Monday, May 29, 2017

Black Tie Optional-Interview with Author Anne Marie Walker

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Welcome Ann Marie!  I am delighted to have the chance to chat
about your Wild Wedding series and Black Tie Optional

Let’s break the ice with a couple silly questions! 

Do you prefer nuts in your chocolate of no nuts?
I am a no nuts girl. HeHe
Honestly I like chocolate in all its forms, except when paired with fruit! Why ruin my chocolate by trying to make it healthy! :)

Do you go ‘out’ to buy your own groceries or do you have
your groceries delivered?
I do my own shopping and I'm sorry to say, I'm at the store far too often. Need to plan better!

This is a question I always ask.  Do you have a pet that helps
you with your writing? 
I have a two year old Morkie who makes many appearances in my Instagram feed. As for helping, he's better at begging for belly rubs and treats!

I couldn’t help but wonder if Olivia's dog Bucky was fictional or not?  I thoroughly enjoyed visiting Olivia’s Parent’s farm.   
Bucky was fictional. I'm glad you enjoyed those scenes. They were a lot of fun to write.

As a resident of Chicago I can see why you’ve located Coleman and Olivia in  Chicago but I’m a little curious.

Are you a farm girl?   If not how did you research farm life? 
I was raised in Tennessee, although not on a farm. My father's family were farmers and we would visit them when I was younger.

You just got the word that Black Tie Optional is going to be a movie.
You get to choose the leads.  Who would you choose for Coleman and Olivia?
Oh goodness, first I would have to recover from fainting!! As for casting, I would leave that to the professionals. In my first series, I knew from the start that Hudson Chase was David Gandy. With this book I had an image in mind, but not a specific actor/model.

And lastly can you please give us a sneak peek at book 2?  Will we see Coleman and Olivia again?  Connor, Cassie and hopefully Rebecca! The second book of the Wild Wedding Series, ICING ON THE CAKE, will feature Cassie as the female lead. All the characters from BTO will make appearances along with a few new ones as well. The first chapter is actually at the end of book one. Let's just say it has a royal surprise! ;)

Will Coleman’s grandmother make an appearance.  Maybe redeeming herself a little?  I would love to ask if she fictional or not but I won’t!
Hmm, not in book two but maybe in the third installment when Cole's sister Rebecca takes the lead.

I am on pins and needles waiting to go on the next Wild Wedding!

Thanks for a fun chat.  I look forward to chatting about the next book!
Or maybe one of your other books!
Thanks for having me and happy reading!

                    Thank you and thanks for the excerpt.  Happy Tour!    

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