Friday, April 27, 2018

The Marmalade Murders-Great Escapes Tour-Review/Giveaway

About the book 
The latest book in an award-winning mystery series, celebrated for its small-town charm and picturesque Welsh setting and starring amateur sleuth Penny Brannigan.
The competition is friendly and just a little fierce at the annual Llanelen agricultural show as town and country folk gather for the outdoor judging of farm animals and indoor judging of cakes, pies, pastries, chutneys, jams and jellies, along with vegetables, fruit and flowers. But this year, there’s a new show category: murder.
Local artist, Spa owner, and amateur sleuth Penny Brannigan agrees to help with the intake of the domestic arts entries and to judge the children’s pet competition on show day. When the president of the Welsh Women’s Guild isn’t on hand to see her granddaughter and pet pug win a prize, the family becomes concerned. When a carrot cake entered in the competition goes missing, something is clearly amiss.
A black Labrador Retriever belonging to the agricultural show’s president discovers the body of the missing woman under the baked goods table. A newcomer to town, a transgender woman, is suspected, but amateur sleuth Penny Brannigan believes her to be innocent. She sets out to find the real killer, but when a second body is discovered days later, the case is thrown into confusion, and Penny knows it’s up to her to figure out what happened—and why.
And others are saying 
If you love a gentle British cozy mystery set in the stunning Welsh country with puzzles and murders and suspects aplenty then this is just the kind of riddle you’ll love!
The author has a gift for conveying the beautiful Welsh scenery and making you feel the setting with your senses.
~The Power of Words
The writing is descriptive and beautiful and makes me long for summer days and fall harvest events.
~Laura’s Interests
And I thought 
There were things about this book that I really like.  There were
things that I had to say 'Hmm'. 
I loved and enjoyed the location.  I loved the down home feel of the agriculture show.  Brought back memories for this Texan.  Give me a story with a horse or animal and I am usually drawn in. 
I loved the plot surrounding the show.  
Our main character and her friends are left with no shortage of suspects as they try to figure out who was behind the chaos and 
The story/plot is solid.  The characters all of them are well developed.  
Elizabeth Duncan does a great job of setting a scene and giving this
Texas girl a view of the English country side and it's values, traditions and culture. 
Although The Marmalade Murders is #9 in the series the characters are introduced with enough back story so I was not 
left 'in the dark' or confused. 
If you enjoy cozy mysteries this is one to check out.  
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