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Hard Sell by Lauren Layne-Release Day Blitz-Review

Review: Hard Sell by Lauren Layne
About the book 
Hard Sell by Lauren Layne 
Series: 21 Wall Street Series #2 

Standalone with interconnedPublished by AmazonMontlake Romance on September 4, 2018 
Genres: ContemporaryRomance 
Point of View: Alternating First Person Matt/Sabrina
Pages: 252 
Format: eARC 
Source: NetGalley 
Brilliantly hot Matt Cannon doesn't mind his "boy wonder" nickname. At twenty-eight, he may be the youngest--and richest--broker at his firm, but the constant string of women in his bed know he's all man. When Matt's boss insists he clean up his image to land a potential investor, Matt knows just the woman to pose as his girlfriend.
Sabrina Cross is Wall Street's go-to "fixer"--a chameleon of a woman who can be anything, to any man, for any reason, with just one rule: no touching. Matt and Sabrina have always been like oil and water, but their new arrangement lights a match to the animosity and leads to something altogether hotter.
And I thought 
Lauren Layne got me at the cover!  Hard Sell was an easy sell!
This was a fun, witty and romantic story that kept this reader turning the pages and wanting more.  
Although Hard Sell is book 2 I wasn't lost at all. But I was wishin'
I had gotten to read book 1 not necessarily before reading book 2 the characters are all so engaging you want to read more. 
The group Matt (in Hard Sell) his best friends and co-workers
Ian (book 1 Hard Assets) and Kennedy make up a charming group of guys. 
Then you throw in the girls Sabrina (Hard Sell), Lara (Hard Assets) 
Ian's fiancee and Kate who happens to be the personal assistant to all 3 guys you have a mix of great friends; sweet romance and a little laughter thrown in. 
The cander between the guys, the guys/girls and the girls is just fun.
Matt and Sabrina's story starts with them at each others throats almost litterally.  Then they are thrown together because Sabrina is 
a kind of 'fixer' and Matt's rep needs some fixin' and fast. 
The only problem the two have a little bit of a past that keeps them fussing and keeps them simmering too. 
Which adds to the problem. The problem does end up getting bigger as the two begin to understand each other get past just the bedroom.
Yes there was that back in the day which caused Matt to become the enemy.  At least for awhile. 
Charming as he is manages to get back into Sabrina's good graces.
But that's mainly because she has really liked/loved him all this time she just didn't realize it.
Hard Sell is a great romance with just enough sizzle.  The bedroom scenes would cause mama to blush so don't tell her! 
I can't wait to read Ian and Lara's story and Kennedy's story in book 3.  

I received a complimentary copy. 
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