pull them into fists at my sides as I look back to Robbie. He nods, and his nose twitches as he signals for the bartender to fill him up. Lily tucks a loose strand behind her ear and shakes her head to the bartender. She shifts from foot to foot as she stares down at her tan and teal cowboy boots.
“Want to dance?” Robbie asks Lily, and her eyes widen with relief.
“Yeah, that sounds great.”
They disappear into the crowd on the dance floor, and I sit on the stool beside Levi, letting my head roll to my shoulder, so I’m looking at him. “Just happened to get too loud tonight?”
He smirks, watching the crowd sway to the music. “Check the business’ file like you did mine, and you’ll see it happens regularly. Our neighbors just aren’t that fun.”
“Mhmm,” I reply as I lean back.
“So, you and Robbie—how did I not know you?” Levi finally asks, changing the subject.
I raise my eyebrows at him, and his hands are in fists, the smile on his lips gone.
“It was after you went missing— but I was around before that – we’re both Elite, well, were. You were just a tad bit engrossed with Lily from what I remember,” I reply.
His eyes drift to the ceiling. “Ah, yeah—that.”
“It must’ve been awkward coming back to…” I don’t know how to put softly your best friend dating your girlfriend. I don’t understand why my throat thickens as I watch his reaction. I shouldn’t care if it bothers him.
Maybe it’s because I get how lonely coming back is. My toes curl in my shoes at the thought. Loneliness is my only friend.
Levi leans forward, pressing his muscular forearms into his knees. “Just a little bit.” His shoulders lift, and his eyes come up to mine, causing an eruption of tingles up my spine. “But they’re good for each other. I’m not who I used to be, so it’s not like it would’ve worked anyway.”
Butterflies erupt out of dormant chrysalis I never thought would be awakened as his eyes flick over my face. The calculated smugness is gone, and the man before me is part the innocent boy I had a crush on all throughout high school and part damaged man that I feel, stupidly–no doubt–that only I could ever understand.
I turn in the stool, so I’m facing the bar. “Do you have anything that doesn’t taste like Windex?”
Levi laughs as he goes behind the divider. He reaches up to the top shelf lined with expensive looking bottles, and his shirt lifts, showing one of the dimples in his back and a pale scar that travels diagonally from it. My eyes follow the line to a tattoo of a kanji—Japanese character—for a skill I’ve yet to master.
Seishinteki kyōyō: spiritual refinement.
Judging by its placement on his back, he has almost as many skill marks as I do. Not only did Levi survive the same hell I did, but he’s received the same training.
Levi Bennett is a Shinobi—a ninja.
Just like me.
We’re something that isn’t supposed to exist in the modern age, yet here we are. I watch as he mixes me a drink, dropping a cherry in the glass before sliding it across the concrete counter to me.
“How’s paying for your father’s sins going?” he asks.
I raise an eyebrow, looking at the dark pink drink. “What’s this?”
His voice is level as he answers, “Unoriginal Sin.”
My eyes lift to his, and he leans down on his forearms, so our faces are inches apart.
“Real original, Shinobi,” I say, my voice so low only he can hear it.
He stands up and rubs his hand over his the scruff around his mouth down to his chin.
“I guess we’re more similar than I thought,” he says. His eyes flick to the television as he nods to it. “He’s trying to save the city, too. Looks like he’s doing a better job, though.”
I read the text scrolling across the screen since the volume isn’t on.
The Nightwatchman has struck again, this time taking out Adam Cleary, an international businessman. It appears Cleary was involved with sex trafficking.
My ears ring. Another name from my list and my prime suspect for the Nightwatchman is standing in front of me with his arms crossed and pulsing with irritatingly sexy muscles.
Graphic Into the Darkest Night - demons

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Review-The Spirit Of God Illustrated Bible-Tour/Giveaway

The Spirit of God Illustrated Bible,  brings to life more than 40 Bible stories that help kids understand that God’s Spirit has been with us since the beginning of time and continues to be with us today! Old and New Testament stories such as Adam and Eve, Abraham, Joseph, the Baptism of Jesus, and Pentecost come alive with dramatic illustrations and meaningful text that showcase God’s Spirit. The unique cover shines with beautiful foil and makes it a storybook Bible you and your kids will want to read again and again. 

And I thought
An great story Bible for the family.  The stories are easy to read and short enough for younger children.   The stories are written for children.  

They are not written for adults and it might be thought that they are a little 'off' in some instances but you have to realize and remember that it is a children's version and meant to be written in a way that children can understand.   I did not find this negative.  

The illustrations are creatively childish and whimsical to capture young ones attention.  

I enjoyed reading these stories they are written in a way to keep the young ones interested. 

This would make a great purchase for the family and is perfect for 
bedtime family reading. 

I would also use as an add on to Home School curriculum for young readers. 

I recommend this Bible for families.  It would make a great gift. 
If you are on the fence about 

Zondervon provides some resources including examples and info about the artwork (Click here) .  There is also a trailer click here.

