Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Happy-Blast From The Past

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I wanted to write a post today.  I wanted to share with you something meaningful.  Something fun or funny.  But  I didn't have a fun or funny thought in my tired body.  

And then  I had . . . 
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Rarely do I get on Face Book.  Tonight I was bored or prompted which ever it doesn't matter because I had the most precious, beautiful message I could imagine. 

You see years ago.  Back in the day we mentored incarcerated 
teens. Teenage girls incarcerated.   We still mentor boys.
Incarcerated for offences like setting a dumpster on fire, stealing video equipment from the school, and many other offences that are shocking.  These kids were in prison.  Not jail.  There is a huge difference.

There were many girls that I will never ever forget. 

 Waaaay back in the day when all this was going on I was cautioned by our supervisors not to give phone numbers etc.  to these youth.  

I/we through caution to the wind and gave our  cell #'s to these struggling youth when they left prison and went home or to a halfway house. 

Through the years I have had many boys and a few girls maintain contact.  

Today I received a message from one of our (my) girls!  She was 
able to go to another state (which rarely happens) to be with 
her family.  

She will be visiting in our area this month and she 
reached out to meet/connect with me.  

I read the FB message and I bawled.  Yes I had tears streaming down my face!

God is so good.  To bring this beautiful young women back into my life is such a blessing.  I cannot express the feelings I have to know that this beautiful woman is so comfortable in her walk with God that she would reach out to me/us. 

If she wasn't she would not cross that line.  Many years ago she 
was introduced to Jesus and she accepted him into her heart and she became a 'new virgin'.  (her words)

She is a grown woman now and I praise God that I was able to be a small part in her life.  

I can't wait to see her again!

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