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Christian New Releases


Inspired By The Hero
by Elle E Kay

Can a blizzard be a blessing?

Casey Crawford knows how the town of Freedom, Colorado feels about her and her family. She’s heard the whispers and knows they have no more use for her than they have for AC in December.

So, when she gets trapped in a chalet in the woods with the object of her secret crush and he shows interest in her, she knows it can’t lead to happily-ever-after. He’ll eventually see that the Crawfords are nothing but trouble, and if she doesn’t get him killed first, she’ll ruin his reputation.

Gage Buchanan has had his share of trouble, and isn’t looking for more, but when he offers Casey a ride home from work, someone starts shooting at them. He can’t leave a damsel in distress to her own devices, and the more time they spend together the more she finds her way into the cracks in the wall he’s built up around his heart.

He knows she deserves better than him, but if she keeps turning those trusting blue eyes his way, he won’t be able to keep himself from wishing they could be more than friends. In order for that to happen, he has to keep her alive and figure out why someone wants her dead. He plans to do just that. There are forces at work he can't control, but God can, if he'll turn to Him. 

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A Nanny for the Ranchers Twins 

by Hedi Main 

Returning to small-town Texas was her fresh start.

She never expected a ready-made family.

What could be better than running a rustic wedding venue? Event planner Laney Taylor has it all laid out…except for the serious renovations her inherited property needs. Rancher Ethan McCaw will help—but only if she’ll nanny his toddler twins. Laney’s all about planning weddings for others and shielding her own heart, but Ethan, Zoe and Tori might be just the ones to change her mind…. 

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Spring Fever 
by Tara Grace Ericson 
An adorable toddler brings them together. 

Will their own priorities tear them apart? 

Mandy Elliott spends her days chasing children at her daycare. At night, she dreams of the little girl she lost and the family they could have been. To ease her loneliness, Mandy fills her calendar until there isn’t a spare moment to remember.

Dr. Garrett Pike is entirely focused on his caree. When tragedy strikes and he becomes a father overnight to his four-year-old niece, Garrett is way out of his depth. He turns to the only person he can think of—the intriguing daycare owner he met exactly one time.

Mandy thinks God has given her everything she wants: a ready-made family with a man who makes her stomach do backflips. Garrett, on the other hand, never wanted any of it. Suddenly, he has the perfect girlfriend and an adorable daughter—on top of a job he can barely manage.

Work. Family. Faith. Love. Can anyone really have it all? 

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Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Happy Rudolpfh Day Christmas New Releases


About the book . . . .
Lucy Woods has dreamed of her perfect wedding since she was a young girl. A designer of jewelry and dresses, she designs her own dress and will marry the man of her dreams in a Christmas wedding at the Triple C Ranch. She worries something will go wrong to ruin the wedding.

Jack Barr will marry the woman he loves in just two days. The rehearsal dinner is tonight. But after the ranch foreman is hospitalized with a stroke, horse thieves have stolen all ten horses from the ranch and he’s the one man close enough to chase them.

With the help of the Brotherhood Protectors and the state police, will they catch the thieves? Will Jack make it to the rehearsal dinner on time? Will Lucy’s fear that something will go wrong and ruin the wedding come true?

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Sunday, October 23, 2022

Out of Love by Ruth Cardello My Review


Out of Love

by Ruth Cardello

Laughter and sparks set the stage for a fun romance from New York Times bestselling author Ruth Cardello about a farmer who switches places with his business-savvy twin brother and falls in love with the daughter of his brother’s biggest client.

I just found out I have an identical twin. I’d love the idea if he wasn’t an arrogant, overconfident businessman who is determined to save my farm even though I’m in no danger of losing it. When I agreed to switch lives with him, it was supposed to be for a couple of hours.

I was told to lie low, meet no one, and let him deal with the oil company that was sniffing around my property. I agreed to the switch only because it was the first time since we’d met that my twin had shown interest in my life, and I hoped it would give us a better understanding of each other.

Hours drag into days. I consider our initial agreement void and head to his office. I’m sitting at his desk, mostly minding my own business, when a beautiful woman blusters in, ready for a confrontation with my brother about an email. She’s the daughter of my brother’s largest client.

I only flirt with her to make her smile. What could it hurt to pretend to be my brother just a little longer?

I didn’t expect to uncover a plan to sabotage my brother’s company. I don’t want to believe that the woman I can’t get out of my thoughts and would love to get into my bed has anything to do with what I’ve discovered.

Save the company.

Save the girl.

