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Summer Plans and other disasters by Karin Beery-Review

About the book 
Elementary school music teacher Callie Stevens thinks she’s finally figured out God’s plan for her life—she even made a list to keep her on track.

Moving in with her brother and reconnecting with her ex-boyfriend are at the top of the list. What’s not on the list is running into her childhood crush, Ryan. God wanted her to connect with Kyle, right?

Trying to figure out God’s plan is hard enough. But a dating-averse older brother, the young blonde who adores him, a pregnant best friend, and Callie’s continual mishaps make her wonder whether her best laid plans were truly God-inspired. 

And I thought
I love a good romance.  I love a good romance that is sweet and clean.  I love a good romance that falls under the inspirational category.  

Summer Plans and other disasters meet all my favorites. 

There was lots I actually really liked like the above about the book. 

 There was lots that I was just kind of left shaking my head. 

Honestly I just didn't really get 'into' Callie's character.  I love that she set out to follow God's plan for her life.  But I felt she acted more like she was 16 than a 27 year old that lived on her own. 
She was a ditz at least while she was spending the summer with her brother.  It made me wonder how she managed to live on her own. 
Every move she made to help her brother she messed things up.  
Tripping over carpet when she arrives.  Falling into a dumpster. 
Mowing over a bag of trash.  The list kind of just went on.  Leading me to just kind of think 'Good grief'.  
Her brother Jack was a nice guy with commitment issues.  (On the romance side)  He liked a girl but was hung up on how old she was/is.
But he was a great big brother. 
His best friend Ryan has an interest in Callie.  
And then there's the ex boyfriend that Callie returned to town to at least she thought.  You'll have to check it out.
No beans spilled here.

All in all this was a good romance.  A good story.  But I just kind of thought that the characters and how they acted was more high school than grown adults. 

I say this with a whole lot of regret.  Because I really wanted to like this book more.   

I wanted the good clean romance to jump out as a great book.  
But for me it wasn't great.  It was good. 

I read it in 2 days which is normal for me.  It was a fast read. And interesting story/plot that is actually great for a teenager. A clean sweet romance is hard to find.
Especially one that centers on God's plan without being pushy.

I would be interested in giving this author another chance and will look for more books. 
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