Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Hunter's Rose by Carole Brown


Hunter's Rose
Book Two of the Troubles in the West series Carole Brown, author 

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She fled, carrying little. Only the few things that were valuable and important to her were in the small crate her spare horse carried. How could she have been so ignorant not to realize who he was, what kind of man he was? Fear like a clinging, blood-sucking leech attached itself to her and wouldn't let go. Nothing was left back there for her anymore. No home, no family, no familiar place, and if she wanted to escape, she had to go now. Love. Her lips curled in disgust and something else. Was it hurt? Anger? She didn't know, but she did know she'd never felt this feeling before. From what she'd thought of as pride for the man she'd fallen for, and love for his looks and manners, her feelings had swirled downward when she'd found out what a traitor, what a dictator, what a villain he was. She didn't want to think about him, but she had to. If he caught her—she shivered and urged her horse onward. Blurb It's the late 1800s, and Hunter Carson has married the woman of his dreams and settled on the land he bought. He's never known God or even much about him. But his tender heart can be touched. His wife—the beautiful and exotic Mexican Rosita DeSantis, is totally in love with him—but something is wrong. Just days after their marriage, why is she crying and touchy? Has she fallen out of love with him already? Or is there something far more serious going on with her? Rosita's past is haunting her emotionally. She adores her new husband, but she'll do anything to keep him from knowing what happened in Mexico before she fled the country. And not because she doesn't trust him, but she's worried for his life. Her loving family in Mexico came to accept God into their lives through the ministry of a missionary. But can she hold onto her beliefs through the trials and tests she'll face when Carlos De Leon insists on forcing her to marry him? After all, the Mexican Lord—Carlos De Leon

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