Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Book Review-Brazen Gambit

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Only a small blip in the lives of lifelong best friends Arnie Fischer and Zellie Morgan, who with no license and even less practical experience form a detective agency. Their fervent desire for a nice little “find stuff” business rapidly devolves into perilous encounters with a mysterious buxom blonde client, a dead body, assorted mobsters, a sleazy detective, a sinister fashion designer, a car dealership owner only vaguely clinging to reality, and yes, a naked ex-girlfriend on the couch. And even more dangerous – navigating a burgeoning romantic relationship. No problem.

Of course, saving Zellie from the clutches of very dangerous people might be a little more difficult…
And I thought
Brazen Gambit book 1 of a new series has all the elements of a great Cozy Mystery. . . 
fun characters, a small town, animal lovers, down played sex and violence and humor.

Zellie and Arnie are new P.I.'s and fun characters that get mixed up in their first case.  Which turns out to be bizzare when the client hires them and then disappears. 

Zellie and Arnie who are long time friends struggle through trying to solve mysteries and solve their own feelings for each other. 
The 'wanna be' P.I's are helped and encouraged in their romantic relationship by townsfolk Marla (the friendly lawyer) Ted (the wacky inventor) and a few others that just either offer coffee  the Moo Mart owner the bagel shop owner and the Chinese takeout

The story is filled with some twists and turns that keep you a bit confused but interested to read to the end to figure it all out.
If your a lover of Cozy Mysteries check out Brazen Gambit.

I completely enjoyed my introduction to Zellie and Arnie and look forward to reading more in the series. 

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