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Frozen In Motion by Lori Roberts Herbst Great Escapes Book Tour Review and Giveaway


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 January 27 

 January 27 – My Reading Journeys – REVIEW

About the book 

A murder at the local hockey rink leaves photographer Callie Cassidy nursing a few injuries of her own, but that won’t stop her from trying to catch the killer—before someone else gets iced… 

When hockey coach Renata Sanchez asks for Callie’s help exposing her ex-husband’s nefarious activities, Callie hesitates. After all, Renata’s brother, Detective Raul Sanchez, has been known to bristle at Callie’s interference. But with her own second-chance romance on rocky turf and her best friend’s engagement to a man Callie doesn’t entirely trust, she could use the distraction of an investigation. 

Before she can even begin her research, a confrontation involving the ex, Renata, and Raul erupts right outside Sundance Studio. Then later in the day, the ex-husband literally drops dead and falls from the hockey arena catwalk—landing with a thud on top of Callie. Renata immediately takes the top spot on the suspect list, with Raul’s name not far behind. With time running out to save her friends, Callie enlists the help of her inquisitive cat and her loyal golden retriever to develop a picture of the true culprit.

And I thought  
Cleverly plotted with a team full of suspects and a couple mysteries  to solve too. 

I enjoy the main character Callie and her furry friends.   

The cover with Callie’s  dog and cat beckoned this reader to turn the pages and look for clues. 

Callie gas her hands full following  leads and being careful with a little thin ice. 

This is a fun series.  I have enjoyed following Callie along on her adventures.  

I received  a complimentary copy.  
My review will appear on Retail Sites and Good Reads. 

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Love Is In The Air Featured Authors


Join us for a  Cozy Love filled week of chatting about  
  Real life romance

Featured Authors . . . 
Amber Royer
Laurel Blount
Sharon Michaels
Julie Ann Lindsey
Angela Ruth Strong 

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Mambo And Murder by C.S.McDonald I Read Book Tour Review


About the book 

Book Title: Mambo and Murder: A Fiona Quinn Mystery #6

Author: C.S. McDonald

​Category: YA Fiction, 160 pages

Run Time: 4 hours, 9 minutes

Genre: Cozy Mystery

Content Rating: G (The Fiona Quinn Mysteries are for everyone--adults love the books and they are appropriate for teens and tweens too!)

Book Description:

Three ballroom dancers were murdered over 40 years ago. Wow, that’s one old cold case. What’s more, the murderer, who was thought to have been killed during a police chase, has resurfaced in Pittsburgh. Yikes! How can that be? 

Worse, ballroom dancing simply isn’t Detective Nathan Landry’s forte. After weeks of practice, Nathan still has two left feet. Can Fiona step in to guide Nathan through this dancing debacle or will it take 40 years for the detective to find his footing? 

Double yikes! Join Fiona and detective Landry in this high-stepping whodunit!

​BUY THE BOOK:Book Title:  Mambo and Murder:  A Fiona Quinn Mystery #6

Author:  C.S. McDonald

​Category:  YA Fiction, 160 pages

Run Time: 4 hours, 9 minutes

Genre:  Cozy Mystery

Publisher:  McWriter Books

Release date:  October 31, 2018

Formats Available for review: audiobook (audible download), ebook (mobi for kindle, epub, pdf)

Tour dates:  Man 10 to Feb 4, 2022

Content Rating:  G (The Fiona Quinn Mysteries are for everyone--adults love the books and they are appropriate for teens and tweens too!)

Book Description:

Three ballroom dancers were murdered over 40 years ago. Wow, that’s one old cold case. What’s more, the murderer, who was thought to have been killed during a police chase, has resurfaced in Pittsburgh. Yikes! How can that be? 

Worse, ballroom dancing simply isn’t Detective Nathan Landry’s forte. After weeks of practice, Nathan still has two left feet. Can Fiona step in to guide Nathan through this dancing debacle or will it take 40 years for the detective to find his footing? 

Double yikes! Join Fiona and detective Landry in this high-stepping whodunit!


Audible ~ Amazon

And I thought 

Delightful and charming. 

I just love the characters in this series.  

Fiona and Nathan give you giggle on almost ever page.  

Fiona a not so reluctant sleuth always seems to work thru the clues.  A bit in an awkward way but the crime is always solved.   

Even when there is more than one mystery to solve. 

The Fionna Quinn Mystery Series is great for all ages.  

I received a complimentary copy. 

Monday, January 17, 2022

The Billionaires Path by Emily L. Scot My Review


About the book 

Dean Harvester has it all. He’s the CEO of an award-winning real estate firm in Manhattan with a personal net worth of more than two billion. When he’s not conquering the business world, he’s sprinting on a treadmill in the gym, trying his best to deflect the attention of every woman who passes by.

He lives in an opulent world of isolation, silently longing for a deeper connection to … something.