I have no idea how I’ll do either, but when something is done out of love, it has to work out. 

And I thought. . . I was not sure how I would feel about this book.

. . . And now I already have book 1 and the promised book 3 on my my wish list!  

Although the author leaves the bedroom door open I was so involved with the story and characters that a few adjectives and verbs didn't really bother me. 

Now ya'll know what MaMa would have done. 

But my Jazzy Grandma was so much like Nicole's aunt that she would be adding those other titles  and a few more to her TBR pile!

The romance between Scott and Nicole did get off to a rocky start but they couldn't help liking each other and falling in love. 

There were definitely some 'crack me up' moments like when Nicole goes to Scott's farm and meets the animals.   Especially one that stole Nicole's heart. 

The book is the second in the series about 3 brothers.  It was easy to step in at book 2.   

All the characters are well developed.  And there are alot of them.  Including the 3 brothers.  Scott's adoptive parents, Nicole's, Nicole's dad, Jazzy aunt, Crystal who chooses Nicole for a bestie after they both become engaged to the twins. 

 And several more interesting people you will have to meet on your own.  

The ending . . .

. . . Well it ended with a bit of a cliffhanger leading into Thane the 3rd brothers romance. 

I kind of missed the Happily Ever After part for Scott and Nicole. 

I plan to read Jesse and Crystal 's romance.  And Thanes when it is released . 

I received my a complimentary copy from Harlequin and Netgalley. 

My review will appear on Amazon and Good Reads.

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The Wrong Side of Murder by Lauren Carr My Review


About the book 

Nikki Bryant’s Next Case Takes Her to the Wrong Side of Murder

One spring morning, Jodi Gibbons got up and went to school as she did every day. Her young life went sideways though when the police found that her mother had been brutally killed during the night.

Twenty years later, many in Pine Grove believe Jodi got away with murder. After all, how could she have possibly slept through her mother’s violent death in the very next room?

After decades of silence, Jodi accepts investigative journalist Nikki Bryant’s invitation to tell her side of the story. However, before the interview can take place, someone silences Jodi permanently.

Now it is up to Nikki Bryant and her friends to uncover the secret that Jodi Gibbons has been protecting—a secret someone believes it is worth killing to keep from being revealed.

And I thought 

This one was much anticipated.  I fell in love with Elmo, Niki and Ryan in book 1.  As I turned the last page I hated to see them go. 

Book 2 was just as good if not better. 

As with all of Lauren Carr 's books she delves into cold cases.  And ends up weaving several storylines together.

While investigating one cold case Niki finds a missing person from 20 years priors case to be suspicious.  

The mother of the missing person asks Niki to help her bring closure. Niki gets on the trail. 

One of my favorite characters in this one was Betty Frost the elderly mother who loves old t.v. mystery shows.  And quotes them in each scene. 

She even decided to stake out the suspects on her own.  And when the main suspect is corned and attempts to flee Betty is quick on her feet and used her cane (which I suspect she really doesn't need) 

It takes some great investigative work on Niki's part but she manages to solve several murders. 

She does have a bit of help bringing one suspect to justice.  Her mother's cats become Ninjas and saved the day when the suspect tries to flee. 

I can on imagine what is in store next for Niki.  

And as usual I am anticipating the next one! 

I received a complimentary copy. 

My review will appear on Amazon and Good Reads. 

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Meet the author 

Lauren Carr Is The Mystery Lady

Lauren Carr is the international best-selling author of the Mac Faraday, Lovers in Crime, Thorny Rose, Chris Matheson Cold Case Mysteries, and Nikki Bryant Cozy Mysteries—over twenty-five titles across five fast-paced mystery series filled with twists and turns!

Book reviewers and readers alike rave about how Lauren Carr seamlessly crosses genres to include mystery, suspense, crime fiction, police procedurals, romance, and humor. 

The owner of Acorn Book Services, Lauren is also a publishing manager, consultant, and virtual book tour coordinator for independent authors.  

Lauren is a popular speaker who has made appearances at schools, youth groups, and on author panels at conventions. 

She lives with her husband, and two spoiled rotten German shepherds on a mountain in Harpers Ferry, WV. 

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Concrete Evidence by Diann Mills


About the book 

On the family’s Brazos River Ranch in Texas, Avery Elliott helps run her grandfather’s commercial construction business. Raised by Senator Elliott, Avery has never doubted her grandfather is the man of integrity and faith she’s always believed him to be . . . until the day she finds him standing with a gun over the body of a dead man. To make matters worse, Avery’s just discovered a billing discrepancy for materials supposedly purchased for construction of the Lago de Cobre Dam.