I received a complimentary copy. 
My review will appear on retail sites and Good Reads. 

Click on the retailers name for a direct link


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Fatal Flip by M.E.Bakos-Great Escapes Tour-Review-Giveaway

About the book 
Flipping houses can be fatal! When Katelyn finds a dead body in her first home renovation project, she seriously doubts her decision to “follow her bliss.” After getting fired from her steady job, her plan to flip houses takes a hit when she becomes a suspect. After all, possession is nine points of the law, isn’t it? Especially, when it’s a dead body.
To keep herself in pizza, peanut butter, good coffee, and her stray cat, Boots, in kitty chow she takes survival jobs as a wine sample hostess and market researcher. Meanwhile, Sheriff Don is kind of hunky, and her ex-husband, Eddy (it’s complicated) is back in her life sleeping on her sofa. How’s a girl supposed to solve dead body mysteries, make a living, and find love?
Read an excerpt

I stood on a rung of the stepladder, looking into a black hole of the attic access in the closet of the house I was rehabbing.
“Dang it! Dang. Dang,” I said, sputtering, my heart racing. 
“What?” My best friend, Myra asked, puzzled, as she waited for me. Myra Alexandria Payten was nervous about heights, even six-foot stepladders. She wasn’t a fan of peering into remote areas of homes under renovation and waited while I inspected the attic.
“It’s a body,” I said, gasping. “A body that hasn’t moved for a while.” My legs quivered, and my knees buckled. Gingerly, I stepped down the ladder to face a flabbergasted Myra.
“You have got to be kidding!” she said, each word short and clipped, staring at me openmouthed. Myra always used proper English, even under stressful conditions.    
“I kid you not.” Dread settled in the pit of my stomach. “I hate it when that happens.” When faced with panic-inducing situations, I can be understated, stoic.
“We must call the police immediately!” Myra gasped, her hazel eyes wide.
“Yep,” I replied resolutely. “We must.”
I felt badly about the body we’d just found in the attic. The poor soul could have been there a while, but any smell was held at bay in the cool Minnesota spring. The heat was off in the house, and the body was well-preserved—for a dead person.
The dread in the pit of my stomach was terror about my present finances. This was my job now; I was a house renovator. Just a step up from a slumlord.
My name is Katelyn Baxter. I am thirty-five years old. I admit to twenty-eight, because twenty-nine is a cliché. I’ve been married twice. Once divorced, from my high school beau, Eddy. Now widowed, from the love of my life, Jake.         
My business card says I am a Home Renovation Specialist. I love anything related to home repair and renovation. So much so, when I was dismissed from my position at a mega medical organization, I decided to become a house flipper.
A year earlier, my boss, Michael Preston Ness, chief communications officer, had summoned me to his office. Someone in marketing was going to take a hit for the team, a demotion to ‘records coordinator.’ I was the one selected to take the hit.
He glared at me from across his desk, his face turning an impressive blotchy red, a blue vein bulging in his forehead.
“Hell, no!” My face felt hot, and was likely as red as his.
By the end of the day, Janice from Human Resources and Michael Preston Ness marched to my cubicle, took my key, pass card, and ID as an esteemed employee. In a final humiliation, I was told not to talk to anyone at the hospital. I presumed, that meant friends, as well.
That evening, while calling everyone I knew, I finished a fresh bottle of chardonnay. My hangover lasted a day. The rest of the week, I lay on the sofa, watched cartoons and ate Doritos.
I will refrain from naming this goliath company in the event they could sue the heck out of my penniless soul, and I am somewhat paranoid.
This is how I came to renovate the house on Bluebird Street in Crocus Heights, Minnesota. It was in a “transitional” neighborhood where streets were named for birds––Robin, Hawk, Jay, etc. The neighborhood had seen some decline, but was becoming fashionable again, with close proximity to amenities, public transportation, established parks, recreational areas, and jobs. Massive oaks, willows, maple trees, established lawns, hearty hydrangeas, and gardens invited new homeowners to the area.
The house was a sturdy model from the mid-sixties that the previous owners had started to update. The taupe-colored, wood siding was solid. In a breath of fresh air, the owners had replaced the roof with the insurance money they’d received after the last big storm.
I had bid on the house at auction and bought it for a sum firmly under market price. It was a contradiction in the economy. Cheap housing, but with no jobs, who could afford even a cheap house? Now, beside a list of rehab projects, I was in a quandary about why and how a dead body was in my attic.

And others are saying 
With non-stop action, I never knew what was going to happen next. If you enjoy a page turner this one will keep your attention.
~Maureen’s Musings
A fast-paced, intriguing yet character-endearing, cozy mystery, with a delightful frisson of clever humor and realistic ups and downs . . .
~Mallory Heart’s Cozies
Fatal Flip is an amusing cozy mystery that will have you in stitches.
~The Avid Reader

There is nearly non-stop action and a few unexpected twists. There is also just enough humor to keep things from getting too intense.
~Book Babble

And I thought 
I didn't 'Flip' over the cover.  Would I have purchased it or even picked it up based on the cover?  Actually no. 
But judging a book by it's cover is true.  Don't judge. 