Things are bound to change however when a timid and unassuming woman clutching a bible joins his firm.

At first, Dean sees nothing defining in Lilian, dismissing her as a bible thumper, but it doesn’t take long before he senses something exceptional about her. She carries a quiet and natural beauty and her faith is unwavering, to his surprise … somewhat alluring.

Lilian doesn’t act in the slightest like she’s attracted to him, and she’s missing all of his signals. Dean’s curiosity builds and his feelings deepen as he spends more time with her.

But she’s trapped in her own dark world of pain, fearing for her life, and not seeing the way out. With Lilian’s help, he’s ready to open up his world and be led back on the path of righteousness, and in turn, he just might be able to help Lilian escape her own world of darkness.

And I thought   

This book deals with domestic abuse

For a super short this one was worth the read. 

I don't normally read Novellas but this one was offered free so I accepted to be introduced to a new author. 

It appears this one is part of a collection of Novellas. 

Although it was super short only 33 pages.  A good complete story was fleshed out which actually surprised and  impressed me.   

The characters were likeable Lillian and Dean are just meant to end up together even though Lillian is living with her fiance.  Who is a piece of work.  And ends up in jail at the end.  

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Murder by the Seaside by Julie Ann Lindsey My Review


About the book 
Sun, Sand and … Murder?

Downsized from the FBI’s human resources department on the Virginia mainland, Patience Price is setting up shop as a Counselor at Large in her quirky island town. And she’s making the best of her reinvention, until a high school boyfriend is accused of murder, and his determined mama wants Patience to save his hide.

Local golden boy, Adrian Davis, once crushed Patience’s teenage heart, and now he needed her help? She can’t help offering a chef’s kiss to Karma.

Not that Patience holds a grudge.

Reluctantly, she agrees to look into the case, with the help of a hunky former coworker, but what she finds will rock their coastal community to its core, and put Patience on a lurking killer’s hitlist.

And I thought 
I was happy to get the chance to read book 1 in the series. 
I was happy that the author could re-launch giving readers a chance to enjoy it.  

The original books have been out of print for several years.  I was lucky to find book 3 in a local store. 

I really enjoyed it so getting a chance to read book 1 made me super happy. 

I loved all the characters!  

Patience and her entourage just make you smile.  

Patience is a great main character that you'll as much as the townspeople love her.  

Well except for the villains that want her dead.  But in this one the super bad guy had a hard time because he liked her too.  But being a villain he had to do what he had to do and try and try again and again to knock her off. 

There is a  love triangle in the series.   

Patience high school boyfriend Adrian still wants a chance.  

Patience is not making any declarations between Adrian and the  super FBI hunk Sebastian. 

Adrian and Sebastian end up in sort of a truce as they both will do anything to keep Patience out of trouble and alive. 

They make a truce and in  the end giving each nick names.  

Adrian calls Sebastian Bond or James.  And Sebastian calls Adrian Fugitive since was accused of the crimes.  

No spoilers here but Adrian didn't do it. 

I loved this one.  And I am anxiously waiting to read book 2. 

I received a complimentary ARC copy from the author to be celebrate the be Re-launch. 

My review be will appear on Amazon and Good my Reads. 

The Series 


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Book Blast The Cape May Cozy Myster Series Great Escapes Book Tour


When a gorgeous man dressed as Bridgette Bardot buys her a Scofflaw and asks her out on a date, Anna McGregor begins to suspect her murder investigation has taken a wrong turn. Her previous work as a medical anthropologist exposed her to a variety of unexpected situations, but none quite like this.


“The story does a great job of setting up the mystery and then anthropologist turned B&B hostess, Anna McGregor leads us through a merry chase and I thought I had it partially figured out but then realized…red herring. I would suggest you skip to the back of the book to find the scofflaw recipe and make one to enjoy while you armchair sleuth your way through this charming and cozy mystery.” — Tracy’s Tidbits


It all seemed so simple: fix up the Cape May Victorian mansion she’d inherited from Great Aunt Louise and re-open it as the exceptional B&B it used to be. Everything’s going great, until her very first guest turns up dead at the breakfast table, crumbs from Anna’s blueberry scones scattered on the lace tablecloth.


As the town’s gossip mill goes into overdrive, Anna leaps into the fray to save her reputation, her business and Great Aunt Louise’s legacy.


With help from a handsome handyman eager to solve all of Anna’s problems and a young police officer new to murder investigations, Anna does her best to convince the town — and her future guests — that while her scones may be killer, someone else was responsible for this murder.   

– Amazon – B&N – Alibris – IndieBound – Kobo – Books2Read

When her friend’s uncle is accused of murder, Anna McGregor dives into the boating life to prove his innocence. She soon learns that while lounging on a luxury yacht might be fun, matching wits with a killer can be deadly.

