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       When Death Draws Near

About the book (provided by Litfuse)...Plunge into forensic artist Gwen Marcey's world, full of cold-case murders, shady politics, and a den of venomous suspects. Add Carrie Stuart Parks' new Gwen Marcey novel, When Death Draws Near, to the top of your must-read list. Gwen accepts temporary work in Pikeville, Kentucky—a small town facing big-city crime. But before she can finish her first drawing of the serial rapist who is on the loose, the latest witness vanishes. Just like all the others. Can Gwen uncover the truth—and convince anyone to believe her—before she becomes a victim herself? 

And I thought . . . When I was offered the opportunity to read and review this book  I was excited.   I am a fan of thrilling suspenseful and a little romantic books.   I  opened it and began reading the day I received it.  I got to the end of chapter two and put it down.  It didn't 'click'.
A few weeks later I picked it up again.  I got a little farther along but I just couldn't get into this book. 
This weekend because this review is due I picked up with the intention of reading it all the way through. 
And honestly it finally began to become interesting to me.  But as I finished the last page I was back to my first impression.  I didn't like this book. 
The story was good.  The story was filled with bumps and twists and turns.  The reader is caught of guard at the end wondering just who is behind all the violence.  
But I didn't connect and frankly I really didn't like the main character.  I got annoyed with her constant turning everything that happened around her or circumstances to her own past misfortunes and failures.  The past was always on her mind and seemed to be always brought into the present through her references.  
When she receives a phone call from her ex-husband informing her he was sending their teenage daughter to her my thought was ridiculous!  Who in their right mind sends their daughter to their ex 
(who they already have issues concerning parenting with)who is on assignment out of town knowing that these assignments tend to lead to danger.  
And Gwen the main character just says o.k and goes and picks her up at the airport!  This is after she has already had two attempts made on her life for investigating the towns recent murders and rape cases.  
The craziness continues after the daughters arrival and until the end.  Which btw turns out o.k. for all. 
Personally I could have left all that drama out of the story and I think it would have been much better.  
Admittedly I have not read the 1st two installments in this series.  And maybe if I had I would have liked the story and the main character better.  Maybe I would have understood the reasoning.  

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