Thursday, June 13, 2019

Release Day-Book Spotlight- Every dog has his day by Chloe Grace

They say every dog has his day.Well today I've had mine.
Hey, I'm Albertus Eagle and it turns out I'm an unwitting pet detective. I haven't always been such a successful legal beagle, but when I'm confronted with a case that is so personal I can't ignore it, I discover I have a passion for finding those who don't want to be found.
Cleo the cat? Well, she tags along for the ride.
I've not only found myself a new home after the untimely demise of my previous owner, but I've also made amends with the cat. It turns out she's not that bad, really.
On top of that, what sends shivers racing down my spine to my paws, is that we've fingered a killer.
Because you humans underestimate us animals. And while you go about your business ignoring our very existence, the cat and I are listening and taking notes.

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