Life has finally settled down for Anna. The Cape May B & B she inherited from her Great Aunt Louise is fully booked and Anna is looking forward to a successful summer. Her peace is shattered when a body washes up in Spicer Creek and the police focus their investigation on her friend’s uncle. Determined to find the truth, Anna turns to skills she developed in her previous career in medical anthropology.

Once again, Anna teams up with her best friend Sammy, her young cousin Eoin and the local librarian to use their knowledge of the town and its people to solve this crime. But the disappearance of two local teenagers reminds Anna this is the wrong time for free fishing trips or relaxing on a yacht enjoying a Bee’s Knees cocktail. She needs to find the missing teenagers and identify the killer before anyone else gets hurt. 

– Amazon – B&N – Alibris – IndieBound – Kobo – Books2Read – 

When a love of wine becomes lethal, local B&B owner Anna McGregor discovers she’s the town’s connoisseur at defending the innocent and unmasking murderers. But if she goes after the killer, will the people she cares about most get crushed in the process?

Anna loves the new life she’s built for herself in Cape May, a town known for its historic beauty, picturesque beaches, developing wine culture and … murder? Thanks to some previous successes – and a close relationship with a local patrolman – Anna finds herself pressured into accepting the task of proving a new friend’s innocence in a tragic death at a local winery.

Her investigation reveals an embarrassment of suspects, not to mention one too many potential victims. As always, Anna relies on help from her friends to find the truth. This time, though, offering help means breaking the rules.

Now she must not only catch a killer but also save the reputation of one of her closest friends, all while getting ready to send her young cousin, Eoin, back to Ireland, trying to solve the riddle of her love life, and figuring out her future as a medical anthropologist.

 – Amazon – B&N – Alibris – Kobo – Books2Read – 

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Cold Brew Corpse by Tara Lush Great Escapes Tour Review

 January 12 – My Reading Journeys – REVIEW  

And I thought 

I love  a Cozy read.  Especially  when it is set on the beach.  

New to me author  Tara Lush has a new fan. 

I just loved this book from the cover!  

The shop beckons and the sidewalk disaster  lures you into turn the pages to see what happens.  And kind of made me wonder if I could find any clues on the cover. 

I enjoyed everything  about this page turner. 

I giggled at times when I turned the pages.  And had a hard time putting  this one down at night. 

I missed sleep! And that's  a good thing if a great book is the reason why!

I received a complimentary  copy. 

My review  will appear  on Good Reads and retail sites. 

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Matrimony, Mayhem, and Murder by C.S. McDonald I Read Book Tour Review


Book Title: Matrimony. Mayhem, and Murder (A Fiona Quinn Mystery) 

Author: C.S. McDonald

​Category: Adult Fiction, 242 pages

Genre: Cozy Mystery

Publisher: McWriter Books

Release date: Nov 10, 2021

Formats Available for review: print (paperback), ebook (mobi for kindle, epub, pdf)

Tour dates: Jan 10 to Feb 4

Content Rating: G. C.S. McDonald's books are appropriate for YA readers as well as adults--no bad language or sexual content.

Book Description

The venue is set, invitations sent, and the flowers ordered. It’s almost time for Fiona and Nathan to get married…again. What could possibly go wrong? Nothing…well, until the wedding planner is found dead.

Then the woman Fiona has never met shows up--Nathan’s enigmatic mom, Rita Landry. And she’s wearing a gorgeous but mysterious necklace. Worse, Rita is being followed by two sinister-looking men, forcing her to flee the country. And who gets dragged along? None other than the bride-to be! How does a girl prepare for all of that? Looks like Fiona’s perfectly planned matrimony has morphed into mayhem and murder! 

You’re formally invited to Fiona and Nathan’s wedding. Question is: Will the wedding happen?

And I thought . . . 

I can't wait to read all the previous titles! 

A sure sign of a great read is when I start in the evening and I just can't put it down. 

That happened last night.  

In the morning I got up and wanted to see if Fiona would make it home to her wedding in one piece. 

Of course I knew she would.  I knew the wedding would go off without a hitch.  

And it did.  A few hic ups along the way but C.S. McDonald gave this reader a great story filled with great characters and a happy ending.  

Since this is the first book I have read in the series I am not sure if we are left a little  with sneak into Fiona's next adventure.  

Or if a spinoff is in the works. 

Either way I will be am fine.  

But I have to say that Fiona's soon to be Mother in Law/Spy stole the show!  

I love when author gives a plot that has a subplot woven into the story. 

C.S. McDonald creatively crafted both. 

M,M &M is filled with fun and quirky characters you can't help but like. 

Another sign for me of a great well written book is when I have no trouble with keeping all the characters straight. 

There are alot but each character is described and developed and weave Thier way in and out of scenes with ease.  

I can't wait to read previous titles and the next one! 

My thanks to C.S. McDonald and I Read Book Tours for providing me with a lovely easy on my eyes complimentary print copy. 

My review will appear on Amazon, Good Reads and Social Media. 

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