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Meet The Characters feat. fish OUt of Water by Marc Jedel

 Welcome back to On The Road Featuring the new series by Author Marc Jedel . . .

I am so happy to share the world of Marc Jedel with you in this new series. 

Today let's talk about the human characters.  Yesterday  we  Featured Daisy the cover girl.
Click Here to read Daisy's interview. 

And now let's chat about the main characters and a couple of the townspeople that I just have to mention!

First here is a cast of Characters provided by the author.  I didn't want to forget anyone! 

List of characters with significant role:
• Elizabeth Trout: protagonist, newlywed wife, from Jenkins originally
• Jonas Trout: protagonist, newlywed husband, from West Coast
• Mary Banks: Elizabeth’s mother and town doctor
• Duncan Fowler: dead guy, high school science teacher and part-time property manager
• Trent Walker: sheriff deputy and Elizabeth’s ex-boyfriend 
• Suzanne Quentin (aka "Susie Q.”): Elizabeth’s old high school nemesis and co-owner of Shear Heaven
• Owen Tucker: new sheriff
• Sebastian Edwards: estate assessor
• Anita Quentin: owner of Shear Heaven, mother of Susie Q
• Blake Quentin: Anita’s husband, local construction contractor
• Bianca Delgado: owner of Crafts n’ Creations
• Luke Swine: Susie Q’s husband, works as handyman and for Blake’s company
• Dale Cooper: mayor and owner of Bait, Boat, and Float
• Tyler Cooper: high school senior 
• Lester Stapleton: high school principal
• Kelsey Wheeler: Elizabeth’s best friend from high school and high school English teacher
• Colton Buck: sits on bench outside grocery, high school football announcer
• Billy Ray [last name unknown]: Colton’s sidekick, sits on bench outside grocery and loves their potato salad
• Ethel [doesn’t need a last name]: town clerk and gossip
• Mimi Banks: Elizabeth’s deceased grandmother who owned the ranch
• Robert Jones: Mimi’s neighbor up the road
• Brent Hollands: Mimi’s neighbor down the hill
• Daisy: Trout’s rescue border collie who always knows when it’s time for a walk (or maybe she’s just eternally hopeful)
• Lucy: family cat

Main Characters are always fun but sometimes the supporting cast brings such humor to a plot that I want to feature them too! 

Author Marc Jedel gives the reader a strong cast that keeps you turning the pages.

The main characters are  Elizabeth and Jonas a newly wed couple that return to Elizabeth's hometown of Jenkins.  

Elizabeth struggles a little with returning home to the small town.  It doesn't take long for her to start talking and thinking like she never left.

Jonas hails from the northwest is scratching his head at some of the things Elizabeth, her mom and the town folk say. 

And, being Vegan just might be a challenge.  But Jonas knows how to cook and whips up a Vegan Stew that Elizabeth and her mom Mary after they spend along day preparing for an Estate Sale.
The author shared the recipe.  Click Here to visit  My Journey Back the recipe is Featured in Monday's post. 

When Jonas goes into town to the grocery he has another culture shock.  

But Colton and Billy Ray not only show Jonas the ropes and how to navigate a country grocery store they inadvertently offer a few clues that just might help get Elizabeth off!

If you like a good Cozy read with great characters then go over to Amazon and get yourself a copy!  Click Here 

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