Wednesday, July 20, 2022

Read an Excerpt The Sign of the Calico Quartz by Jan Drexler

 July 21 – My Reading Journeys – SPOTLIGHT WITH EXCERPT

“This must be Thatcher.” I held the corgi’s smiling face between my hands and rubbed his ears. His tri-color markings included black lines around his eyes that made him look like he was wearing spectacles.

“That dog.” Humorous disgust filled Wil’s voice. “He got out of his crate again. I keep telling Rose that she needs to put a lock on that thing.”

“He’s just a smart puppy.” The dog’s eyes half-closed as I scratched his chest. “And the cutest thing.”

“Cutest brat, you mean.” Wil closed the door and picked up my suitcase. “As long as Rose is at home, he’s fine. But as soon as she walks out the door, he’s a holy terror.”

“He can’t be that bad.” I watched the dog approach the door of Tim’s cat carrier, caution in every step. “It looks like he and Tim might get along.”


“My cat.” I indicated the crate. Thatcher’s nose was stuck through the wire door and his tail was wiggling.

“That dog doesn’t get along with anyone.”

His smile belied his gruff words. It was just a bit crooked. One a girl would die for. I grabbed Tim’s carrier and stood up again, dusting my knees with the other hand to avoid his gaze. Maybe some girls would fall for a grin like that, but it would be a long time before another guy caught my eye, cute as a teen heartthrob or not. 


  1. Thanks for spotlighting The Sign of the Calico Quartz today!

  2. I really enjoyed this book. Can't wait for book 2. I could see it as a Hallmark Mystery series.