Thursday, October 12, 2017

Thrill Of Love by Melissa Foster-Book Review/Excerpt/Giveaway

Thrill of Love (The Bradens at Peaceful Harbor, MD)
About the book 
Fall in love with Ty Braden and Aiyla Bell in this epic love story. Fate brings them together, but will tragedy tear them apart?
Do you believe in fate?
World-renowned mountain climber and nature photographer Ty Braden never believed in second dates, much less heart-pounding, steal-his-breath love. But that was before a trip to Saint-Luc, where he met funny, strong, and entrancingly beautiful Aiyla Bell, a ski instructor and fellow photographer whose hopes and dreams, and love of the outdoors, aligned perfectly with his–and whose kisses alone turned him inside out.
After spending five magical days and four sweet, soulful nights falling in love, Aiyla couldn’t imagine a day without Ty. But when he asked her to go with him on his next assignment, his reputation for having women at his beck and call stopped her from upending the life she’d worked so hard to create.
Months later fate steps in when a chance encounter brings Ty and Aiyla together for a five-day wilderness event held in the Colorado Mountains. Their deep, passionate connection is stronger than ever, and Ty is bound and determined not to lose her again. But when tragedy strikes and their worlds are turned upside down, their love faces the truest test of all.
And I thought
A 5 star start to a new series for me!

I have a habit of not reading the synopsis that is provided when I am offered a book to review.  
That is what I did with this one.  I just saw romance with very little heat and requested it.   
When I began reading I was immediately drawn into the love story of Ty and Aiyla.  I didn't really realize it was apart of a series because I was reading on my phone and couldn't see the cover well enough and since I didn't read the synopsis I didn't know. 

But, as I read I began to pick up on how some of the other characters were woven into the story and wondered if they had been introduced in a previous book.  

The other thing I kept thinking was is this gonna end happy?
I almost dreaded each turn of the page. 
I could see something was going on and I was hoping for Ty and 
Aiyla that the tragedy wouldn't tear them apart. 

Thrill Of Love was a super sweet story!   

Ty was such a sweet main character.  He was one of those guys that you dream about.  He was physically strong and athletic.
He was a super sweet guy.  And he was romantic! 

Aiyla was just as sweet.  She had a strong spirit.  

I enjoyed Ty's family.  They were loving toward each other and accepting of Aiyla.   

I loved the commraderie Ty had with his brothers.  

Thrill Of Love was a great introduction to me to the Braden's of Peaceful Harbor.   

I enjoyed it and look forward to reading more of this series!

I received a complimentary copy from Tasty Book Tours. 
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Read and excerpt
He leaned in close, and she held her breath, readying for a kiss she wasn’t sure she should accept—but she wanted nonetheless. She closed her eyes and his lips touched her cheek.
“Good luck out there, baby cakes,” he said just above a whisper, and walked away.
The air rushed from her lungs. Baby cakes. That’s what he’d called her last time they were together, though she’d never known why. Did he call everyone baby cakes? And if so, did those other women feel as special as she did when he said it? She watched him walk away and noticed several other girls also enjoying the view of his fine ass in those tight cycling shorts. Life would be a whole lot easier if she were more like her much-older sister, Cherise, who had raised her from the time Aiyla was fifteen, when they’d lost their mother. Cherise lived a careful, meticulously orchestrated life, void of any risks, including those that pertained to her heart. She’d married a safe, reliable accountant with no sense of adventure. They had a comfortable home with a white picket fence and two adorable little boys. Just the idea of living such a mundane life made Aiyla’s stomach turn. Hadn’t their mother’s death taught her sister that fate played its hand no matter how many walls one erected? Living a safe, boring life in fear of it all being taken away wasn’t living at all.
Aiyla had accepted long ago that she’d never be a white-picket-fence type of girl. She loved adventures, thrived on capturing in photographs that would live on forever the faces of people who had lived full, even if torturous, lives. And she felt rejuvenated when surrounded by untamed wilderness. As she forced her gaze away from Ty, her fingers absently brushing over the cheek he’d kissed, she had to admit, she also enjoyed the sheer energy of a man marking his territory.

Now, if only she could focus on the race instead of the man who’d set her heart on fire.



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  1. I'm so glad you gave Thrill of Love a try sight unseen, and better yet--you liked it! Thank you for your honest review! XOXO