Thursday, December 5, 2019

Secrets And LIes by P.H. Turner- Great Escapes Tour-Review

About the book
Shot to death in his home, Morgan Tutwiler leaves behind a multimillion-dollar business and a daughter who hasn’t spoken to him in years. And she isn’t alone in wanting him dead. Plenty of people wanted the most hated man in Denver dead in P. H. Turner’s latest novel in the Claire Callahan series.
Reminiscent of the finest gumshoe storytelling, Secrets and Lies, would not be complete without Turner’s signature quirky characters and inventive plot.
And I thought
A fast page suspenseful read is always entertaining. I enjoyed this one.
The story/plot kept me engaged from page one where the murder is committed.  No waiting around with alot of extra story.  Just bam or Bang should I say and we have a murder to investigate.

The main charcter P.I. Claire Callahan has a working relation with dectective  Rafe Brewster.   Since they decided to keep everthing professional between them they help each out with investigations.  
Personally I am rooting for Rafe. You can sense the attraction the two. 

But Rafe and Claire each have family issues that might need to be cleared up first. Rafe is struggling with custody of his daughter  and Claire's no account dad shows needing a place to stay bringing the mob knocking at the door.

I enjoyed the all the characters. The main characters and those involved in the  crime(s)as either participants, witnesses or victims.   

I do expect to see a few return because although the crimes are solved we are left with a bit of a cliff-hanger.

I enjoyed Secrets And Lies book 2 of the series. I have added book 1 to my TBR list.

I liked the cover and would pick this one up even though the synopsis did not give me as much information as I would prefer.

I received a complimentary copy. 
My review will appear on Amazon, Good Reads and social media. 
Secrets And Lies is on my list 2019 Christmas Suggestions

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