Sunday, April 11, 2021

Meet The Characters Monday feat. Solid Ground By Danny and Wanda Pelfry

Hello.  Welcome back to 

On The Road 

 This week I am Featuring Authors Danny and Wanda Pelfry and  thier  book 
Solid Ground

Cast of Characters

Riley Gordan - law student and co-heir of the Gordan fortunep

Kirby Gordan - older (by 7 years) brother of Riley and co-heir, former baseball player turned police detective

Amos Edwards - trusted employee of the deceased Uncle James Gordan.

Carol Edwards – wife of Amos. They live in one of the three apartments in the converted old church building.

Max – the large, yellow cat which belongs to the Edwards. (Sorry, no dogs.)

The Cleaning Crew: Bill and Judy (2 children)  The men actually make up The Cleaning Crew

 Jessie and Alice  

 Juan and Louise (1 child)

Al Jensen – local banker

Rayford Barnes – book collector

Connie Reece – research assistant

Beth Reece – mother of Connie

Freddy Seals – claimed to be son of Uncle James

Earl Lance- man with mysterious past

Jed – Adairsville Police Department officer

Mike – Adairsville Police Department officer

Tony – teenage boy

Eddie – teenage boy

Judson Rittman – prominent Adairsville citizen

Shelia Rittman – daughter of Judson Rittman

Chuck Jensen – pastor of church attended by Uncle James and Edwards

Holders from first series (After all it is a small town)

Davis and Deidra Morgan – former minister turned bookseller

Charley and Tanya Nelson – young police chief and his wife

Dean Nelson – Charley’s brother

Janie – clerk from 1902 Stock Ex

I hope you will stop in tomorrow for the next feature.  There's lots more Solid Ground coming. 


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