Sunday, November 15, 2020

Crime In Cornwall by Emma Dakin Great Escapes Tour Review



About the book
Patrick and Rita Stonning, Claire’s neighbors in Ashton-on-Tinch, dash down from London on weekends to host loud parties. They work in a publishing house and use their Ashton semi-detached home as a break from big city stress. Patrick arrives at Claire’s door distraught, reporting one of his partygoers, Olive Nott a best-selling author, dead. Claire discovers that not only is he dead, he’s been murdered. Patrick is suspected of the murder and has enough motive to satisfy the police. Nott wrote mysteries set in Cornwall and had planned to take his lucrative contracts to a competing company. His latest book dealt with smuggling in the caves of Cornwall. The police, including DI Mark Evans from the newly formed Major investigations Team wonder if he learned too much from his research. Claire takes her six tourists, most from America, to the Cornwall coast in search of sites of mystery novels and hears the opinions of the Cornish people on smuggling. She asks Patrick to meet her in Penzance to give a guest lecture on the smuggling in Oliver Nott’s novels. Claire finds Patrick self-aggrandizing and arrogant but doesn’t agree he would murder and sets out to find the one responsible.

And I thought
I had no idea when I started reading this book that I had read the previous book.  It only took a few pages for me to stop and check it out.  Honestly the cover didn't give me a clue and sadly the authors name didn't ring a bell. 
But the characters the locale did.
  As I read the first few pages I was pleasantly surprised and taken back to a happy place.  I enjoyed book 1.  I enjoyed Claire and the other characters.
And once I got into Crime In Cornwall   I was happy to be on a new Journey with Claire even though her Book Tours seem to always end up with some kind of crime or murder that needs to be solved.
I really enjoy this series and I look forward to the next one.  
Realizing that I could have missed a chance at reading a really good book I think this reader needs to pay a bit more attention to the synopsis of the book than just the cover.

I have enjoyed this series and look forward to book 3.  Thank you Emma Dakin for opening up such interesting locale  and taking us on such a fun tour.

I received a complimentary copy. 
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