Monday, October 18, 2021

Read An Excerpt . . . Murder with Orange Pekoe Tea by Karen Rose Smith

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Today I have a special treat!  A fun author is joining us  for Tea and sharing a little peek into her recent release . . .


Tessa, who had seated herself on the other side of Trevor, leaned across him to say to Daisy, “I like that outfit. That violet color becomes you. Those earrings too. You don’t get dressed up often enough.”

Jonas eyed Tessa. “Are you saying I don’t take her out on enough dates?”

“If the shoe fits . . .” Tessa teased, never one to mince words with either of them.

Instead of being insulted, Jonas laughed. “I’ll keep that in mind. More dinner dates in expensive restaurants.”

“You’ll be able to afford it after that sale you and Elijah are going to have,” Trevor said. “You ought to be auctioning off the furniture. You’d make more money.”

“Ever the pragmatist.” Tessa bumped Trevor’s shoulder with her own.

After a pause, Trevor said, “I do come bearing news.”

Suddenly all attention was riveted on him, and the music faded into the background.

“What?” Daisy asked.

“The autopsy on Hiram was completed. The coroner suspected something beyond the stun gun killed him. It did. Hiram was killed with an insulin overdose. The autopsy revealed two injection sites. Apparently the stun gun was used to immobilize him for the injections. The killer knew exactly what he or she was doing . . .”.  

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