Desperate for answers, Avery contacts FBI Special Agent Marc Wilkins for help. As Marc works to identify the dead man Avery saw, threats toward Avery create a fresh sense of urgency to pinpoint why someone wants to silence her. With a hurricane approaching the Texas coast and the structural integrity of the Lago de Cobre Dam called into question, time is running out to get to the bottom of a sinister plot that could be endangering the lives of not only Avery and her loved ones but the entire community.

And I thought 

What a page turner.  

There are deaths, attempted murder, pipe bombs and suspects  at every turn! 

There are lots of characters from cooks to ranch hands.  To law enforcement.   

And the main characters and their close friends and family. 

I think a sign of a well written book is when there are this many characters and I have no problem keeping them straight. 

It is easy to say Concrete Evidence is a five star read. 

It was refreshing when toward the end the writer has the reader suspecting family and close friends and co-workers only to find out they are all innocent and not guilty of crimes.  

The true villain is a shady character that plots an almost perfect crime and sets up a fall guy or two to take the blame. 

Filled suspense and twists and turns.  Romance and strong faith.

I had a hard time putting this one down I was wishing there were more hours in my day to read!  

I received a complimentary ARC copy from Net Galley. 

My review will appear on Amazon and Good Reads. 

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Sunday, October 16, 2022

Cozy and Traditional Mystery New Releases


Cozy New  Releases 
(Tradional Mysteries  below) 

The Case of the Amorous Assailant

 by Terry Ambrose 

The Amorous Assailant has frustrated police for months. His MO is always the same. He binds his victims with red silk, kisses them, and leaves them with a red rose. Women throughout the city are worried they’ll be his next victim. Novice PI Jade Cavendish isn’t one of them, though. After inaheriting the Beachtown Detective Agency, she’s worried about landing a paying client. Any client. She’d even settle for a dognapping.  

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Butchery and Bindings 

by ACF Bookens 

Poe Baxter has always wanted to go to Capetown, and when she hears that a rare book by a famous South African novelist has come on the market, she takes the opportunity to fly to the city. But as soon as she and her best friend Beattie begin researching the whereabouts of this supposed literary treasure, they come upon another mystery that takes their attention and puts them in peril. 

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Murder in Plein Air 

by Karen Leigh Charles 

Becca Flynn, an artist-turned private investigator, never dreamed underwear could cause an uproar. But that’s what happens when her best friend, Pix, opens a lingerie boutique in quaint Bayleys Landing. The too-hot-for Main Street undies infuriate the staid residents, and making matters worse, a tabloid TV show invades the town to cover the controversy. Shockwaves rumble along the quiet lanes when one of the Hollywood team is murdered. 

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An Unconventional Mourning 

by Sam Cheever 

MayBell is excited to attend her very first Professional Mourner’s convention. She’s looking forward to meeting other mourners and picking up tips to improve her graveside performances. Anticipating days filled with representative mourning situations and training, May quickly discovers that the corpse lying in the coffin is all too real. To make things worse, May appears to be the last person to have seen the victim the night before. 

Available on Amazon 


Ex’d Out by 

Christine Falcone 

After their divorce, Visiting Nurse Melanie Bass must keep in contact with Dr. Artie Krapaneck, her philandering ex-husband as they share custody of her beloved dog, Bruno. When she arrives at a Connecticut highway rest stop to retrieve the dog for “her week”, she discovers the body of her ex-husband along with that of an unknown woman. It seems that now Artie will finally be out of her life forever. He isn’t.

Available on Amazon 


Memories Are Murder 

by Leslie Langtry 

It’s been years since ex-CIA agent Merry Wrath was undercover with Carlos the Armadillo in Colombia. So why is Teo the Tapir suddenly in Who’s There, Iowa looking for her? Merry and Teo were not on the best terms back then, especially after he attempted to blow her up. Is he in town to get revenge, or is he telling the truth about wanting to retire and let bygones be bygones?   

Available on Amazon 


Murder in Tuscany 

by T.A. Williams 

Nestled high in the Tuscan hills lies Villa Volpone, home to renowned crime writer Jonah Moore and his creative writing course. It’s also the last place retired DCI Dan Armstrong expected to spend his retirement! Dan’s no writer, but maybe this break will help him to think about the next chapter in his own life story? 

