Monday, October 10, 2022

Blizzard Refuge by Cathy McDavid My Review


About the book 

Caught in a snowstorm…

and a killer’s crosshairs!

A blizzard traps federal witness Kiera Driscoll and her seven-month-old daughter in the mountains with little hope of survival. Until Nash Myers shows up. Nash insists on sheltering them and their US marshal escort at his family cabin. Trusting a stranger feels beyond risky, yet Kiera has no choice. She must protect her baby. But as the storm closes in, so do the threats to her life…

And I thought 

This was literally a chilling read.  

Main character Kiera realizes she needs to run for her life but being caught in a unexpected blizzard leaves in a hopeless situation. 

Or so you would think.  

Then Nash comes to help.   Nash brings them in from the storm giving them shelter. 

As Nash and Kiera struggle to survive they become close and become attracted to each other. 

Blizzard Refuge is a fast paced thrilling ride.   Not only is it a good romance it is book about survival.  

Nash and Kiera have to fight the odds and the bad guys chasing them to make to a Happily Ever After. 

I enjoyed the story, plot and the characters.  

The author penned be a story that exciting and full of suspense twists and turns. 

Blizzard Refuge was a great read that had me quickly turning the pages and savoring every chilling moment!  

I hope to read more books by author Cathy McDavid.

I received a complimentary copy. 

My review will appear in Amazon and Good Reads. 

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