Friday, August 26, 2016

Book Spotlight-Mystery Mountain Book 4

Mystery Mountain is Book 4 ...The Saga of Rugged Mountain Living Continues as Killers infiltrate Raincraft

About the book provided by Amazon
This is the fourth book in Marie Grace's series, MYSTERY MOUNTAIN. 
A teen is violently kidnapped and held hostage to get their hands on a family in the Witness Protection Program.
A brutalized family is rescued - from the father.
A painful hidden fracture is discovered on a rape victim, and now mountain justice must prevail. An old printer is discovered; what to do with it? 
An apartment dug out of the mountain is finished.
Romance blooms with unlikely characters.
A giant of a man creates a haven for a destitute widow and her sons.

Book five is in the making as the lives of and trials of 'Mountain and Back Woods People' step from the shadows of the forest on top of a mountain.

A little more provided by BookLook 
Marie Grace wows readers with the fourth novel in her Mystery Mountain series. In the small town of Raincroft, the bonds of love and family are stronger than all outside or dangerous influences and adventures while romance blossoms between two unlikely people. Through determination and strength, Grace’s engaging characters find the courage to overcome adversity.

And I thought...
I am a little on the fence about this book.  I requested the book from BookLook to review and I had high hopes for it. 
I was intrigued by the description.  
I received the book and began reading on my computer using the Kindle Cloud Reader. 
I think possibly if I had been reading a paperback copy I might have enjoyed it much more.  And been able to finish it.

I didn't finish the book.  It just became a little daunting with the review post hanging over my head.  

It took me a very long time to read which isn't normal for me. 
I enjoyed the storyline as it was described and I enjoy the characters. 

But there were a lot of characters and I had difficulty keeping them straight. 
I wish that the author had included a cast of characters for the reader.  

Since this was Book 4 I did feel a little lost.  Normally I don't have a problem with reading books out of order.  But this one was difficult. 

If I had the opportunity to read a paper back copy of the book I would be glad to give it another chance.  

I received a complimentary Kindle copy from BookLook.

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