Available on Amazon 

A Cast of Falcons 

by Sarah Yarwood-Lovett

Dr Nell Ward is delighted when her childhood friend Percy announces she’s engaged to handsome businessman Hawke McAnstruther – and rashly offers to host the wedding at Finchmere, her family’s estate. But she hadn’t anticipated Percy’s parents’ fiery disapproval of the groom. 

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Traditional Mysteries 

The Burglar Who Met Fredric Brown by Lawrence Block 

You’ve got a dream job, running your own cozy secondhand bookstore, complete with Raffles, your caudally challenged cat. It’s in Greenwich Village, and your best friend’s dog grooming salon is two doors away, and the two of you lunch together and meet for drinks after work.

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Death Sends A Message 

by Kate Flora

Independent school consultant Thea Kozak is adjusting to motherhood and enjoying maternity leave, having just purchased a hat for her newborn son, when a hysterical woman gains her attention. The woman, also a new mother, claims her baby has just been kidnapped. Determined not to get involved, Thea flags down a police officer and hands off the problem. She returns home to her husband Andre, intending to enjoy their precious weeks of parental leave. 

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Before There Were Skeletons 

by Judy Penz Sheluk

The last time anyone saw Veronica Goodman was the night of February 14, 1995, the only clue to her disappearance a silver heart-shaped pendant, found in the parking lot behind the bar where she worked. Twenty-seven years later, Veronica’s daughter, Kate, just a year old when her mother vanished, hires Past & Present Investigations to find out what happened that fateful night.

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Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Throwback Thursday & A Tea Party


A few Facebook friends played Let's Pretend.   

I asked 

Who they would have for Tea

What they would serve

I searched the Internet for fun photos or their Tea Parties . . . 

One friend would invite Author Laura Childs 

 The Tea Time Mysteries...All take place in one of my favorite destinations Charleston.  

Come in and join us for Tea

The garden gate is open . . . 

Step inside . . . 

. . . . For a Southern Themed Tea Party.  

Hot Brown Sandwiches, 

  Shrimp Canapés, Cucumber sandwiches, Smoke Pimento Cheese Crostini, Cucumber Canapés

 and all sorts of tiny sandwiches. . .

Benedictine Sandwiches 

Lemonade to sip 

Or a lovely Iced Tea Mimosa 

Which do you prefer?

And when it's time for dessert . . . 

Bourbon Ice Cream

Dolly Madison 's Woodbury Cinnamon Tea Cakes 

We would sip Earl Grey tea

And then we would take a stroll around Charleston and chat about all the stories . . . 

Throwback Thursday

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Christian Romance New Releases and Sales


Second Chance With The Hero 

by Liwen Y Ho

Two high school sweethearts. One broken marriage. And an unexpected reunion that offers the perfect opportunity for redemption.

Retired midwife Josephine Gilbert is all about her children and grandchildren these days. That’s why she’s moved back to Freedom to be close to her loved ones and to help with her daughter’s upcoming delivery. The last thing she expects is to fall ill and need emergency surgery. What’s worse, the person who offers to help with her recovery is none other than her ex-husband, the man who left her a single mom twenty years ago.

Jack Gilbert spent the last two decades working as a medic on an oil rig, a job that provided him with the financial security he himself never had but so desperately wanted to give his family. The only downfall of that decision was losing the only woman he’s ever loved. When given the chance to care for Josephine, he rushes back without a second thought. It may take a miracle though for him to convince her to accept his help.

With the support of their family, can this estranged couple let go of their past and give their love a second chance  

Available on Amazon

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Restoring Miss Hastings 

by Edwina Kiernan

Devastated by loss… a stranger takes her in.

But will her presence ruin his plans to restore all he’s lost?

Harriet Hastings has nowhere left to turn: after losing both her parents within a few months of each other, she is penniless and alone. So when a distant relative makes arrangements for her future, Harriet faces another loss — leaving the place she calls home to go and live with strangers.

Edmund Derringer’s on a mission: to restore the family heirlooms he pawned to cover the debts of his failed speculation. The last thing he needs is to be saddled with his cousin’s ward — a friendly chatterbox who intrudes on his time, distracting him from the task at hand.

But when outside forces threaten their burgeoning fondness, each will be compelled to re-examine what they really believe about one another, and what their most important goal for the future truly is…

Immersed in faith and intrigue, this Christian Victorian romance from award-winning author Edwina Kiernan will encourage and delight you long after you turn the last page. 

Available on Amazon

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The Potter's House Books (Series 2) by Kristen M. Fraser

Sale price: 99 cents

Sale dates: October 8 - October 16

Available in Kindle Unlimited.

