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Christmas Data Breach by K.D. Richards Great Escapes Tour Review

 October 4 – My Reading Journeys – REVIEW

About the book 

A mysterious fire is set at Christmas…

Forcing a security expert to reunite with the woman he never forgot

Security specialist Gideon Wright knows Mya Rochon’s cancer research is groundbreaking. But when an arsonist destroys his ex-wife’s lab and puts her at risk, he discovers it’s dangerous, too. With Gideon’s protection, Mya’s determined to finish her project—no matter the risk to her life…or Gideon’s heart. But will their rekindled partnership face its most deadly adversary yet?  

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And I thought 

I could not put this one down! 

From the page at the beginning with the Cast of Characters to the very end I was turning the pages. 

I really enjoyed that the cast was included but for this one I didn't need it.  

I think that shows how well written a book is.  Just the right amount of characters that are developed and described making it easy for the reader to keep up with everyone. 

The story takes you along a fast moving ride with Mya as she not only runs for her life  but she is trying to to stay out of jail too.

I did think the homicide detective needed something ... not sure what. I think she was too fast at putting Mya at the top of the suspect list. 

Even though Mya's assistant is found dead in Mya's town house hours after the fire it just didn't fit for Mya to be the prime suspect. 

It was good for Mya she had the presence of mind to get to her Ex husband for help. 

Gideon was a great character. He was strong and smart and even though he divorced Mya he still had her heart. 

During the wild ride Mya and Gideon's passion and Romance is rekindled and there is a happy ending.  

I especially liked the ending and the gift Gideon gave Mya.  

No spoilers.  Check this one out for yourself.  

The previous books in this series are on my wish list. 

Thank you Great Escapes Tour for introducing me to this series. 

. . . There is one bedroom scene.  My Jazzy Grandma might blush and fan herself a bit.  But she keep on turning the pages. 

I received a complimentary copy. 

My review will be appear on retail be sites and Good Reads. 

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