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The Sheriff's Baby Bargain by Susan Lute-Goddess Fish Promotions

About the book
She's just what the doctor ordered... but never knew he needed

U.S. Marshal-turned-Sheriff Taylor James can trace her family back to the original thirteen Marshals appointed by George Washington. She's good at her job, but once they find out she's the local law, she can't get even one of her dates to stay past the appetizers. Her plan? Convince good friend and hot neighbor Dr. Gabriel Adams to give her dating lessons since his dance card is always full.

A survivor of childhood leukemia with no guarantee his remission will last, Gabe lives by two rules: Don't get emotionally involved and don't let his well organized life spiral out of control. When he's given a baby, with his name on her birth certificate, he needs Taylor's help. But dangling dating lessons in exchange? If that will get the dedicated sheriff to lend a helping hand, could it be a bargain worth making?

And I thought 
A super great read.  I really didn't know what to expect when I was offered the spot on this tour.  
I didn't realize this was a Sweet Clean story and for that I was pleasantly surprised.  Susan Lute was a new author to me.  I am 
glad I got this chance to read this book.

I loved all the characters.  Taylor and Gabe are fun and charming. 
Friends that are slowly moving into a relationship that they don't intend on are suddenly thrust into a situation that has them growing closer without intending to.  
When baby Rose is left to Dr. Gabe by her teenager mother Taylor and Gabe begin caring for Rose  and making bargains on how to make that happen as Dr. Gabe searches for a couple to adopt the baby. 
There were a couple of parts that were predictable. . . what happens to the baby's mom . . .and where she ends up. 
 And well the ending because it was a love story Yes Dr. Gabe and Taylor get together in the end making this a Happy Ever After. 

I really enjoyed reading The Sheriff's Baby Bargain and have the 
rest of this series on my TBR list. 

I received a complimentary copy. 
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