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Blue Ribbon Trail Ride-Miralee Ferrell-Book Review

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This Y/A was a fun read for me. (even as an adult) I was super impressed with the authors knowledge about horses and riding disciplines.  She did an excellent job propelling the reader into the story.  
The story is about Kate and her friends Tori and Colt and their plan to host a Trail Ride to raise money for autistic children to go to a special camp just for them.  
Everything is going well until the money box disappears just before the event!  The three decide the only thing to do is try to find it kind of Hardy Boys style as suggested by Colt.
I loved the story because it reminded me of my years of reading Trixie Belden. 

I expected the other books in the series would be 'mysterish' storylines but they are not. 

What I enjoyed most about the book(s) besides the horse theme was that the author brought into the storyline some other themes/life struggles that the youngsters learned to cope and deal with. 

This book includes Autism (Kate's younger brother is autistic) as well as the struggles of the elderly.  (the neighbor is a hoarder)

Kate learns to trust God and to ask him for direction in many situations.  Sometimes only after making a few mistakes on her own. 

I loved the the additional 'A Little More' follow up at the end.
And the 'Secrets for your diary' questions. 

This was an easy read.  I would love to share these books with my grand children when they are a little older.
I think these would be excellent books to read together as a family. 

This series would be a great addition to a school library.

I highly recommend this series Horses and Friends by Miralee  and rate it worthy of 5 Blue Ribbons

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I received this book from Litfuse Publicity in exchange for my honest review.

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  1. This sounds like a book my elder daughter would really enjoy- she is very into horses just now, and reads voraciously! Thank you for sharing your review :-)