Now the title/theme drew me in.  Flipping houses and redoing are 'in' now.    Fatal Flip gives the reader non-stop action and some twists and turns that might have your head spinning.  A few tips are included to make it a fun read. Settle in and go along for the ride.  It's twisty and turning but worth every minute.

I enjoyed Katelyn.  She was fun and funny and confused about love.  The suitors are charming in their own way even the ex but everyone loves a cop.  Right?  

If you love Cozy's this one is worth picking up!

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Read and Gone by Alllison Brook-Great Escapes Tour-Review/Giveaway

About the book 
Twenty million dollars’ worth of missing gems bring Carrie Singleton’s long-lost and larcenous dad back into her life and it’s up to Carrie to clear his name.
A devoted dad is as precious as diamonds, but Carrie Singleton wouldn’t know since her dad Jim’s been on the lam most of her life. In an unusual family reunion, she finds Jim breaking into her cottage in the middle of the night. The fun really starts when he begs her to help him recover his half of a twenty-million-dollar gem heist he pulled off with the local jeweler, Benton Parr. When she refuses, Jim takes off again.
Carrie finds her father again behind bars for the recent murder of Benton Parr. Who made the connection? Unbeknownst to her, Carrie’s boyfriend Dylan, an insurance investigator, has been searching for the gems. Determined to find the jewels herself, she starts examining every facet of Parr’s life. She turns up a treasure trove of suspects, one of whom bashes her on the head as she’s searching the victim’s country cabin.
Retreating to the quiet confines of the library where she works, Carrie watches as Smokey Joe, the resident cat, paws at a hole in the wall. Is he after the library’s ghost Evelyn, or something shinier?
And others are saying

If you are looking for an entertaining cozy mystery with friendly characters and an adorable cat, then look no further than Read and Gone.
~The Avid Reader
The author does an amazing job of bringing this small town to life. It was a quick read for me. The storyline is filled with mystery, adventure, and romance mixed into one captivating read.
~Socrates’ Book Reviews…
A charming small town with a copious cast of characters, a small-town library with a surprisingly robust staff list, a feisty library cat with his own plans and plots, and the former head librarian who is haunting her old digs (whom only Carrie and her young cousin can see).
~Reading Is My SuperPower
Enterprisingly plotted, the mystery certainly had me guessing throughout.
~Mallory Heart’s Cozies
The mystery was well plotted and was carried on well throughout the entire book. With numerous killings and twists and turns, it was not an easy mystery to solve.
~MJB Reviewers

Read and Gone the second in the Haunted Library Mystery series by Allison Brook was a quick entertaining read perfect for the busy holidays.
~Melissa’s Eclectic Bookshelf
And I thought

I enjoy this series.  The small town library setting draws me in.  
Filled with the perfect Cozy elements Christmas, a small town library, a resident cat, some great characters including a ghost; and a mystery that will keep you turning the pages.

Read and Gone is filled with twists and turns and alot crime from jewelry heists to murder.    

All this keeps Carrie scratching and rubbing her head when she is assaulted will  trying to find clues. 

If you love a good Cozy Mystery you'll want to give this one a try. 
A perfect sit by the fire and Christmas tree read.  

I enjoyed it.  I think you will too. 

I received a complimentary copy. 
My review will appear on retail sites, Good Reads and Net Galley.

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Read and Gone by Allison Brook-Great Escapes Tour

This is a Spotlight post for the tour
I have not read the book yet.
My review will be coming soon!

About the book 
Twenty million dollars’ worth of missing gems bring Carrie Singleton’s long-lost and larcenous dad back into her life and it’s up to Carrie to clear his name.
A devoted dad is as precious as diamonds, but Carrie Singleton wouldn’t know since her dad Jim’s been on the lam most of her life. In an unusual family reunion, she finds Jim breaking into her cottage in the middle of the night. The fun really starts when he begs her to help him recover his half of a twenty-million-dollar gem heist he pulled off with the local jeweler, Benton Parr. When she refuses, Jim takes off again.
Carrie finds her father again behind bars for the recent murder of Benton Parr. Who made the connection? Unbeknownst to her, Carrie’s boyfriend Dylan, an insurance investigator, has been searching for the gems. Determined to find the jewels herself, she starts examining every facet of Parr’s life. She turns up a treasure trove of suspects, one of whom bashes her on the head as she’s searching the victim’s country cabin.
Retreating to the quiet confines of the library where she works, Carrie watches as Smokey Joe, the resident cat, paws at a hole in the wall. Is he after the library’s ghost Evelyn, or something shinier?
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