Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Main Character Monday feat.Round Up by Rebecca Connolly

Welcome today I am spotlighting a new soon to be released Sweet Romance 

About the book 
Broken Heart? Check. Ranch retreat? Check. Handsome cowboy? ...Check.

The rules at Broken Hearts Ranch are pretty simple: no romance between staff and visitors. Ryan Prosper, rodeo has-been and ranch manager, hasn’t had a problem with that. His sister runs the therapy side of the place while he handles the ranch itself, and the balance has worked well. But when Talia James shows up for her turn at the retreat, things get a little more challenging.

Talia needs this therapeutic retreat badly, and hopes that it will be just what she needs to get unstuck after her tragic loss. The charming cowboy brother of her new therapist is a ray of sunshine she hadn’t anticipated, and spending time with him seems to do as much good as her sessions. But is her still broken heart ready for romance, and does she really have the heart to resist him?

Welcome to Lost Creek Rodeo!

Best friends at a small college in Texas, six cowboys rise to become pro-rodeo stars. Follow Ryan, Reid, Westin, Ford, Eric and Lars in these six swoony sports romances.

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Lost Creek Rodeo Series:
Round Up
Chute Boss
Rough Stock
Full Rigged
Half Hitch
Ace High

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About the main character
 Today I am sharing the female lead in a delightful new book.  Round Up  
Book one in the series features Talia a sweet young woman with a shattered heart that is in the need of mending.
Talia is a broken woman that realizes she needs help when her cousins convince her to seek professional help to learn to begin a life without her young son Austin.
After months of depression and heart ache Talia realizes that seeking help is what she needs.
Talia to my surprise was easily persuaded to leave Chicago and enter a program at a ranch in Texas.
Upon arriving Talia steps up settles in.  Which surprised me as well.
I didn't expect such a strong character.

I have not finished the book yet.  I am enjoying turning the pages.   

I am looking forward to reading The End and seeing how this story turns out.

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