Friday, October 7, 2022

Wyoming Winter Rescue by Juno Rushdan My Review


About the book

What was more treacherous—

Confronting a killer or her ex-boyfriend?

Having to do the unthinkable to stop a murderous patient has consumed psychotherapist Lynn Delgado with fear and guilt. And because of his dangerous job, she’s ended her relationship with lawman Nash Garner. But when a serial killer targets Lynn, she must overcome her resistance to protection. As she flees the killer in a raging blizzard, Nash follows, risking everything to save the woman he's falling for.

And I thought

A fast paced page turner! 

Lynn her family calls her Lola (Nash can't) struggles trying to get past a broken relationship with Nash an FBI agent. 

But when Lynn is in danger it is Nash's perfect opportunity to get close again and win her back.  And even find out exactly what went wrong with them in the first place. 

There is alot going on in this story.  Threats toward Lynn seem to be coming from several different directions.  

But are they?  

Thinking Lynn is squirreled safely away in a mountain cabin 

Nash works  along with local authorities follow clues and try to find their main  suspect.  

While their main suspect is exactly where they think he is the real Stalker who we realize is a hired assassin follows Lynn an wrecks havoc in the safe mountain retreat. 

But the tables are turned when Nash rushes in.  Saves Lynn.  Arrests stalker only to find out he is a hired assassin the plot thickens!  

Wyoming Winter Rescue is the first book I have read from this author. 

I am looking forward to reading more. 

I received a complimentary copy from Harlequin via Net Galley. 

My review will appear on Amazon, Good Reads and Net Galley. 

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