Monday, August 5, 2019

Rich And Gone by W.F. Ranew-Goddess Fish Promo. Tour-Review/Giveaway

About the book 
PI Red Farlow is on the hunt to find $300 million a Florida insurance executive has bilked out of family and friends.

Woody Cunningham stashed the money in safe havens around the world before disappearing. Has he been done in by one of his enemies? Or did he skip town with his girlfriend to live off the ill-gotten wealth? If that’s the case, where is he?

Farlow must quickly learn how and why people hide their money in offshore accounts if he's to find out what happened to Cunningham.

When a tough guy from Farlow's past resurfaces, wanting to settle an old score, Farlow discovers he also has links to the missing man. Clues lead him across Georgia and Floridaand Europe, to find the answers.

Is Woody Cunningham dead, or just rich and gone?

Read an excerpt 

We straddled barbed wire in a low-slung section of the fence and tramped toward the cabin pitched above the languid, black-water river, stained dark by tannins of vegetation. Along its banks, the sugar loaf knees of cypress trees rose up out of the water. An idyllic spot, if you loved pines, mossy oaks, solitude, and an occasional water moccasin basking on a stump. Lord, it was quiet out here. A quiet broken only by the gently moving stream, birds chirping, and fish jumping. In the distance, a mourning dove sang its song of lamentation.

The dark brown chink-log cabin looked rustic enough. Upon closer inspection, modern accouterments stood out. A roof-mounted satellite dish turned up to the southwestern sky, and a surveillance camera pointed in our direction. A deck had been added at some point and wrapped around the original structure. One section, with a hot tub, hammock, and rocking chairs, extended over the riverbank.

Cunningham owned an expensive collection of shotguns for his frequent hunting trips on the property. Had he kept them in this house? Probably not. He was an insurance executive after all.

And I thought
A good read.  The cover had me.  Red Farlow was/is an easily like able character.  W.F. Ranew did a great job of starting a new series with a capable character.  
This was a good and fast read.  There are twists and turns  and a lot of mystery to discover.   
Red runs into quite a few other characters old acquaintances, old buddies that bring to light his background for the reader. 
As he investigates  Cunningham's disappearance more characters are brought into the mix.  
With each twist and turn this reader was turning the pages and on the edge of the seat.  

I enjoyed Rich And Gone and look forward to reading more. 
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