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Ice by Lauren Carr My Review for I Read Book Tours

 Mar 22 - My Reading Getaway – book review of ICE / giveaway

About the book 

The Geezer Squad. They might not be in their prime physically anymore, but their combined intellect and skills at deduction are phenomenal." 5-Star Review by FUONLYKNEW

"Lauren Carr's Geezer Squad has brought sexy back to mature men and women, whose kickass attitude and smarts sizzle as they melt the clues to those cold cases!" - Laura Fabiani, Library of Clean Reads

"Anytime Lauren drops a new book, I will be buying it. She is a phenomenal writer. The Chris Matheson Cold Case series quickly became a favorite and will be added to my yearly re-read list." 5-Star Review by MLM Opinions Reviews

"Carr is a master at creating unique, complex plots and colorful characters, both evident in her latest cold case mystery featuring Chris Matheson and the Geezer Squad. The plot is twisted, the mystery unique and the ending a surprise. A must-read!" - Review of CHRIS CROSSED MURDER (A Chris Matheson Cold Case Mystery, Book Four) by Marilyn R. Wilson, Author, Speaker, Book Reviewer

"Disguised as a book club, the self-named Geezer Squad, whose number one rule is to never talk about the squad, boasts a broad set of skills, courtesy of its members, all former law enforcement agents. They welcome Chris, recently retired from the FBI, with open arms, working with him to close numerous cold cases." - Starred Review of Ice by The iRead Review

One evening, a retired FBI agent Chris Matheson gives into his mother's prodding him to attend a book club meeting devoted to law enforcement retirees. This group of sassy seniors doesn't read books. Under the guise of a book club, they combine their individual skills and expertise to light a flame to cold case mysteries.

Chris Matheson's life changes forever.

And I thought 

As a fan of Lauren Carr it is always a privilege to share a New Release or revisit an earlier title. 

The Chris Matheson's Cold Case Series easily became a favorite.  

Carr brings it with a hilarious group of quirky (on the surface) almost old retired professionals that have thier own set of secrets. 

Carr provides the reader with a mystery to solve and a cast of characters that grab your heart. 

An introduction to Chris Matheson's family including 3 precocious daughters, his mom and a houseful of animals including a huge Rabbit that allows his humans to dress him.  

As Chris seems to struggle with his new retirement, becoming a widow and moving to his childhood home. 

It's s the Geezer Squad (the book club) that helps him solve a mystery that is too close to home.  

For this reader each title is hard to put down. 

The pages seem to turn on their own as you mingle with the characters and try and figure out the Who Dun It. 

Carr weaves a Cold Case murder into a current story with more than one murder to solve and several suspects.  

The series 

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