Spend the evening with a cowboy... or eight in this clean and Christian cowboy romance boxed set by bestselling authors! Escape to the quieter life on a ranch, with a cowboy hero who knows how to treat a woman right. They work hard, they shoot straight, and they love deep. Grab this boxed set and read COWBOYS FOREVER!

Available on Amazon
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Character Guest Post Kill Them With Canvas


October 12 – My Reading Journeys – CHARACTER GUEST POST. 

“Dewey, the Whisper Cove Ferry Pilot”

by Bailee Abbott

Hey, folks! My name’s Dewey Sawyer, and I’m proud to be the attendant and pilot of Whisper Cove’s only ferryboat. Yessir, I love my job, even though passengers can be a little much for me to handle at times. You see, I’m a quiet guy, love my privacy, and mostly spend my free time alone since my mom passed away. Gotta admit, after the ferry closes and dark falls over Whisper Cove, it’s me and a few cold brews to keep me company. But I’m a real hard worker and earn my keep. Folks don’t understand, and they often criticize my habits. Walk a mile in my shoes, what I’ve dealt with, and maybe they’d take a little time to sympathize.

Been tending this ferry for over twenty years. It’s a decent job. Used to be three of us taking shifts, but then they built the overpass so’s folks could drive across the lake. Not much need for the ferry after that, except maybe for those tourists who like to experience a ferryboat ride. Mighty convenient since their vehicles get to come along with them. Stow’s a real nice place to visit on the other side of the lake too.

Life is pretty darn uneventful, I’d say. I come to run the ferry in the morning, clean up trash passengers might’ve left behind, which sometimes includes what looks valuable to me, so’s I keep those items in a lost and found box. Then I wait for the first group of folks wanting to ride on the ferry. Yep. A pretty quiet life…until the other evening, I’d say. Shameful I tied one on pretty hard. My cousin borrowed my car for work so’s I had to spend the night at the ferry. Turned out to be an unlucky decision. Now, let me say, I’m not the superstitious sort. Not usually, anyway. But that lake lady ghost story does make me wonder. If anything, I lock my doors tight on Hallows Eve and probably a good two weeks before that day to play safe. I’m not one to take chances. 

However, this particular evening, the one when my cousin borrowed my car, changed everything. If ghosts could put a curse on my life, this was the moment. I should’ve gone home, walked the five miles if need be. But I didn’t. I stayed in my box—it’s the ticket booth I turned into a room where I can take a snooze, or in this case, spend the night—drank a few too many brews because I was feeling a bit down, and then passed out.

I awoke sometime during the evening cause there was a noisy ruckus that stirred me. Not exactly sure since my brain was fuzzy, but I think the noise came from people arguing. I need to sort my thoughts before I say anything more. Like I was telling you, it’s unfortunate that I spent the night since next morning when I was cleaning up the ferry deck, I found a woman floating face down in the lake. Such a horrible sight with her body caught on that fallen tree limb. I squeeze my eyes shut but it doesn’t help erase what I saw that morning.

The worst part is how Detective Barrett thinks I might have done something to harm that poor woman. I swear on my mother’s soul, I didn’t. Sure, I can’t remember most of that evening, being cock-eyed drunk and all, but I could never hurt or murder someone. And murder is what they’re calling it. Someone pushed her in the lake and left her to drown, they say. Swear on a bible, that someone wasn’t me. Drunk or sober, I know that much. I’m a good man, but I’m also a smart one. I know when I’m in trouble. Rumors spreading, folks whispering when I come around, giving me sideways looks, it’s all there. I see my doomed future. I’m looking at a noose, cinched tight around my neck, leaving me ready to hang for something I never could do

I’m thinking about running off in a few days, stay out of sight until they catch the one who’s guilty. My friend Marvin has a place in the hills, deep in the Allegheny forest. It’s a small hunting cabin, but it’ll do. Yessir. Hide out for a spell. My cousin will give me word when it’s safe to return home. I can wait that long, I’d say.

Meanwhile, I’ll stay put, do my job, keep my mouth shut, and stay clear of that detective, if possible. Course, those sweet Abbington sisters will come around and ask questions. After all, it’s their aunt who’s favored to be even more guilty than me. I heard she and that poor woman who drowned argued like they was ready to kill one another. Well, maybe that’s exactly what their aunt did. Killed the other out of pure anger, over some silly chapter being gone. Sisterhood ladies of Chautauqua Lake, I think I heard someone call it. What a shame. To kill someone over some ladies’ froufrou club. Yessir. Getting away from folks and their ridiculous notions might be exactly what I need.

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