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Blue Girl on a Night Dream Sea by Ginny Fite- I Read Book Tours

Blue Girl on a Night Dream Sea by Ginny Fite

About the book 
Sometimes the last person you save is yourself. Elena must take her city back from terrorists. Hana must save her tribe from the wrath of a ruthless king. They’re stronger together. The problem is they’re 4,000 years and 6,000 miles apart. Wounded during a terrorist attack, NYC police commando Elena Labat wakes from her coma aboard a Phoenician boat on the Mediterranean Sea to find a young girl lashed to the mast. The girl is Hana, who has trekked across Bronze Age Lebanon with Danel to prevent a king from destroying her tribe. Elena knows she must save Hana. And Hana must escape the barbarians who abducted her before she can find Danel and go home. Slipping in and out of unconsciousness, Elena teaches Hana everything she can, protecting her from barbarians, a priestess, and a king. But Elena’s family needs her, and she can’t stay in the past. Hana will have to succeed on her own.

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And I thought

I have read a few others books by Ginny Fite and really enjoyed them.  Even though this is not my normal kind of read.  I thought I would give Ginny a chance and introduce me to something new.
Ginny Fite pleases the reader that prefers Suspense or Fantasy.
This was a really interesting read for me. 
The characters were interesting.  The story told in a way that keeps you interested. 
I was engaged from the beginning.  A real page turner.
Thanks Ginny for introducing me to something new. 
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