Wednesday, April 21, 2021

Monkey Bread Business by Jodi Rath Great Escapes Tour Review


About the book

Nature breeds new life with the sign of Spring in the air in Leavensport, Ohio, and Jolie and Ava find their new families’ lives turned upside down! With properties in Leavensport beginning to sell, Nina Sanchez opened a bakery after purchasing the lot next to M&M’s Italian restaurant. She is new to town and swears to Ava and Jolie she has no connection to the Dominican Republic Sanchez mafia family. Yet, Ava is skeptical, and this sends Jolie and Ava off on yet another investigation looking at how organized crime connects to their little village and the politics that surround it.

Meanwhile, Nina Sanchez is not thrilled to feel obliged to cross-sell and become a full-fledged member of Leavensport, especially not with Jolie and Ava investigating her history. She has no choice when her son discovers a murdered homeless woman on the street on his way to deliver bread to the local shelter—it looks a lot like a mob hit and the reveal of who the homeless woman is will send all of Leavensport on alert making Jolie question the future of her town.

Welcome to Leavensport, Ohio, where DEATH takes a DELICIOUS turn!

And others are saying 

Monkey Bread Business by Jodi Rath is another book that I couldn’t put down. I loved reading every minute of it . . .
~Baroness’ Book Trove

The current case seems to tie into some stuff they have been researching though it does take a couple surprising turns along the way making for an entertaining mystery as these two try to figure things out. This fun adventure makes for a pleasant read as it all progresses that is sure to delight cozy fans.
~Books a Plenty Book Reviews

I loved that I was able to sit down and read this story in one sitting. Now that the crime has been solved, I wouldn’t mind moving to this little town.
~Literary Gold

And I thought 

 I love a Cozy Mystery set in a quaint town filled with fun charming and quirky Characters.

 I loved that the author included not only a town map but a cast of characters.  

The diner setting is fun and all the talk about makes me want to cook all the dishes.  

It is easy to say some books are hard to put down what with fun quirky characters, some yummy food and lots of crime to solve.  A few twists and turns make for a fun and entertaining read. 

I received a complimentary e-copy for the purpose promoting the book for the Great Escapes Tour. 

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  1. Thanks so much for taking the time to read my book and review it! I appreciate you!

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