Sunday, March 5, 2023

Flames of Desire by Anne Jones My Review


About the book
A beautiful woman. A tragic night. Will its consequences destroy her? Or will she allow the help of one honest man to find a way forward?

Cindy Hartwell is used to being told she’s beautiful. Growing up in the South, she collected more pageant trophies than she did barbie dolls. Now, as the anchorwoman for COPP News in Copper Creek, TX, she’s finally using her voice in addition to her image for a good purpose – providing important information to keep people safe and see justice served in her beloved small town. However, after someone sets fire to her house one night, Cindy’s life is turned upside-down. Can firefighter Rex Steele help her see past the inner and outer scars she’s left with to reclaim both her life and her faith in love?

And I thought 
Very fun,easy and quick Romantic Suspense. 

I was offered this book to review by the author.  I accepted because I know her heart and I have read some other titles.  

We are friends on FB.  I enjoy her Christian Centered posts. 

With that said.  I probably would not have purchased this book. 

 Just because of the cover.  This cover would have made me wonder about the content.  This cover says to me open door bedroom scenes. 

I was wrong. 

This title is a short 72 page read. 

I enjoyed the characters. 

I enjoyed the fast pace which is what I needed at this time. 

I do wish that Cindy's neighbors had been more in the story.  They made a cameo appearance in chapter 1 when they alerted her to the fire that ended up damaging her home. 

In the few pages the author managed to give the reader several suspects in the arson/stalker that was terrorizing Cindy the main Character.   

Since I am a Texan I enjoyed the locale. 

If you like a fast read.  And a bit of Romance grab this one up! 

I received my a complimentary copy. 

My review will appear on Amazon and Good Reads. 

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