Monday, November 9, 2020

Main Character Monday feat. The Billionaires Christmas Wish by Laura Haley McNeil

Welcome to Main Character Monday the day I feature a character in a book that stood out to me.  

Why I chose River . . . 

Who wouldn't I mean did you see that cover?  River turned out to be much more than just a pretty handsome face.  Author Laura Haley McNeil developed a celebrity character that has compassion and a heart.  Which I think is usually contrary to what we expect of celebrities.  

River is honest and hardworking and has morals.  And 'faith'.  But he is torn when he has to make a career move when he is traded to another team.

River quickly becomes a big part of Soledad's life and her non profit after school program.

 I have to admit it was difficult to choose  between the 3 main characters River, Soledad and her daughter Kalida who is a giggling little girl going on 30.  

Maybe I'll get a chance to interview Soledad and Kalida!   

The first line . . . 

River Jackson stood on the sidewalk and stared at the old Denver schoolhouse.

And on page 56 . . . 

 . . .  The children froze and stared then rushed up the steps. Thier shouts and questions were a muddle of voices Soledad couldn't understand, but she was glad river's presence put a smile on their faces.

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