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Farewell, My Cuckoo by Marty Wingate- Great Escapes Tour- Review

About the book (provided by Great Escapes Tours)
Julia Lanchester must defend her love nest from an invasive species: her boyfriend’s sister. And then there’s the little matter of murder . . .
“The cuckoo comes in April and sings its song in May. In June it changes tune and July it flies away.”
Wedding bells are ringing in the small British village of Smeaton-under-Lyme. Julia Lanchester’s second-in-command at the local tourist center is finally getting married, and the lovebirds are giving Julia and her live-in boyfriend, Michael Sedgwick, ideas about their own future. But before anyone can say “Will you,” Michael’s flighty older sister, Pammy, crashes the party, fresh off a breakup and lugging all her worldly possessions around with her in a tangle of plastic bags.
Before long, Julia’s cozy cottage starts feeling more like Pammy’s bachelorette pad. To keep herself from going cuckoo, Julia throws herself into her pet projects at work—until death disrupts her plans. First a body is found on the estate. Then the police discover that Pammy was the last one to see the man alive. And soon Julia gets the feeling that if she ever wants her home—or her boyfriend—back, she’ll have to get to the bottom of this mystery, even if it means breaking a few eggs.
And others are saying 
For a series that centers around birds, the mysteries are salted with a surprising number of tasty red herrings. It is all too easy to understand why Julia’s amateur sleuthing so often leads her astray – because the reader is right there with her.
~Reading Reality
This is one of those books that you read it more for the familiarity and connection to the characters than the mystery per se. Of course, we can not forget that someone has died and let me say that this is a quite twisted mystery, but when you follow a series, is because you like the characters and how the author writes, don’t you think?
Ms. Wingate is one of a very small handful of writers for which reading their latest book is ‘de rigueur’ for me. It’s like Christmas and my birthday all rolled into one when I get my hands on her latest title. . .
~Back Porchervations
And I thought 
This was my introduction to Marty Wingate and The Birds 
Of A Feather mystery series.  
The main characters are Julia and her boyfriend Michael. 
In this installment Michael's sister Pammy arrives in town and settles into Julia and Michael's lives and apartment for a few days that turns into weeks.  Pammy's arrival turns everything upside down and 'crowded' in the 1 bedroom 1 apartment/cottage that Julia and Michael share. 
And then mere hours after Pammy's arrival a dead body is discovered in their little village.  

Leaving the reader thinking 'hmm'.  

This was an interesting read for me because it takes place in an English village.  Many of the residents live on land owned by the 
local Lord Linus.  Even Julia's cottage is part of the estate as she is the Manager of the tourist center.  

Even though the story line centers around the investigation of the murder that is a lot about bird watching.  Which is new to me but I was interested.

The plot seemed to run a little slow for me.  There wasn't a lot 
of sinister situations until almost the very end. 

There are a lot of towns people involved in the story making it a bit hard to keep up with everyone.  

Even though in the beginning I suspected that the 'Cuckoo' was Pammy and Julia was waiting to be rid of her they did become friends in the end.  And. Pammy found work and planned to 
move into her own place. 

I guess we will have to wait for the next book to see how Pammy's new job and new place works out. 

Farewell My Cuckoo  was a good read and I would enjoy reading more in the series and getting to know  some of the other characters.  

I received a complimentary copy. 
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