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Book Review-Primrose Lane by Debbie Mason

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About the book 
Love is the best medicine.

Olivia Davenport has finally gotten her life back together. She’s left her painful past behind, started over in a new town, and become Harmony Harbor’s most sought-after event planner. But her past catches up to her when Olivia learns that she’s now guardian of her ex’s young daughter. With her world spinning, Olivia must reconcile her old life with her new one. And she doesn’t have time for her new next door neighbor, no matter how handsome he is.

Olivia may act like she’s got everything under control, but Dr. Finn Gallagher knows a person in over her head when he sees one. He’d really like to be the shoulder she leans on, but Olivia makes it clear she doesn’t want his help. Since he’s returned to town, his waiting room has been full of single women feigning illness. Yet the one woman he’s interested in is avoiding him. But with a little help from some matchmaking widows and a precocious little girl, Finn might just win Olivia over.

And I thought
What a lovely and delightful love story!  I totally enjoyed getting to know the Gallagher clan and the townsfolk of Harmony Harbor!

Harmony Harbor seems like a wonderful place to live or visit.  The B&B the Gallagher family owns would be a must for a holiday. 

Wouldn't be great if places like were real?  And well for a few hours they are.  Debbie does a wonderful job of weaving a story/plot,the characters and locale into a place you want to spend your afternoon.

I thought this wasn't a typical contemporary romance.  There was a little mystery involved and some villainy to make this romance  a little more interesting and spellbinding.  

The love story is sweet and just what a reader would want.  This was a clean book.  No bedroom scenes.  

The characters were fun and goofy and love able.  Finn and Olivia are delightful.  They seem to get off on the wrong foot when Finn suspects Olivia is using drugs.  Once Olivia 'opens' up and tells Finn was is really going on with her they can't help become friends and later fall in love.  

The story revolves around Olivia's past with her husband and his mistakes just before his death. When Olivia receives word from his lawyer that he had a daughter and Olivia is named guardian.  

Olivia's world is torn apart until Finn helps her accept the child that is dumped into her lap.  

Georgina who goes by 'George' arrives as a bit of a 'terror' but it dosen't take long for every to fall in love with the sweet little girl.  Even the grandparents who decide to fight Olivia for custody.  

Primrose Lane is book 4 in the Harmony Harbor series featuring the Gallagher family.  Because I read the book on my phone and I didn't really read the description before I read the book I didn't know it was book 4. 

I was interested in the rest of the family and wondered if there were other installments.  I don't think reader needs to read the books in order.  But it would be fun!  

I loved Primrose Lane and look forward to reading the remainder of the series.  For information on the series and other books visit the authors website.  Click here

Coffee with a character
Sometimes there are characters that just jump off the pages and beg to sit down for a cup of coffee! 
There were a few on Primrose Lane that I would have loved to share a cup of coffee with.  
But the character today I most want to chat with if I could would just be happy I am sure to lay at my feet and chew on a bone!
Maybe it's because I don't have a dog currently.  
Finn's dog Miller was just a hoot!  He was one of those dogs that just acts almost human.  Finn and Miller were a team.  The had a connection.  He was a cool and fun dog and very smart!  
I think when I get another dog I'll train him to 'play dead' when 
I point a finger at him!  You gotta read Primrose Lane and meet

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